Within the view of an island fortress, a ball of blue energy appeared. It flew into the fortress through the front entrance, followed by a yellow ball, then by a green one. After about 20 minutes they left simultaneously, and within another 10 minutes a red ball of similar energy followed the same general path as the yellow ball from before. Within the fortress, a blue-haired girl in a light-blue ankle-length dress walked up a flight of stairs onto a regal red carpet, stopping in front of an old man who was sitting on a throne with his hands in his lap. The man wore a long, green robe that cloaked his entire body. She knelt before the man on one knee, and asked,

"You called sir?" The old man waved a hand, a sign that was taken by the girl as permission to rise. Once she was standing upright, he said to her,

"Erim...I have spoken to your brothers about a matter of urgency and now, I wish to speak to you about this as well." He paused briefly before he stood from his throne and took two steps forward. The girl, Erim, stood firm.

"Of course sir." She said to the old man, Arek, who smiled, adding tension to the moment by remaining silent for several seconds.

"Tell me, who do you think should rule this world, we Sinistrals, or the Humans who have so blatantly forgotten us?" He finally said in the form of a question. Erim quickly immediately stepped forward, adamant in her belief, and responded,

"Sir, there is nothing anyone could say that would make me rethink my belief that we deserve to rule!" In response, Arek sighed but said nothing. Still, the simple sigh was enough for Erim to back up, getting the feeling that Arek yet remains uncertain. She looked to the ground, then back up at Arek, and asked,

"But why, sir? For what possible reason would you have need to ask that question of all things?" Arek sighed again, then stepped back to sit on his throne once again. Remaining silent once again for several seconds, he said,

"It is time, Erim. Time to answer the question. We will no longer have any doubt about the answer."

He rested his chin on his hand, pressing his elbow against the arm of his throne to support his head, while Erim was left speechless for several moments before saying,

"No way! You mean the Dual Blade is...?" Arek lifted his head from his hand, which he returned to his lap, then stood, nodded, and said,

"I need someone to keep an eye on the one." Erim put her arms at her sides and nodded as well before saying,

"I understand. You can count on me sir." With little more to say, she turned and started to walk out, transforming herself once again into the red ball of energy before she reached that stairs. As the ball of energy she flew out the door and started on her search for a target currently unknown.