I couldn't help but smile as I thought of who I was entering as, and who I would be leaving with. I never thought that this day would come, the day when I would be truly happy, content. But even though I was overjoyed, I suddenly felt those butterflies creeping back up on me.

"Oh, be quiet!" I playfully hissed at myself. "We'll never get through this if you don't settle down!"

I was about to enter a very small affair, an event that would only consist of four people; Myself, Edward, a minister, and my now future husband, Carlisle.

I sighed gently as I thought his name. He had been so sweet, letting me plan this. It was typically a woman's dream to have a lavish, white wedding, with hundreds of guests, but not for me. I barely knew ten people here, let alone one hundred! Besides, I was a fairly private person, not one to share all of my personal business with everyone. I decided that this ceremony was to be small and intimate. It didn't bother me that I had no maid of honor; all I needed was my son, my fiancé, and the minister to ordain this wondrous occasion. I walked over to the mirror one last time to make sure I needed no adjustments, when I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in." I said, with noticeable bliss.

Edward peeked around the corner of the door and I nodded again, giving him my approval of entrance.

"They're about to start, Esme. Do you need anything before we begin?"

He was always the gentleman.

"Just a hug to help me shake away my jitters."

He was next to me in a flash, giving me a gentle embrace.

"Everything will be fine, Esme."

"I know, but I can't help but worry. This is a very big day, for all of us."

"Yes, yes it is. But nothing but good can come from this." He pulled back. "He's very excited to see you. I think that he may be even more nervous than you are!"

"Not possible." I chuckled.

"He's been stressing over if his tie is straight for the past ten minutes!" Edward had barely stifled his laugh. "He wants to know that he looks perfect for you."

"He always does."

"Just like you always do to him, so don't worry." He said as he started walking away. And just before he exited the room, he looked back over his shoulder, smiling his crooked grin, "You look beautiful, mom."