Title: Summer Heat

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Summary: A normal mission for Team 7 becomes rather heated and not just because of the weather, when Kakashi pounces on his foxy student.

Pairs: Kakashi Hatake / Uzumaki Naruto

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. I merely use them in my plot for fun.


"Normal Speech"


ATTENTION: LEMON in the story. Do not read if you do not like it.

Chapter 1:

Naruto groaned.

'I'll definitely prank Baa-chan when we get back,' the blonde thought. He felt sweat trickle down his temples. 'If I don't melt first.'

"Okay there Naruto?" Kakashi asked. He was walking a few paces behind. Team 7 had been sent on a simple mission to Grass. But it happened that their return to Konoha just happened to be during one of the hottest weeks the blonde had ever experienced. There were trees along the road, but the humidity and the heat was getting to him. He had already discarded his blue vest, his gloves and his black top. He carried everything in his pack and could barely stand even then. He was glad he stopped wearing that orange outfit as it would have been too hot.

'The great orange puddle,' Naruto thought. To his sensei he said, "Fine,' flat, without any of his usual exuberant attitude.

Sakura walked at a slower pace behind them, Sasuke following at the end of the group. Both of them were sluggish and looked dead on their feet.

"Too hot," Sakura mumbled.

Kakashi sighed. He could feel them, really. He took had taken off his usual Jounin vest but since he wore tight black from mouth to toe he could not escape the heat. He feared any of the team suffering from a heat stroke at any point now and had been leading the team to the nearest stream for a while. He snuck a glance at them. Sasuke tried to look at ease but his fingers itched to touch his water bottle. He wore dark clothes too and he had long since taken off his black top in favor of staying with just his pants. Sakura was wearing white and red but she two was sweating. And the frequent peeks she sent Sasuke's way were probably not helping her any. Lastly there was the blonde, Naruto.

Kakashi groaned just from the name. His loud student was sin in many ways. That delectable, tight butt that was now easily spotted in the tight, standard ninja pants he wore instead of the baggy orange ones, the muscled thighs, the bronze skin that peeked from the spot between his waist line and the t-shirt he wore. Then that pink tongue moistening those plump lips.

'PERVERT!' his consciousness screamed at him. But it was late already. Kakashi could feel his pants tightening around a certain area of his body.

He knew it was wrong of him to be lusting after a mere child, because that was what the blonde was, still a child. Naruto was twelve and he was nearing his thirties. It was perverted and improper and…

Kakashi drooled.

"Sensei?" Sakura asked.

The masked ninja snapped out of it.

"Yes, Sakura?"

"There's a river not far from here," Sasuke told him.

Sure enough Kakashi was able to hear the sound of water running. "That way," the Jounin pointed at a grove of trees.

"Yeah!" Naruto yelled as he jumped in the air. The movement made it possible for the fabric to reveal up to his perfectly round navel and for the seal/tattoo to show.

Kakashi felt a twitch coming below his waist and wanted to bang his head on the nearest tree trunk.

Naruto gasped in delight when they saw the river. He dropped his backpack and kicked of his shoes laughing as he headed into the water. The moment his bare feet touched the water he moaned. It was so cool. He could not wait to dive in.

Sakura had followed his example and was now standing in the water beside him.

Sasuke tried to act cool but gave up when he saw his team mates enjoying the water.

Kakashi came last and shook his head at them.

"Kids! Come back out."

The comment earned him three mean glares and an equal number of shuriken thrown at him. He caught them easily with a masked, cheeky grin.

"Relax now, no need to get angry. I just thought you would prefer to have a dip and take your time."

That earned him bright smiles, even from the Uchiha.

"Our camp is here. I'll set the tent and we can also have lunch and dinner here," Kakashi continued.

"You're the best sensei!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi thanked his mask for hiding his blush.

"Sakura, you can find a secluded spot. This river has many, just don't go too far."

The pink haired girl grabbed her bag and disappeared with a yelled 'Thank you' at the Jounin's way.

Sasuke picked up his bag too and went in a different direction than Sakura.

