Characters: Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Danny Quinn, Nick Cutter, and Scrat
Spoilers: None
A/N: I own nothing of "Primeval" that belongs to Impossible Pictures and I make no money from this, clearly. Scrat also belongs to Dreamworks.
Summary: What happens when Connor loses Abby's new mobile in the ice age?

"Okay Abby let's make sure that you can tell my ringtone out from everybody elses..."

Connor eagerly searched through the options trying to find the settings. As he heard Abby's voice growing louder as she followed Nick around the side of the silver truck, Connor began to back towards the anomaly. It wasn't a particularly large anomaly and anything Connor figured to come through would not be as terrifying as Abby if she caught him with her new phone. Hastily Connor retreated from the safety of his laptop, paying no mind to it whatsoever.

"Connor..." came the all-too familiar call of Abby.

"Yeah?" Connor tried to turn his shoulder towards the woman, looking briefly her way. The young blond was distracted with a chart that Nick seemed puzzled over. Perhaps he hadn't been spotted with her phone.

"Have you seen my phone?"

"I've got it Abby, no worries!" How did Abby always detect whenever he was up to something? Had she seen him pick it up? Perhaps the woman was already plotting her revenge. Masking his devious little plot with a casual smile, Connor added innocently, "I'm just setting up the wallpaper for you. I figured you might like a picture of Rex on it or something."

Without warning the sleek mobile phone gave a violent shudder before being pulled into the anomaly as though it had been strapped to a bungee cord. The startled Connor had little time to react and now stood, mouth agape, in total terror of what had happened. The words of Abby, typically sweet and endearing to hear, were now like knives being sharpened for his fate and Connor swallowed weakly.

"You better not let anything happen to that phone...!"

Scurry... scurry... scurry... The little pitter-patter of rabbit-sized feet could be heard over the the compact snow. The sky was overcast and the nimbostratus clouds were lowering. With spring pushing onwards the likelihood of another blizzard was out of the question however these foreboding clouds could also spark a sudden drop of several more inches of snow. It seemed too much to hope that it could rain and continue enriching the once frozen landscape with plant life again.

A grey, fore-legged mammal darted across the snow and hid behind a rock, drawing closer to the anomaly. It's furry tail shot up over the stone like a built-in periscope, testing the area for possible predators. Curiously the creature stuck its head around the rock, its two sabre teeth jutting out along with its snout. The creature was the famed sabre-tooth squirrel and despite the species being one of remarkable intelligence, this one was not. In fact the squirrel lacked so much of its nature-given wisdom that it often took part in perilous journeys for the sake of food. This was Scrat.

However, despite it's growing hunger for its long-lost acorn, Scrat could sense danger ahead and sought caution in this odd formation just above the ground. Moving forward a little, the sabre-tooth squirrel lifted its long snout into the air and inhaled a few short times. So far there seemed nothing to be afraid of. Scurry... scurry... scurry... pause--sniff! Scrat now sat only five short feet in front of the anomaly.

There before him, a mere foot away, sat his prize. His precious acorn, the gleaming beauty that he had trekked all the way up this ridiculous snow-covered hill to reach. With his paws nearly together, Scrat contemplated his options with delicate tapping of his claws. His ear gave a twitch and finally his instinct took over. Once the danger had been cleared it was back to the task of food gathering. The prehistoric squirrel gave an excited squeak before taking a bound towards the acorn.

But at that moment, a slender ebony mobile phone came hurtling through the anomaly and struck the squirrel in the head, sending it cartwheeling backwards and into the stone where it had earlier been hiding.