Dark Hearts

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"You won't get away with this, Slade," the boy wonder growls at the masked villain before them.

"Ah Robin, I already have, see you soon and do keep in touch," Slade says coldly. His robots minions swarm the young super heroes before they could go after their arch nemesis. Robin kicks one of the robots in face, destroying it with his bo staff, he turns to his team after they have finish the army of Slade bots.

"He may be still around, let's go," he says but the half teen half robot teen hero stops their leader,

"Robin, he should been long gone by now," he says.

"No, he is still here...I am able to sense him," the Gothic sorceress; Raven informs them,

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" the boy wonder orders, Raven looks at him and shakes her head,

"He knew and he left," she says, Robin growls and struck his bo staff into the ground out of anger.

"Dude, it's not like we ever nip him," the green skin animal shape shifter informs him,

"Grass stain, zip it," Cybrog snaps at Beast Boy.

"May be, I should go take a look...just in case, I will inform you when I find anything," Raven says, soon the Alien princess says,

"Friend Raven, I don't like the idea of you going alone,"

"I will be just fine...what can he do to me?" she questions. Robin looks at Raven, he remembers just well what Slade did to her during her birthday, when he was working for Raven's demon of a father; Trigon the Terrible. Still he has much faith in Raven, he looks at her,

"You are sure, you will be fine?"

"Positive," she replies simply, Robin nods to her.

Raven then levitates off looking for any signs of their nemesis that they were fighting earlier, well she has to or else there's no way Robin would chill. Raven following the hints of Slade's aura to a abandoned warehouses, she was sure he went this way, she hears an alien sound, she steps out of the way of a fallen debris,

"I will have to be careful around here," she mutters to herself. The sorceress still following Slade's aura, soon she picks up something, she is sure the man himself is here but hidden, too concentrate on locating Slade, she fails to notice a large slab of roof is giving way above her. Whatever happens next, plays before her just too fast, she sees Slade appearing out from his hiding, he throws himself right at her, he rolls her and himself into a small pocket of space. When everything finally stay still, Raven finds herself being pinned down under Slade into a small pocket of space and both of them are trap. Raven glares at Slade, then his voice break the silent between them,

"Could you be so kind, Raven to try to remove those slabs so we could get ourselves out of this...position," he says. Not that she wants to obey him but she do want to get out of this position as much as he does, Raven tries to call up her powers but the heat of Slade's body, the rising of his chest, his beating heart and even his scent is making her lost all concentration over her power.

"I can't..." she cries almost helplessly,

"Then in that case, we will have to wait for your friends to find us then," he says coldly, well he looks at down at the young half demon girl, he has to say, at this close, the girl does look very...beautiful and her small frame feels just right on his body. Slade snaps back to reality, having the urge to hit himself,

"As much as I dislike this position we are in, we have to help each other, if you wish to get out of this alive," he says coolly,

"I am going to reach to my utility belt to grab some pills that could at least give us some water while we are here, at this position, it is hard not to touch you by accident," he adds. Raven looks at him, she nods, Slade slowly his hand down to his belt, his finger brush Raven's slim slender waist, Raven looks away and blushes as he takes out two pills,

"Can you move your hands?" he asks,

"A little,"

"Can you feed yourself?"

"What do you think?" she growls.

"I will take that as a 'No', could you try to touch my shoulder?" Raven sighs and reaches to touch his shoulder,

"Good that means, I will to have to honor to feed you, you too have the same," he says,

"What?" Raven says but before anything else, Slade pops a pill into her open mouth, soon Raven feels the water oozing out from the pill and she drink quietly, she takes the pill from Slade. She reaches out to removes his mask slightly till she can see his mouth and she feeds the pill to him as well. After a few quiet hours later, Raven looks up at Slade, whom is looking at her at the same time, their eyes met for a while, then Raven looks at away and suggests,

"Let's talk shall we?" Slade stays quiet,

"I will ask you a question and in return you could ask me one, what do you say?"

"Are you that curious about me, Raven?" he asks with a strong hint of sarcasm,

"I will take that as a 'Yes' then," she replies mimicking him from earlier. Slade has to say, this girl is wise for her age, she is the most powerful in her team but she always holds herself back, not because she is modest, he understands her fears. She is fearful of herself losing control of herself, he did consider making her as his apprentice once but that idea soon fades away.

"What make you into who you are now?" she asks, he looks at her and laughs with a booming voice,

"That's a long story," he replies,

"If you haven't realize, we have all the time in the world," Raven says.

~End of Preface~