"Oh? Are you shy Sasuke-chan?" Kakashi called out. He was answered by a curse. Chuckling, Kakashi turned to Naruto, but the blonde was already taking his t-shirt off and those tanned arms went for the pants too. The Copy Cat swallowed at the view of Naruto's ass covered only by very tight, black briefs.

"Certainly aren't shy," Kakashi muttered under his breath.

"Coming sensei?" Naruto called out as he grabbed a towel from his pack and padded over to the river.

Kakashi groaned.

He stalled enough to do some hand seals to set the tent and a few traps around the small camp before grabbing a towel and following after the cute blonde.

Naruto walked a bit further from the camp. He could see thick bushes and willow trees divide the river into two separate ones and immediately sensed Sasuke had taken the left one. Naruto understood the need for privacy and decided to head for the right one.

He felt the cool water reach his knees and a smile formed on his face. He really could not stand the heat. His body temperature was already high because of the demon he carried and the heat was making his prisoner irritated.

Naruto ruffled his hair and frowned at how warm they were. He looked around and found a nice spot were the river was calm and the bushes were thick. There was even a small rock there and the blonde ninja beamed; he could take a small dive from there.

Kakashi arrived just in time to see his sweet little blonde take the last stitch of clothing off his body. He groaned when the teen's tight, tanned bottom met his gaze.

'How does he do that?' he wondered.

He kept on watching as the teen deposited what looked like a towel and an extra set of pants on the shore and he swam to a deeper part of the river, climbed on a rock and from there dived into the water.

'He's in a playful mood,' Kakashi thought. He shook his head and decided to join the blonde.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto called him over.

Kakashi shook his head as he walked over to the shore and turned his back to the blonde. "Wait a minute Naruto. I'll join you soon."

He started taking off his clothes. Sandals first, then shirt, weapon holsters, the straps he had with shuriken on his ankles, a few extra scrolls too.

"Damn Kakashi-sensei. Where did you hide all those?" Naruto asked as he watched the Jounin's muscled back. He heard a deep chuckle come from the man.

Kakashi waited for a moment before he took off his pants too. If he heard a sharp intake of breath he ignored it. He hesitated only for a second before his mask was pulled off too, followed by his hitate.

Naruto was oblivious to it as he was focused on admiring his teacher's toned figure. He almost let a yelp escape him when Kakashi turned to his front and the teen ducked under the water up to his nose to hide his embarrassment. Then he almost choked when he saw Kakashi's handsome face.

A pair of mismatched eyes, one dark one red, was trained on the teen.

"Getting shy on me Naruto-kun?" he smirked.

The blonde ducked completely under the water.

Kakashi laughed.

He stepped into the river and soon he was by the teen's side, pulling him over the surface.

The Kyuubi vessel was blushing and it brought a smile to Kakashi's face.

"No need to drown yourself now, is there?" the grey haired ninja teased. He grasped the teen's chin and smiled as the blush spread. The Jounin chuckled and it made Naruto get frustrated and a bit mad. He struggled to get out of Kakashi's grip but the older ninja kept hold and his grin widened when Naruto's struggling made him rub against him. All the water helped a lot.

"Damn it!" Naruto yelled. "Stop teasing me!"

The Jounin used both hands to bring the teen flush against him, enjoying the friction from the struggle. "But it's so much fun Naruto-kun," Kakashi breathed into the blonde's ear.

Naruto froze when in all his struggling he brushed up something hard that made his sensei moan.


The blonde gulped.

"Ah, Kakashi-sensei?"

A smooth cheek rubbed against his.

"Drop the 'sensei' little imp," Kakashi told him.

Naruto blinked, uncertain of what to make of all this.

Kakashi took the opportunity to nuzzle that cute little ear, earning a squeak from the cute teen.


"What will it take for you to call me by my name Naruto?" Kakashi whispered as he used one hand to caress the tanned skin.

Naruto was startled when that rough hand caressed his neck then slowly trailed downwards towards his chest, barely brushing the tight nipples. The younger ninja whimpered as the touches made something twist. Kakashi noticed that and repeated the motions, this time pinched one nipple. The blonde whimpered.

