Dark Hearts 3

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Mad Mod looks at Robin, he makes a run for it, dark aura engulfs a lamp post and wraps around him preventing him from escaping further,

"You are not going anywhere," Raven says as she finish trapping the elderly villain. Raven looks at her friends,

"Booyah, good job little sister," Cyborg cheers and punches her shoulder lightly, Raven lowers her hood, Beast boy yawns slightly,

"Dude, it's almost 3 am in the morning, I know crime fighting can be tough but this is way ruining my beauty sleep," he complains. Robin looks at his team,

"Let's go home and get some rest," he says, with no objections at all, they get on the T-car, Raven hides her fatigue under her hood once more.

The moment they reach the Tower, Raven teleports herself to her room, seeing her bed as a very welcoming sight, she lays down on it, she blinks when she hears a chime, she sits up and grabs the cellphone next to her bed. A text message from Slade;

Well done. You should be tired. My apologize for disturbing you but would you like to go out with me later?

Even being taught how use by both Slade and Cyborg, she still struggles to type a reply back,

Sure, see you later.

The cellphone was yet another gift from Slade, he likes to contact her and her alone, so he like the idea of her having a cellphone, he even picked her favorite colour for her and while the cellphone has only one contact number in its list. Slade's. Raven removes her cape, switches off her cellphone and turns on her alarm clock, no matter how late she sleeps, she will still wake up six o'clock sharp the next morning, she crawls into bed and sleep takes over her.

The next morning~

Raven storms out of the training grounds, she teleports back to her room and get change, she heads to the common room, she grabs a cup of tea, after finishing it,

"I'm going out," she says and she teleports out of the tower. Cyborg comes into the common room moments later, he has been looking for Raven all around the Tower, he was wondering does his little sister want to help him tuning up the T-car. He looks around the room, seeing Robin is reading, Beast Boy of course is watching the TV switching from channels to channels, as for Starfire, she is in the kitchen making wired food again.

"Have any of you seen Raven?" he finally asks,

"She went out with that mystery friend of hers...again," the boy wonder replies with a strong hint of anger and jealousy in his tone,

"Dude, Raven is hanging out with this friend of hers more than any of us, it is like the dragon dude all over again," Beast Boy comments without thinking, Robin frowns,

"For ocean, Beast Boy is right,"

"I am?"

"I'm going after her,"

"Woah, hold up, short pants," Cyborg stops him,

"That girl has her privacy, you know how much she wants us to respect that. Look if she is dating with a real gut...I hope and she don't wish any of us to know, we should leave it be," the half robot boy says.

"She will tell us when she is ready, don't go around sticking your nose into her matters, she will be pissed," he adds,

"Cyborg, she worn a skirt out today and recently she is smiling, I mean a real smile," Robin says,

"Wow, a skirt...Raven?" Cyborg asks at disbelief.

"May be friend Raven just found someone whom make her really happy," Starfire cuts in, the boys look at her, well she does has a point,

"Since when Raven do happy, she can't do any emotions," Robin says.

The boy wonder has it babbling with his friends over Raven, he walks out of the common room, Cyborg goes after him,

"Dude, what's eating you?"

"I'm not very sure myself?"

"Tell me about it? You are getting all so worry about Raven all of a sudden...don't tell me, bird boy, you like Raven as well?" he growls at the boy wonder,

"Cyborg don't you dare jump to conclusion like that? I had another argument with her before she left, she learnt this new trick and totally kick my butt, it really scares me. Those tricks is only use by Slade," he says.

"I think what's eating you man...you and your damn ego. You are angry not because of Raven is going out with another guy. You are angry because she kick your butt and you felt as if you lost control over the team," Cyborg bellows at him and walks off but stops

"If you go after Raven, I will hit you really bad, short pants," Cyborg warns and disappears down the hallway.

Slade looks at Raven who is wearing today off-shoulder cream blouse and a long grey skirt, which totally bring out Raven more feminine side; Raven starts to shiver slightly against the chilly wind. Like a perfect gentleman, Slade takes off his coat and put it over Raven's shoulders,

"It is a little chilly tonight, keep that on, I won't want you get sick, would I?" he mutters softly.

