Chapter 1: Double Date

Gwen paced the living room as Julie sat on the couch watching her panic about the double date that was about to happen."You spend all your free time with Kevin and Ben so how can you be so nervous?" Gwen asked herself as she wrung her hands together.

Julie stood up and blocked Gwen's path "It's just dinner, I'm sure Kevin is just as nervous as you are." Julie said as she pulled Gwen till she was sitting down on the couch.

"You're right it's just dinner, I'm just worried that now we're not just friends anymore… if something goes wrong we can't just be friends anymore since it will be strange." Gwen added sighing softly. "Maybe I should cancel so this won't be so strange" she said looking at her cousin's girlfriend.

Julie looked at the red headed girl and rolled her eyes "You guys fight aliens together all the time and going on a dinner date worries you?" She asked smirking at her own comment.


"I can't do it, I'm going to make a fool of myself I know it." Kevin said as he fidgeted and tugged on the collar of the button up shirt he was wearing. He was use to wearing his long sleeved shirt under his black tee shirt, wearing a fancy button up shirt bothered him greatly.

Ben chuckled as he handed Kevin his hair brush "Hurry up the girls are waiting for us, don't worry you're going to do fine tonight." He said fixing his own light green shirt using his reflection in the mirror.

Kevin groaned as he finished running the hair brush through his hair a couple times before going out to his car and getting behind the wheel of his newly rebuilt car. Everything looked brand new inside; alien tech glowed from the dashboard along with all the standard electronics found in a car. Honking the horn Kevin waited for Ben to get in so they could go to Gwen's house and pick the girls up for their double date that night.

Pulling out of his driveway Kevin let out the breath he had been holding as he drove down the streets of Bellwood till he came to stop in front of Gwen's house. Looking up at the house Kevin could see the two girls waiting by the front door.

"Get out and hold the door open for her" Ben hissed as he climbed out of the passenger seat and held the passenger door open for Julie.

Kevin ran around the front of the car and pulled the door open just as Gwen walked up. After his date had climbed in Kevin closed the door and got back behind the wheel.

Gwen looked at Kevin and smiled at him. "You look really nice" the teenage alien said softly as she looked down at her hands as she folded them in her lap.

"Thanks, you look really nice too" Kevin remarked as he started the car up and drove off toward the center of town. Silence filled the car as they pulled up to a stop sign.

Ben smirked and leaned forward so his head was sticking between the two front seats. "You behave yourself tonight Kevin you wouldn't want to make this a bad date would you?" Ben asked with a smirk, he was so glad that Kevin was dating so that he could embarrass him as much as he did when Kevin drove Ben and Julie to the pier for their first date.

Gwen turned around and looked at her cousin. "Don't push it Ben, this is supposed to be a nice night for all of us. So make sure that it doesn't end with all of us working off any damages at the restaurant." She hissed at her cousin as he slid back to his seat.


Finally arriving at the restaurant Kevin watched as the valet took off with his car and parked it in the parking lot. Leading the group inside Kevin gave his name and the group of four was led to a table that over looked the famous star garden. The garden that had lights dotted all around the garden like stars in the sky.

Ben picked up a menu and looked the prices "Hey Kevin how do you plan on paying these prices are kind of steep." The brunette teen said looking over the top of his menu at his friend.

Kevin looked at his friends and smirked "I came into some money very recently, so don't worry about prices at all" he said looking the menu over closely. Kevin looked over the top of the menu when he felt someone staring at him.

Looking over at the red head Kevin chuckled softly "Don't worry I swear it's pretty much legit and it pays great" Kevin remarked looking at Gwen as she looked back down at the menu with a look on her face that worried Kevin. It wasn't a mad or disappointed expression.

Getting up from his seat Ben grabbed Kevin by the arm "Excuse us for a moment ladies" Ben said dragging Kevin into the men's room.

"What's with the new job, you know that you could lose your badge if you get caught trading in alien tech." Ben hissed as he made sure no one else was in the room.

Kevin looked around the room then at Ben "I know but I'm only doing it because… I want to impress Gwen, when I saw how much Morningstar had done on their first date I realized that I could never show her a time like that without any money." Kevin said looking at his reflection in the mirror.

"Gwen's not that type of girl she isn't impressed by money like others are." Ben said looking at his friend. "She's the type of girl who could be happy with just sitting around and watching movies." Ben remarked as he dragged Kevin out of the bathroom and back to the table.

As the group ordered their dinner Gwen watched Kevin and blushed each time their eyes met. The dinner conversation was centered on how school was going and also the occasional alien information. Kevin chuckled as they talked about his new job trading tech. Kevin made sure to keep many parts of his new job secret.

I know that keeping things a secret is wrong but I really don't want to talk about it too much since they are all ready asking so many questions. Kevin thought.

Ben looked at Kevin as everyone ate, something weighed heavy on his mind.


When everyone was finished with dinner, Kevin got the check and paid with cash. As everyone left the restaurant Kevin put his arm around Gwen's waist as the valet got his car. Kevin checked his car over closely when he was satisfied he paid the valet and held the passenger door open for the others.

"Actually guys Julie and I are going to walk back to her house, it's not that far and it's a nice night so I'll see you guys tomorrow." Ben said as he waved to Kevin as he and Julie walked away.

