AN: And old drabble I found in my fic journal. Decided to upload it here for fun.

I do not own any of the characters or the series. I'm just a poor person trying to get some laughs at the characters expense.

Resting in the cool grass, Hatsuharu let his eyes drift closed as a cool breeze caressed his body. The sounds of cars passing by every now and then reached his ears easily as he sat under the bridge overhead. It was a rather cloudy day and he could smell rain coming soon in the air. There was a certain freshness in the wind before it would rain. Sitting away in such a relaxing moment, he'd almost fallen asleep when someone's voice disturbed his peace.

"Curse you, Ranma-ACK!"

There was a loud splash and then an onslaught of rather… piggish squeals. Lifting his head and turning to stare up at the overpass, his curiosity got to him as Hatsuharu slowly rose up on his legs and began his journey up the slight hill.

What he found though when he reached the top was rather surprising. A little black piglet wearing a yellow bandana around its neck stood beside a pile of clothes. It turned a looked at him when it found itself in a shadow of what he was sure was quite an out of place cow.

As he continued to stare back down at the piglet, Hatsuharu idly thought that Shigure-sensei would probably be laughing his throat out at the sight of them.

The look on Tohru's face when he appeared at the front door of Shigure-sensei's house was rather priceless. She stood there for about twenty minutes squealing over the black piglet before he handed it over to her when it appeared like she wanted to clean it up. It was rather dirty, being still covered with the specks of mud and dirt that had been splashed onto it. With much struggling from the piglet's part, Tohru had happily skipped down the hallway intent to give the pork bun a proper warm bath.

Which lead to the present moment of him sitting at the table and watching the television with Kyou, Yuki and Shigure-sensei.

"Where did you find that piglet, Haru?" Yuki asked as he lowered his cup of still warm tea.

There was a scream – rather screams – before he was able to answer Yuki. Following the others as they rushed into the bathroom, he along with the others were quite surprised at what happened to the piglet.

Hiding himself as best he can, a dark haired young man huddled in the corner of the tub, his face brightly red. On the floor, Shigure-sensei was trying to revive the fainted Tohru. On either side of him, Kyou and Yuki had gone from trying to figure out what happened to the piglet and how the boy appeared to arguing with each other. He, on the other hand, was vaguely remembering something.

"Ah," he finally uttered, startling both Kyou and Yuki as he reached into his coat at the bundle he'd stuck underneath his arm.

Holding it out towards the boy in the tub, he said calmly. "Your clothes."