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~What happens in the cage STAYS in the cage~

I could hear the footsteps. As they slowly walked toward my prison, another whimper escaped me. He dragged the keys along my cage and I could hear the smug chuckle that he gave whenever he came for my body.

I closed my eyes and prayed that he would go away but since he never turned back or stopped even when I asked him to, it was unlikely god would answer my prayers tonight.

It would have filled me with hope if I was the only one but I wasn't, he had multiple partners but none were caged like I was.

As the key banged against the lock, I knew my faith was inevitable.

He took his time shuffling into the cage and as I recoiled against the hard wall, I heard the tsk tsk which I knew would result in punishment. I begged my body to shut down and be submissive but, it did not heed my warnings. It stood and tried to back away even if its efforts were useless.

"I heard you've been naughty again," he said. I did not reply nor did my reply matter. There was no turning back.

"Kureno told me that you tried to escape again when he took you outside for a little fresh air. Ungrateful little thing, I was actually rewarding you for being a good boy but, I guess you were a naughty boy after all. You must be punished."

God help me.

He quickly caught up to me and grabbed my hair in a tight grip as he crushed my mouth against his. I tried to pull away put he pressed me against the wall and shifted his head for a deeper kiss of the kiss that was already deep.

My body moaned and arched itself into his and his hands crushed me to his. He pushed me down on the floor and rubbed his hand between my legs.

"You're already hard."

He pushed my shirt up and took my nipple in his teeth. It was my sensitive one so it was only natural that I moan. My breath was coming in gasps now and I knew my face was red.

He fingered my nipple and pulled and pinched. He rolled it in his hand and I thought that I was about to pass out with ecstasy.

"I have not even started and you are already hot and sweating."

He wrapped his hand on my dick and squeezed and I thought that I would come right then and there.

He pulled my pants down and engulfed my dick with his mouth. His tongue began a dance on the tip and slowly danced its way down to the bottom and all the way back up again, over and over again.

I bucked under him and tried to make him stop but that only made him suck and stroke me harder. As I was about to come, he suddenly stopped and resumed his torturing of my nipples.

"Why…did…you…stop?" I asked with gasping breaths.

"Stop what?" He asked all innocent as he bit my ear. Very good…

"Why …did you stop…licking…me?"

"Do you want me to continue?" he asked.

I tried to clamp my mouth shut but it screamed out a yes as his hands leisurely grazed my penis.

He turned me over to back and rubbed his already erect dick between my buns. The pleasure was momentarily broken when he stood up to take his pants off but he continued the rubbing. One of his hands snaked under me and rubbed against me nipple while the other slapped my ass.

I leaned into his penis and rubbed my ass against his dick. It felt really good.

He stopped the rubbing and grabbed my ass with his two hands to widen the entrance since my hole is really small and tight. He slowly entered me as I groaned and moaned in barely subdued ecstasy. He pushed all the way in and muffled his groan in my hair.

So the dance began…

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