Chapter 6: Smoothie Dream

((I want to thank everyone who read my first story and this will be the last chapter. Now on to the story, but again thanks everyone for the reviews and reading the stories. It may be confusing as to why Morningstar was in last chapter I brought him in for comic relief that no matter how hard he tries his butt gets kicked all the time lol Loves and Hugs ~BBB))

Kevin tripped over another person sleeping on the floor of his garage; it had already been ten hours since their run in with Vilgax and Morningstar. "Ben go sleep in the house" Kevin grumbled as he looked over at Gwen asleep on one of the tables her red hair was draped over her shoulder and back like a veil as she breathed softly. She had fallen asleep on the way back from Vilgax's ship. Kevin had been torn at the time to let her sleep in his room or keep her close by.

In the end Kevin's need to fix his car won and that was the reason Gwen was sleeping on the table, the other reason was that it was safer than having her on the other end of the house all alone since Ben had fallen asleep on the concrete floor of the garage and Max and Evan were on the other side of the garage.

"You should wait till morning to work on this job, it's been a long day" Evan said sipping coffee as he sat on a chair in the corner of the garage. He winced as Max finished patching up his shoulder. "Ah, you could be a little gentler back there Max" he remarked as he leaned forward and sighed loudly.

Soon Ben woke up and looked around the garage and yawned "I'm going out for smoothies and… yeah" he mumbled lying back down and falling asleep again.

Kevin sighed and went back to work on his car as the garage was soon filled with Ben's loud snores. Rolling his eyes Kevin looked his car over, he had barely made a dent in the repairs on the back of his car.

Max packed up the kit and went inside to put back into the house. Giving the two a chance to speak to each other for a while; Smirking slightly he hoped that Evan would talk to Kevin. "Hey… Kevin, I'm going to head out now. I'm going to start traveling and acquire some new tech." Evan said putting his shirt back on "Your welcome to come with me" he remarked looking back over at his son.

Looking up from his car Kevin put down the tool in his hand and wiped his hand on a rag and tossed it aside. "I've got a good thing here and I'm not going to throw it away for illegal trade runs in the night, we had some good business together but I don't up and leave when there is something I can't handle." Kevin said walking over to the cabinet and looking for another over quickly Evan grabbed Kevin by the shoulder and made him look at his father. "You have been acting smug for a while, care to explain you attitude?" Evan asked looking at his son.

"Nothing, so go run off" Kevin said looking up at the older Levin. Kevin tried to hide the pain but knowing that his father was leaving him again hurt. Was he really that bad of a son? Kevin pulled away and went back under the car. It was where he felt safe from his emotions and from the world.

"I get it now you're mad that I'm leaving… well I'm not going forever it's just for a few months. And to tell you the truth woman dig a bad boy that's how I met your mother" Evan said chuckling a bit.

Kevin laughed mockingly from under the car "Yeah that worked out real fine and dandy, she told me how right after the wedding you disappeared for almost a year. I saw the records when I was doing some late night hacking. You got busted for a quantum ray generator that you were trying to steal from the plumbers. Nice going there…dad. I would have gone for the one not under heavy guard. But you know they say talent skips a generation maybe that's why I've never been caught in my stealing. Kevin said giving a chuckle as he pried a stone from under the undercarriage of the car.

Rolling his eyes Evan laughed softly "That girlfriend of yours has you trained well; next you're going to tell me you're joining a football team to be good enough to impress her friends." He said grabbing Kevin by the leg and pulling him out from under the car. Kevin was smirking. "No footballs not for me anyway, besides Gwen thinks I'm perfect the way I am…besides why should I care what her friends say about me…none of them can take on ten DN Aliens and a stuck up rich boy." Kevin remarked pulling himself to his feet.

"You better get going I'm sure you've got a lot to steal and staying here isn't going to get it done any sooner. I guess I'll see you when you get back that is, if you don't get thrown into the Null void. Trust me that place is hell, when you were arrested you just locked on a prison ship but you never got a chance to serve time in the void. It really changes a person… I never want to go back in there" Kevin said getting a serious look on his face. "I care about Gwen too much to screw up what I've got now, friends, a girlfriend and steady money from the occasional junk dealer and so on. I'm keeping my nose clean" he added dropping the rock on the ground and letting it sit by his foot.

Evan nodded his head and put his hand on Kevin's shoulder "You've grown up faster than you should have and you still are, taking on all these aliens and keeping the whole world safe with just two other teens. You three are amazing from what I've seen. You remind me a lot of myself when I was a plumber before everything happened. Well I should get going I've got a ride to catch to my first trade stop. If I get a chance I'll call you with an update." Evan said as he waved at his son and walked out of the garage and into the darkness of the night.


Kevin was leaning against the passenger door of his car waiting for Gwen to walk out of school. He kept a close eye on the front door to the school as the students came out, that's when he spotted her moving through the crowd. Raising his arm up, he waved at Gwen. Gwen ran over and threw her arms around Kevin's neck and hugged him.

"So what's the plan for today?" she asked hanging off of him and ignoring some of the whispers from her class mates. The elder teen smirked "I've been tracking some DN Aliens that have been breaking off from the main group and acting really strange. I've got Ben in the back seat he's fuming that we're not stopping for smoothies unless you want one then we'll stop and then head out." Kevin said as Gwen let go of him and he opened the car door for her.

"Real smooth Kevin, you folded in ten seconds" Ben said from the back of the car dodging Gwen's school bag as she tossed it at him. As soon as everyone was settled in the car Kevin pulled out of the parking lot and drove off down the highway toward their next fight with the aliens.