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~What happens in the cage STAYS in the cage~

~Not just for pleasure~

My scream vibrated though the walls and was followed by my struggle to get away from him. I tripped over my own feet as I tried to get away from him even though I knew there was nowhere to run to in the cage.

As I looked back, I would never forget the look of pain on his face as he watched me run away from him. He looked so defeated and unlike his usual sure self. I tried to suppress the urge to run to him and shake the daylights out of him asking where the fuck was my Akito though I had no right to own him. I drew unevened breaths and tried to clear my head as my brain whirled with confusion and a twinge of hope.

It wasn't that I did not want to go out with him; it was that I did not dare hope for what he was saying. It could be a way to trap or make fun of me but the pain in his eyes when I ran from him was heart wrenching.

"Do not toy with me like that Akito-seme."

"Do you dare command me?" he asked as his expression closed of. He stood and walked slowly toward me, repeating his question.

"N-No, Akito-seme, I was c-c-commanding you," I replied shakily as I tried to keep the distance between us.

His fast legs swiftly caught up with me and grabbed my arm. He molded his body to me as he held me in a very tight hug, and I began to question my doubt.

Perhaps, his was a side of Akito I had never seen.

"Please don't reject me," he begged in a voice unlike any I have ever heard from him. His loneliness and sadness sent a shiver down my spine and I could not deny the fact that I loved him even though it sounded too cheesy and things were moving pretty fast.

'I just couldn't bear it if you ran way from me without me telling you how I felt," he said. "I just couldn't live if I knew I had hurt you and you harbored that pain in your heart forever. When Kureno told you had tried to escape again, I knew it was time to tell you but I wanted to make love to you one more time in case you rejected me."

"Rejected you?" I asked with increasing surprise at the toll of events.

"I wanted something to remember you by but I just couldn't let you go, I just couldn't," he confessed as he broke into a sob.

This was the first time that I had seen Akito cry or show any sort of weakness. Usually he was angry and self-assured in his manner and never took orders from anyone. This weak Akito brought out the little protective spirit I hard and I decided it was about time to end his misery.

I slowly brought his tear-streaked face to mine and showered him with sweet innocent kisses. I could tell that this was going to be unlike any love making because I was in charge and he was at a disadvantage.

He captured his lips in a hungry yet gentle kiss that made his breath come in gasps. The change in him turned me on and I could sort of understand his need to be aggressive.

I slowly and leisurely unbuttoned his shirt while I nipped and bit his lips. I could feel the slow grind of his hips as he moved against me, silently asking for more.

I squeezed his shoulders to tell him that I want him but he had to be patient. I removed the shirt and it fell to the floor like the fallen angel in my arms.

I kissed my way down his throat and up again to his ears. I bit the lobe and he shuddered in my arms. Guess I found his sensitive spot. I continued my torture on his ears as my hands swiftly and deftly removed his belt and unzipped his pant which fell to the floor.

He kissed his way down his torso and shivered as Akito whimpered above him.

The man was too much.

I finally made it to the damned treasure that was so not hidden due to the fact that it was erect. I held on to the hot missile since he wasn't wearing any other thing and pumped.

He gasped.

I continued nice and slow then increased my speed as he moaned and writhed in my hands. Since I wanted to come with him, I gently turned him around and slowly tried to enter him.

"Please stop," he begged.

"What's wrong Akito, haven't you ever been the fuckee and not the fucker?" I asked with genuine curiosity. I already knew the answer to my question as his eyes closed and he whimpered and bit his lips. There was a little moisture on his lips and I felt compelled to lick it of as I plunged deep within him till the hilt.

He did not cry out and for that I was proud. He merely froze and I massaged his shoulders as I thoroughly kissed him. I began to more in him and although he whimpered at first, very soon he was begging for more and I gave him my all as we climaxed and shouted in sheer bliss at the passion and love between us. At the end the Master had somehow become the servant and the servant was…well…hoping to live happily ever after with his servant.

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