Hello all!

In the time since I left, the Literate Union has had a huge turn over in members - many leaving because they didn't like the program or the way their leader handled the upset and response - and implemented a new policy on automated complaint reporting. Any policing they're going to do they have to do by manually entering their complaint, and I figure they're bound to get sick of it. So I decided to bring everything except my MA stories back. Those truly are against the TOS, so I'm going to leave them on AO3. (Link is on my profile.)

Ironically, I never managed to get Day to Day moved - I ran out of steam and the the holidays arrived and it just... didn't happen. Lots of reasons but... it didn't happen. I think, however, that I'm going to split Day to Day back into the individual stories it actually is - makes it much easier to keep track of what's where that way. I'm sorry in advance for any confusion that brings - I won't be doing it right away (I still have more stuff to bring back), so let me know if you strenuously object, and I'll reconsider.

Lastly, I did write my version of the 'under the highwind' scene while I was gone. It's smut, so it's posted on AO3... and I would dearly love some feedback. ;)