Characters: Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Danny Quinn, Nick Cutter, and Scrat
Spoilers: None
A/N: I own nothing of "Primeval" that belongs to Impossible Pictures and I make no money from this, clearly. Scrat also belongs to Dreamworks.
Summary: What happens when Connor loses Abby's new mobile phone in the ice age?

Now where was that acorn? Scrat stuck his nose into the air and sucked in a few short breaths. There was something strange here, something that he had smelled before. Humans. His large eyes focused on the two males standing just up a little from his position. The sabre-tooth squirrel sat on his haunches, his nose still wafting the air. His acorn was near, preciously near! But where was it?

Certainly it was not on the ground for now it seemed elsewhere, somewhere... Scrat's gaze went up to Connor, and then he saw it! His tail stood rigid and his ears fixed on Connor like a pair of radars. A soft squeak of excitement was heard from the squirrel as he bounded forward a little. No human had ever found an acorn useful and like all the others had before, Scrat expected this human to toss the acorn aside.

"I think trying to appease Abby will be the least of your worries if Cutter finds out that you went through the anomaly on your own." Danny had never ceased his scanning and only now took the time to actually look at Connor. The cold was starting to get to him and rob whatever nerves he had left from that afternoon.

Connor smirked slightly, noting Danny's look of apprehension but only taking it this expression as being too rigid in his own sense of protocol. Tucking the mobile safely into his pocket, Connor took a careful step towards Danny, remarking, "Well see, technically I am not here alone. I mean, you're here obviously."

The frown that Danny wore turned into a light scowl. "Coming in after you does not gain you any points from me and I doubt that it will do much anyways with Nick."

"Ouch... I love cruel ironies..." Connor took another cautious step towards Danny when suddenly he paused. His brow wrinkled in confusion. "Danny do you hear that noise? It's kind of a funny, squeaking..."

As Connor had been moving steadily towards his teammate, Scrat had been watching the movement of his prized acorn with great interest. His eyes followed the acorn's every jolt as the human made sure not to repeat his embarrassing slip. Slowly the sabre-tooth was beginning to lose his patience. All day he had chased that acorn up the hill and now he was about to lose it to some goofy human who didn't have the commonsense to just leave it! His frustrated squeaks were becoming more apparent to the human apparently and as soon as Connor faced him Scrat launched himself at the human.

With a battle-cry that sounded unlike anything that had ever been heard before, Scrat bounded forward, his claws catching nicely in the snow. He dug his feet into the snow and with a hard kick the sabre-tooth squirrel launched himself in the air. The human known as Connor froze in his spot, too dumbfounded to react. Scrat landed on Connor's chest and immediately darted up to Connor's shoulder. Though the squirrel had his sight set on the hand clutching the acorn, his wobbly human had other ideas in mind.

All Connor could do was emmit a sharp yell of surprise just before the sabre-tooth squirrel crashed into his chest. Instinct took over and immediately Connor made to cover his face. Unfortunately for him this only caused the acorn-crazed squirrel to clammer up against Connor's face. In a panic, Connor tried to grab hold of the furry creature but the moment he grabbed the tail Scrat let out a second boisterous war-cry and slipped out of Connor's grasp.

"Get off me you cheeky little whatever-you-are!" Connor exclaimed as he backed up.

But the squirrel, understanding only that its food was being imprisoned by this beastly human, ignored the human's distress cries and resumed trying to get at the acorn. Now on Connor's head, the squirrel clung to Connor's hair as the human thrashed about. Finally the snow gave way under Connor and gravity took over. Thudding to the ground once more, Connor let out another yelp before finding his hand under siege.

"What is wrong with you?" Connor demanded as the squirrel began to beat upon Connor's hand with its curled fist.

And as with most creatures of the planet, distress cries rarely went unanswered. Just as Danny reached Connor, the squirrel had lost its hold on Connor's hand. Seizing this opportunity, Connor flung his hand, accidently sending the screaming Scrat head-first into Danny's chest. Momentarily stunned, the squirrel stared up at Danny as the man held the squirrel. Danny quirked a brow at the rabbit-sized squirrel. So this was the fearsome thing trying to laying siege to Connor?

Before Danny could get another estimate of the squirrel Scrat turned around and eyed Connor. He saw a flash of the acorn and immediately he perked up, tail trashing excitedly. So it was not lost! Scrat leaped up at Connor, squalling again as he careened into the young man. This time Connor simply ran back up the hill. Danny pursued Connor and the moment that Connor slipped again on the snow Danny was there to grab him and pull him back towards the anomaly. It was beginning to flicker, the tall-tale signs of it ready to disappear.

"Stay up!" Danny commanded, using all his strength to help pull Connor towards the anomaly. "Come on Connor, stay up!"

The task was easier said than done as Connor had taken to sheltering his hands in his armpits in hopes of discouraging the fiesty little squirrel. However, all this had done was set Scrat into a panic. Now the human was hording his acorn! The nerve! Scrat scrambled over Connor's chest and down to his arms where he began pulling at the man's jacket sleeve. He wouldn't give up this easily! Quitting just wasn't in his vocabulary!

With a heave, Danny threw Connor (squirrel included) through the anomaly before crashing onto the hard pavement. There was little time for recieving this new pain as Danny's first thoughts was getting that insane over-grown squirrel back through the anomaly. As he pushed himself up, footsteps fell beside him and the concerned voice of the professor filled the air:

"What's going on? Connor...! Danny, what is going on!"

"No time to explain!" Danny shouted as he grabbed at the squirming Connor. Nick looked up at the anomaly and watched as it began to pulse. Whatever was attacking Connor needed to get back through before it was trapped in the modern era.

Meanwhile Connor was still on the ground, fiercely clutching the acorn, completely unaware that all Scrat wanted was that very object. The moment Danny grabbed his shoulder Connor let out a laugh, "He's up my shirt! His claws are tickling..."

A grey fuzzy head popped out of Connor's jacket sleeve and for a moment his stage of craziness seemed to have come to a dead halt. The sabre-tooth sniffed the air, his ears high on alert. Suddenly Scrat focused on Connor's hand and saw that at last, Connor had opened his fist! And there was the acorn! All pristine and looking so scrumptious! The excitement spilled over in something of a squirrel-laugh.

Seeing the squirrel's reaction to the acorn, Danny grabbed the nut before Scrat could get it. "Go home!" The acorn sailed through the air and Scrat gave chase. With ease the acorn flew into the anomaly but the moment it disappeared the anomaly vanished. The squirrel fell to the ground and uttered a high-pitched scream. For the humans, this seemed more than peculiar and they instinctively backed away.

Nick studied the squirrel, his face a mixture of excitement and confusion, "I think it's a new species..."

"I think it can go home now," Connor muttered as he let Danny try to help him up. But at that moment Scrat spun around and fixed his eyes upon the two humans. Connor felt his heart sink and he knew that Danny must have had the same feeling of dread for the man suddenly tightened his hold under Connor's arms. "Uh... oh..."

The sabre-toothed squirrel threw his head back and emitted bellowed before launching himself at the humans once more. Curse these humans and their complete disregard for the squirrel's mission! [Le Fin]