"Thank you," Raven replies

"So how was your day with the Titans?" he asks as he checks his watch, they are heading to a park just outside Jump City to view the sunset.

"I had yet another fight with Robin and once again over you," Raven complains softly, Slade looks at her and he grins slightly,

"Why I am very honoured, over what topic this time, may I ask?"

"Well remember those moves you taught me the other day?" she asks,

"Yes, I do. You used it to kick his butt, I suppose?" Slade questions, Raven looks embarrassed and nods,

"Yes and he got pissed, he started saying that I am becoming just like you," she adds. Slade blinks at her words,

"And your reply?"

"Well I didn't mean it but I told him that I would rather be like you because you don't seem to have an ego problem like him," Raven answers softly. Slade shakes his head gently,

"That would ought make him real mad," he comments,

"He did and I went off to meet up with you," she adds,

"How do you feel now?"

"I feel just fine and thank you. I don't get it Slade, now you are such a nice guy but why do you have to make everyone thinks that you are evil?" Raven asks as her violet eyes lay on him, Slade looks at her,

"I did told you my reasons before, Raven, that was it," he replies,

"I felt...well, you want to talk about it, because we always talk about me and..." Raven pause and then she says,

"Forget what I say, let's go see the sun-set, we are going to miss it if we keep on wasting time."

Raven walks ahead of Slade but she tip but Slade grabs hold of her just in time. Once again Slade's scent floods her nose, she guess she has become addicted to his scent recently, Slade press her close to him,

"Are you hurt, Raven?" he asks in a husky but gentle voice, one that only for her ears.

"Yeah, I'm fine...I just need to watch my steps," she says blushing slightly, Slade grins at the sight,

"Let's go see the sun-set then," he says gently.

Raven sits next to Slade on the park bench as they watches the sun-set, Slade has research a perfect spot to do so, which explains why they are here, from where they sit, they have a clear view over the Jump city and the setting sun. Raven is enjoying the view and she really has enjoy Slade's company for the past one week, she has seen the other side of him and learn to trust him, with her feelings and other matters. Just a week ago, if she is ask to attack Slade, she would surely do it without hesitation but now, she will not be able to do so, since she knows and she understand why Slade is doing all these. Raven tugs Slade's coat tighter around, his coat which is all too big for her but it makes her feel really warm and comfortable. And of course his scent as well is making her really relax. May be due to the lack of sleep the other night all these makes Raven slowly drift off and soon sleep takes over, she leans onto Slade' broad shoulder, sleeping peacefully. Slade looks at her and sighs slightly,

"Didn't anyone tell you not to sleep before your enemy?" he whispers, he reaches out and cup her face in his palm, he smiles softly, stroking her face with his thumb, this is no girl any more, in his eyes, he sees a beautiful woman.

"Master Slade?" his old Butler's voice echoes behind him, he turns around and places a finger on his lips,

"Quiet down, Wintergreen...she is asleep...get ready the car, I am bringing her home," he says.

With that Slade turns and carries Raven into his arms, he pauses and seeing Raven snuggling closer to him, he smirks, never in his life would he see the strongest member of the Teen Titans snuggling their arch nemesis. Slowly carrying her into the car, even inside, Slade doesn't relax his hold, it is only now with Raven in his arms, then he understands his feelings for the Dark Witch and as evil as everyone says he is, he will never do anything without her permission or he feels she isn't ready yet. Soon Wintergreen stops the car, Slade takes out his cell and makes a call to the Titans,

"Hi, good evening, could you kindly send a boat over, I am sending your friend Raven back home," he says, without waiting for an answer, he hangs up. When Slade enters the door of the tower, all the Titans stare at him as if he has two heads or something, he guess they are just surprise that he is with their friend,

"I was watching sun set with Raven and she fallen asleep, I feel it will be my responsibility to send her back home, myself," he says politely, Cyborg looks at the man before them holding his sleeping baby sister, he nods,

"Thank you that's very nice of you," he says. Robin glares at Slade, the rest of the Titans welcome this stranger into the Tower, Beast boy looks at him,

"I will show you the way to her bedroom," he says,

"Thank you," Slade mutters.

