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Shades of Life


Innocence. Purity. Frail Beauty. Hijikata hesitated, fearing to taint through his ugly shade. But options were taken when pale hands reached up and pulled him close. He sighed in contentment as he buried his face in the warm embrace.

A facade. Deceitful mask. Pretty disguise. The greedy monster beneath reached up and pushed away doubts and reluctance. It curled up with a satisfied purr at the gentle sigh and comforting warmth. Okita smiled and slid to restful sleep.


He loved summer. It was when he thought the world was never more alive. Okita laid on the grass, smiling at the brilliant blue, listening quietly, feeling silently despite burning passion. A pair of lips captured his. He'd never been so alive.

He didn't dislike summer. He thought it was fun but filled with headache-inducing mischief. Hijikata inhaled the scent of desire, caressed it, tasted it, worshiped it. A stubbornly withheld response came. He smirked and set about on his own brand of mischief.


Hijikata embraced the dangerous power readily. He looked around to make sure no one questions, gaze lingering on no one. Once he was satisfied, he barked a command. A rush of excitement ran through his veins and he allowed himself to smirk.

Okita accepted the deceiving beauty gladly. He caressed the cold blade lovingly, watching with a smile that showed impatience and understanding. When the order was given, he almost leapt eagerly. Enthusiasm gripped his heart and his smile grew sharp at the edges.


The color made him sick so he looked away, pretended that he didn't notice. But the lingering pain was real and he could only hold in for so long before it forced itself on him again. Okita leaned back in exhaustion, hoping the torment would soon end.

The color made him burn in anger but no matter how long he glared at it, it wouldn't go away. So he kept his expression neutral to provide comfort and support that they both needed desperately. Hijikata watched in silence, hoping he could soon end the torment.


The sun was bright in the sky, the heat unbearable. He looked at the handful of dandelion in his hand. Perhaps it's meant to be an apology or an affection. But he knew for sure it's meant to be goodbye.

The sun burnt hot in the sky, the light dizzying. He looked back at the distant town he left behind him. One part of him wanted to apologize while another wanted to confess affection. But he had only said goodbye.


He felt it crept on the edges of his vision. The cold seeped into his body. His breath grew shallow. Still, he forced in a smile even though his wish never came. He looked longingly, waited for the proud, tall figure in the familiar dark kimono. He struggled. Failed. Succumbed. And eternal darkness embraced him.

He felt it pierced deep in his soul. His heart clenched tight. His skin prickled. In some unexplainable way he knew the moment had come. Desperate, he looked up to the starless sky to seek correction of the grim premonition but could find none. It was final. Definite. Unalterable. And in solitude his tears fell.