"Do you like that?" the Jounin asked.

"Ngh," the blonde got out.

Kakashi chuckled. "I can do more Naruto," he said as his free hand continued his administrations, this time going for the bellybutton briefly and then straight down.

Naruto gasped when his teacher touched him intimately and then started rubbing and caressing his member. The blush returned full force, as did his mortification. He had never been touched in any way before, not unless you counted beatings from the villagers, the training spars and the occasional ruffle of his hair by the Hokage or Iruka.

"What are you doing?" he panted.

"Touching you," Kakashi replied.

"You can't touch me 'there'!"

"Why not?" Kakashi asked. "You don't like it?"

Naruto gasped when he felt his private parts getting heavy. The next caress over his member and the light grazing over the skin of his sack had him moaning and gasping for air. He forgot what he wanted to say and what his teacher asked him, enjoying the sensation and arching back.

Kakashi hissed when Naruto's firm bottom brushed up against his stiff cock. In all the teasing and toying with the youth he had neglected his own pleasure. By the look on Naruto's face though, he wouldn't have to do so for long. Experimentally he rubbed up against the teen. Naruto did not seem to mind as long as he kept his hand busy.

"Sensei? What is that?" Naruto gasped.

'Or not,' Kakashi thought. He looked to the shore and with swift movements pulled the blonde to his chest and carried him to the shore. He was surprised by how light the teen's body was. Filing that bit for later he laid the blonde on the thick grass and then leaned over him. Blue eyes were wide as they observed him, first his face, then his naked, heaving chest, then travelling lower and widening a little bit more. Kakashi felt self conscious and quite proud of the fact he had caught Naruto's attention. Using one of his fingers he pulled the small chin up so their eyes could meet again.

"Something the matter Naruto?"

The blonde shook his head rapidly.

"Good." Kakashi inched his face closer to Naruto. "Now, there's something I wanted to do for a while now."

Naruto tilted his head in silent question.

Kakashi leaned forward and brushed his lips against the teens lightly, then with more force behind it.

Naruto's blue eyes widened. 'Kakashi-sensei… He's kissing me.' The teen started when he felt his teacher's tongue probing his lips. Hesitantly he opened his mouth. It was all Kakashi needed as he plundered that sweet tasting mouth. Naruto could not keep his eyes open and finally closed them, giving into the kiss.

When Kakashi pulled back he cheered inwardly at how debauched the teen looked. Those glazed blue eyes opened slightly and Kakashi pounced on Naruto again and again until the teen pulled the Jounin against him, having him kneel between his spread legs as the two kissed harder and longer.

"That (pant) was (pant)…" Naruto gasped.

Kakashi smirked, but he was also out of breath, his eyes glazed over as he took in the sight Naruto made on the grass so open before him.

"You are very tasty Naruto," Kakashi told the blonde. "I could just bite and eat every inch of you."

Naruto opened his mouth but soon closed it again as a red hue covered his cheeks.

"No need to get shy now," Kakashi told him as he lowered his head and nipped at a tanned collarbone and continued moving south.

The blonde ninja watched with undivided attention as his teacher moved and spread small bites in various parts of his body. Naruto had the urge to jerk his knee when Kakashi gave him a particularly hard nip on his pelvis and whined when he soothed it with his tongue. But nothing prepared him for the sight of Kakashi licking his member's tip and the taking it all inside his mouth. Naruto felt like flames had settled on his stomach and his eyes closed with bliss. "So…good…" he mumbled.

Kakashi had a hand on the base of Naruto's rapidly hardening member. He pulled it out of his mouth and gave the teen a wolf like grin. "Did you say something Naru-chan?" he teased.

The blonde ninja tried to glare at him, but Kakashi gave him another lick and then he sucked. Naruto moaned and thrust his hips up. Kakashi used his other hand to hold him down and continued to lick and suck the teen out of his mind.