Gwen smiled softly "I'm glad Ben has found someone who he can talk about his other life with."Gwen said as she got into the passenger seat.

Kevin smiled as he got behind the wheel and took off down the road "Tomorrow I was planning on going on another run to pick up some things from this guy a few towns over, I have been wondering if you would like to come with me?" Kevin asked his cheeks turning a little pink.

Gwen looked over at Kevin "That sounds interesting, I would like to see what you do" she said keeping her eyes on Kevin.

"I'm going to meet up with E; he's one of my best customers. He also sells me some of the best alien technology and weaponry" Kevin said with a goofy childlike smile.

As they drove down the road both teens remained silent. "Gwen, I had a really great time with you tonight" he said taking his eyes off the road for a moment to look at the girl sitting beside him.

Kevin pulled arrived in front of Gwen's house, getting out of the car Kevin pulled the door open for Gwen. Swallowing the lump in his throat Kevin walked Gwen up to the door.

Gwen grew nervous with every step toward the front door she felt herself start to shake from knowing that the good night kiss was coming up soon.

"Kevin, I just wanted to say that you don't have to work hard to impress me with fancy dinners and dressing up. I like you for who you are. So don't try so hard, you've already done enough to impress me." Gwen said softly as the two teens reached the front door. Standing on her toes Gwen leaned up and kissed Kevin quickly. When she started to pull away Kevin put his arm around the Gwen's waist and pulled her close and kissed her again taking her breath away.

Finally pulling away Gwen took a deep breath to keep her head from spinning. "What time should I be ready for tomorrow?" she asked softly looking up into Kevin's eyes.

Kevin thought for a moment before speaking "Well E works early, so around six." he said keeps his arms around Gwen's waist. Smiling at her he didn't want to let her go everything felt like a dream.

Nodding her head Gwen unlocked the front door and looked back at the older teen and smiled as she slipped inside and shut the door behind her.

Walking back to his car Kevin put his hands in his pockets and sighed softly.

Gwen is so perfect maybe I do deserve her Kevin thought as he got into his car and headed home.

"That was a nice kiss Kevin" Ben said popping up from the back seat of the car.

Slamming on the breaks Kevin looked behind him at the brunette teen sitting in the back seat. "How did you get in my car?" Kevin roared.

Ben laughed "I turned into Goop and unlocked the door and I climbed in" he responded

Kevin growled and started to drive again till he arrived at his own home. "Get out of my car, and if I catch you sneaking into my car again you won't like it" he growled getting out of his car and heading inside his home. After changing out of his dressy clothes Kevin collapsed onto his bed looked over at the clock on his night stand in a little over six hours he would have to get up again to head off for the warehouse to trade alien goods with his supplier.


By five thirty Kevin was wide awake and dressed, rushing around he packed up the trunk of his car. When he was done he jumped behind the wheel and drove off to Gwen's, when he got there he left the car idling as he picked up a couple small stones and tossed them at the bedroom window on the top floor.

Gwen slowly woke to the sound of something hitting her window. Getting out of bed the young Anodite rubbed her eyes as she walked up to the window and smiled at Kevin. Gwen rushed around her room and quickly dressed. Before leaving she wrote a note and left it on her bed.

Going over to her window Gwen climbed out her window and onto the roof. Smiling softly she ran down a flight of mana stairs and into Kevin's arms.

"You're five minutes early" she said finally pulling away with a smile. Kevin smiled as well and rubbed the back of his head a bit. "Well I couldn't really sleep so I put everything in the trunk and I didn't want to wait out here too long and get the police called on me again." Kevin said chuckling.

Taking Gwen's hand Kevin led her to his car and held the door open for her as she climbed in. Getting into his car Kevin cringed slightly as he started his car and the engine roared to life breaking the silence of the morning air. As they pulled away from the curb Gwen looked up at her dark house and sighed softly.

Kevin drove down the road till they came to the interstate highway and went north. "E works out of an old warehouse two towns over. So it's going to take a little time to get there so you can rest if you like till we get there" he said keeping his eyes on the road.

Nodding her head the young Anodite rested her head against the headrest and let the movement of the car lull her to sleep.

The sports car sped down the highway passing by the occasional car and truck. Kevin checked the signs as he looked for the exit. Yawning loudly Kevin took the exit and went down the dirt road.

Soon the sports car was bouncing around on the rocky road until it came to a stop thirty feet from an old warehouse. Gwen had woken up after the first couple bumps in the road.

"We have to walk to the door first then if he accepts us today then we get the car" Kevin said getting out of the car with his girlfriend. Walking toward the warehouse the two teens could feel the silence bearing down on them.

When they reached the door Kevin banged on the door with all his strength. Waiting for a few minutes a small opening in the door slid open, a pair of dark obsidian eyes looked at the pair.

"A man looking for water has a horse" the man behind the door said, Kevin looked at the pair of eyes and responded "A man with water is looking for a horse." "And so they trade" both said.

The man behind the door closed the slot in the door and opened the main door allowing Kevin and Gwen inside.

Gwen looked at the man before her; he had dark black hair pulled back into a low ponytail and a goatee and mustache. She could have sworn that she had seen him before, the man was wearing a ripped up muscle shirt and dark torn pants.