A Heart That Collapses

I'm not moving.

Time should not be slow like this,

Realizing I had spotted your blue Tree Hill blazer I had hand sewn.

It felt like someone had taken my heart and carelessly squished it a little.

I wish it would beat regularly without pause.

Feeling sadness and regret beginning to take hold,

I rapidly stored your blazer in the closet.

It doesn't belong here anymore.

The line that resides within my mind that will not let go is:

You could have belonged here with me.

There would have been us.

We could have been happy,

And now I won't know,

Only apparitions keep me company.

A/N: References/Inspirations/People I burrowed from: The Script- The Man Who Can't Be Moved--"I'm not moving," episode 21, Snow Patrol- You Could Be Happy---"You [we] could be happy [...] and [now] I won't know," Sarah Mclachlan- Do What You Have To Do---"apparitions" word reference. Again music is brilliant in my opinion. Music is copyrighted to music companies/labels and belongs to owners.