A/N: I dug this up the other day - the original version of the first chap of Sky Riders. Hah, it was written before I had even properly started on Second Chance (the first ep in my series) - then I went and lost it, and wrote something entirely different for the actual Sky Riders I uploaded. Funny how that works.

Sky Riders: Original Edit

"Oh, come on Doctor, where are we?"

"It's a surprise."

"Please, just tell me."

"No. You'll just have to wait and find out." The Doctor grinned as he finished lacing up his pitch black Converse sneakers. Brittany stared at the Time Lord slack jawed, feeling quite underdressed in her jeans and t-shirt compared to his immaculate tuxedo.

"But why are you so dressed up?" she asked as he moved on to fiddling with his bow tie. "Are we going to a party?"

The Doctor threw on his brown overcoat – quite ruining the dressy look he had going. "Yes," he finally admitted, checking his pockets. "It's one of the greatest parties in the entire galaxy." He grabbed Brittany's hand and dragged her towards the door. "It's so big, you could go there thirty times and never meet yourself. And, the buffet is absolutely amazing." He opened the door ecstatically. "And the best bit is – oh." The Time Lord started around at the unexpected landscape.

"It doesn't look particularly amazing," Brittany observed, shielding her eyes from the harsh sunlight as she stepped outside. "In fact, it looks downright –"

"Oh, shut up," the Doctor grumbled, disentangling his leg from some barbed wire.

The TARDIS had landed in the middle of a flat, bleak plain. Craggy mountains rose up against the grey sky in the distance, with the only other distinguishing feature a few hills only a couple of hundred metres away. The Doctor frowned to himself. He had set the coordinates correctly, and the TARDIS hadn't broken down or crash-landed, so how had they gotten here? He wasn't willing to put it down to machinery fault. He gave a sigh, and dragged Brittany away from the crater she was inspecting, pointing towards the hills.

"That seems like a good a place as any to start," he said, sticking his hands in his coat pockets. "Pieces of scenery aren't normally covered in barbed wire and people with guns unless there's a very important reason." Brittany looked closer, and saw that there were indeed people with guns on the hills, warily watching the newcomers. She hurried to catch up to the Doctor, who was purposefully striding towards those very hills.

"This place looks like there was a war going on," she remarked, stepping around some rubble.

"Not was; still is," the Doctor corrected, pointing out a nearby crater. There were wisps of smoke curling out of it. "See that? Still fresh. Plasma weaponry of some kind – very volatile."

"Well, whoever they're fighting, they're not here now," Brittany pointed out, prodding the Doctor. "Those soldiers seem pretty relaxed."

The Time Lord stuck his hands in the air. "Right, and that's why they're running towards us with lots of guns." Brittany rolled her eyes at the sarcasm, and mimicked his movements, raising her hands up above her head.

"Identify yourself!" the leader of the soldiers shouted once they came within a few metres.

"I'm the Doctor, and this is Brittany," the Doctor said with a friendly smile. "We were just on our way to a party, and got a little lost..."

"You're a doctor?"

Brittany thought the Doctor seemed a little irritated by the soldier's remark.

"No, not a doctor. The Doctor. Now, if you wouldn't mind..."

"Do you have medical training?" The leader of the group advanced on the pair, weapon raised.

"Well, not officially no, but I do have some handy medical equipment. If you'll just allow me to go and get it, I could help you," the Doctor suggested hopefully, gesturing back at his TARDIS. The lead soldier raised an eyebrow. "Or," the Doctor continued, "we'll come with you peacefully and you can transport our equipment."

The soldier nodded curtly, motioning for a guard to be place around the two time travellers.

"It was worth a try," the Doctor muttered to his companion.

Sergeant Jake Sampson watched the two prisoners over the security camera. They had been placed into the holding cells while the Sergeant confirmed their stories. The lady, a Brittany Harvey, claimed to be from a planet called Sydoriv. Jake had issued a quick search, and had discovered that the planet in question did exist. On the other hand, their other captive apparently came from Gallifrey – a place that did not exist in any of their extensive databanks.

Jake sighed and checked through the items confiscated from the pair. The Doctor's pockets had produced more stuff that should physically be able to fit in their depths – various pieces of food, currency, novelties and technology had been taken from him. The Sergeant fingered a small silver cylinder of unknown manufacture. Pressing the button, he was rewarded with a blue light and a humming noise. It didn't appear to do very much, so he threw it back on the pile, along with the leather wallet containing blank paper and a yo-yo.

Instead, he opened an audio link to the holding cell so he could listen to what the prisoners were saying.

"This is your fault Doctor! You said we were going to a party."

"We were, but something interfered with the TARDIS and we ended up here."

"You better get us out of here, or my foot will go somewhere you'll wish it hadn't."

The Doctor winced. "There's no need to get violent. The TARDIS is an old model, and easily influenced by outs-"

Jake turned off the camera. The TARDIS must be that strange blue box that had come in with the pair. No one had been able to open the damned thing, and lock picking did not work no matter how hard they tried.

He sighed and activated the intercom.

"Prepare for nightfall," he said simply, before slinging on his greatcoat and leaving the room.