Naruto jerked his leg unconsciously. Kakashi caught it and smirked around the flesh he had in his mouth. He released Naruto with a 'pop'.

"Now, now, Naruto," he shook a long finger. "Behave or I'll bind you."

The blonde pouted.

"Just don't stop whatever it is you are doing," Naruto ordered.

Kakashi gave a cheeky grin and went back to his task. He soon had the blonde thrashing under him. It seemed that he enjoyed everything the taller ninja tried on him, and Kakashi tried everything he knew. Sucked, and nipped and licked and teased his student until he had the youth panting and muttering incoherently, just the way the Jounin had wanted to.

"So responsive," Kakashi whispered.

"Ngh," Naruto replied as he tried to breath. "Sensei… I c-can't… Oh, do t-that again!"

"Hm?" Kakashi grinned and moved his hands over the tender skin of Naruto's balls. "Like that Naruto?" he asked as he tugged lightly. "Or perhaps do you prefer this?" Kakashi went on as with one finger he prodded Naruto's entrance.

"Wh-at is that?" the blonde teen asked.

"Suck this," Kakashi told him.

Naruto eyed that long finger with glazed eyes. He opened his mouth and suckled on the digit. The sight was too much for Kakashi. He was afraid he would lose control and frighten the boy.

No, he decided. He would wait. This time it was all about this lovely creature that was writhing under him.

Carefully he prodded the entrance with a slick finger and felt Naruto freeze a bit.

"I promise you Naruto, you will remember this," Kakashi told him.

Naruto was too far gone to reply coherently. When the Jounin's finger breached him all the pleasure from the ministrations on his cock took away any uncomfortable feeling he might have felt.

The blonde gasped in surprise when he felt a new wave of pleasure coming from a spot inside him.

Kakashi smirked at the teen's expression. "Mm, seems like I found your prostate."

It took a few more minutes for Kakashi to bring about Naruto's orgasm. The teen opened those lust laden eyes and his back arched over the grassy ground. Kakashi got to him, swallowing any sounds of pleasure before they could escape. He only released the blonde to avoid drowning him. He soon pulled back but got no reaction from Naruto.


A sated mewl was his response.

Kakashi shook his head when he saw just how drowsy Naruto looked. Those blue eyes were almost closed the teen was a mess. The Jounin chuckled. He eyed his own erection and sighed.

"Some other time," he said to himself. So he picked the blonde up and carried him to the river where he washed him of any sweat, saliva or semen, before taking him back to the shore. Naruto remained oblivious to Kakashi's ministrations as the older ninja dried and then dressed him in his spare pants. The teen then rolled on his side and curled his body in a fetal position.

Then Kakashi went about taking care of his problem.

Sakura dressed in a spare outfit, her pink hair still damp, sniffed what smelled like fish as she neared the camp. Her stomach rumbled and she was glad no one was around to hear that.

Once she arrived she saw Kakashi-sensei sitting on a log by the hearth, minus shirt, but with his annoying mask and hitate in place.

"Can't have everything," the teen ninja muttered under her breath before marching forward.

"Kakashi-sensei," she greeted.

The Jounin brought a finger to his masked lips and pointed with his head at the sleeping blonde under a particularly nice shade.

Sakura made an 'o' and shrugged.

"Lunch will be ready soon," Kakashi whispered.

Sakura nodded and sat as far as she could from the fire.

Sasuke appear a bit after her. He quietly approached and sat on a log.

"Fish are ready," Kakashi announced.

"Shouldn't we wake Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"Let him sleep a bit more," her teacher replied.

"What happened to him?" Sasuke asked.

Kakashi had to make an effort not to boast about it.

"Let's just say he played around a lot."

"Baka," Sasuke muttered.

Sakura nodded her head in agreement with Sasuke.

Kakashi let them be and stole a glance at Naruto, who was curled up like a kitten, mumbling under his breath.

The Jounin was thankful the mask could hide his blush from his two other students.

'We'll definitely need to do that again,' Kakashi thought as he eyed the blonde.

In the silence he began to make plans on how it was to happen.

End of chapter

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