"So you are the friend Raven is going out with huh? You seem like a nice guy, Raven has went through a lot, I am just glad you treat her nice," Beast boy says, Slade is surprise. As much as everyone thinks Beast boy as a fool, he is actually wise for his age and very loyal friend to Raven, even the witch doesn't like him much.

"Thank you,"

"Cyborg always see her as his baby sister, she might not like me a lot but hey, she is still my friend, we Titans look after one each other," he says as he stops before Raven's room, he opens the door for Slade,

"Raven doesn't allow anyone into her room, so I guess I will just leave you with her, since she trust you a lot," he says and the green shape-shifter leaves. Slade enters the room, laying Raven n her bed, pulling the covers over her sleeping body, he sits next to her, he strokes her face gently and smiles.

"You know, Raven hates people to go into her room, even us. What makes you think you could enter her room just like this?" Robin asks as he stands at the door proving his point. Wanting to sneer at the boy wonder but he does not,

"She did inform me but she did say I was an exception," Slade mutters softly, he enjoys seeing the frustration written on the boy wonder's face.

"How did you meet Raven?"

"Now, now, Robin, shouldn't you trust Raven in her ability to tell who to trust and whom not to? If you are so interested, we met in the park, she was alone, so I went up to speak with her," Slade says coolly.

Robin blinks, that tone, that voice...it can belong to only one man, he looks at the man, well this man is of the same built and height... Slade can tell Robin is starting to suspect him, he smiles softly for he is well prepared for such events, the Tower's alarm start blaring, Robin runs off to answer the call.

"Slade!" Robin blinks at the image of the man on the screen,

"Good to see you again, Robin. Now, I believe this will not be of a challenge seeing you Titans are lack of a member..."

"What game are you play, Slade?" the boy wonder snarls at the screen,

"Patience Robin, patience, I have a merely place a bomb in one of the power plant, I do hope you Titans have fun," with that the screen blacks out.

"Let Raven get her much needed rest, let's go," he orders.

The whole of Titans have leave the real Slade to spend some alone time with Raven who is asleep even after the alarm, Slade removes the ear plugs he have place on her after the team leaves. The Titans should have found themselves fool once again by their arch nemesis. When Robin returns back to the Tower after the wild goose chase, he finds Slade took the liberty to make himself some tea,

"You are still here?"

"I have something to share with Raven, if you don't mind...am I not welcome here, Robin?" Slade asks, Robin says nothing and walks off. No sooner Raven starts to wake up, the moment she sees Slade, she looks around finding herself in her room and Slade is with her,

"Slade, what are you doing, are you..." she whispers but Slade places his finger on her lips and he leans closer to her,

"The mask has always given me an advantage," he whispers with a soft smile. Raven guess he is right, no one but Wintergreen and herself know how the real Slade looks like under that two-toned mask. And she has already sworn that she would never tell another soul about this.

"Thank you for bringing me home and sorry for ruining our date," she mutters as she rubs her sleepy eyes,

"No, it is fine, Raven dear and I do get to see how you look like while you are asleep," he smiles, Raven looks away to hide her blush.

"Raven...I have to go, if I stay any longer Robin would burn me with his eyes but before I leave, I will leave you something to pounder about," with that Slade leans over and kisses her softly. Raven is utterly shock by Slade's actions, Robin who is coming in to check on Raven see that scene as well, he steps away not wanting to see the rest. Slade pulls away, he strokes her face,

"I will see you soon, we will keep in touch," he says, Raven looks at him and nods, Slade smiles softly as he walks out of the door.

When the door closes, he looks at Robin who is glaring at him,

"You may be her good friend but keep your hands off my girl,"

"If I am not wrong, you already have Starfire, so technically Raven isn't yours," Slade rebuts the boy,

"Let me remind you, I will return those words back to you officially for now, keep yours hands to yourself, boy," he warns and he walks off. Slade is sure Raven is a smart girl, she should figure out his feelings for her by now.

~End of Chapter 3~

Author Note: ~whee~ first kiss! I hope you guys like it. Well Slade surely knows how to get his feelings across. I promise more fluffy from the couple next chapter and people get ready for a jealous leader. If you find the characters a bit OCC, partly my fault but I try to keep them in check if possible but some times it just hard. Anyway R&R please. And please forgive me for my mistakes, I am still looking for a beta-reader, well whoever is interest do drop me a PM.