Hm...what'll happen when the Storm Hawks meet Link?

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"Woah!" Finn, a blond haired, blue eyed so-called ladies' man exclaimed at the ancient, ruined temple that their 15-year-old leader, Aerrow, had led them to.

"This is supposed to be where they buried it," Aerrow said. He had blood-red hair and leaf green eyes. Even though he'd assured everyone else on his squadron that it was safe, he clutched his energy blades uneasily.

"Who's 'they'?" Junko, a rhino-like, huge humaniod with green hair asked.

"Well, them of course," Aerrow replied, trying to sound like he knew what he was talking about.

"And what's 'it'?" The green merb called Stork asked. Having three toes, green skin, and a pessimistic personality, he was the squadron's pilot, as well as nearly the most diverse member of the team.

"Well, guess," Aerrow said, trying to keep their hopes up.

"A powerful crystal?" Piper, their navigator and know-it-all asked. Her dark blue hair looked almost black in the little light that was allowed in the ruins. They were in a sort of foyer, which lasted for what seemed like miles. Columns were in a grid pattern for the length and width of the building, holding up a cracked, though mostly intact, roof.

"Nope," Aerrow smiled. Radarr, a blue dog/lemur/rabbit/monkey started to try to say something, his language consisting mostly of chirps and growls, as well as Charades at times, when a deafening creak sounded throughout the temple.

"Erm," Junko observed, "Now might be a good time to get out."

"I think that might be best," Aerrow agreed anxiously, starting to turn around.

"Oh come on. A little creak and you guys want to get out. I think we should keep going," Finn said, showing his reckless bravado.

"Finn, get moving," Piper rolled her eyes and went to follow Aerrow. It wasn't long before they got back to their skimmers, and it was as they were starting to head back that Stork noticed the collapsing structure.

"Um, we'd better start moving," his voice rose nearly up to a wail. But they were too late and, for all their resourcefulness in the past, were obliterated by the falling rocks. Aerrow braced himself to be crushed, and was hit on the head hard enough, but it seemed like otherwise, he, and his companions, were missed. They kept on riding, but all of a sudden, it seemed like the floor beneath them abruptly fell away, and they fell into nosedives, and everyone realized that the temple had levels, and they had been on the top.

"There are floors to this place?!" Finn cried out. Aerrow spotted many life-forms on the levels in the building, though they weren't the kind he would have liked to see. Most of them were spiders as big around as his waist, or lizards in armour and brandishing cutlasses.

They all groped for the levers that would set them to flight, but they were falling so fast, they could barely keep a hold of their bike, let alone pull any lever. It was sheer chance that falling so quickly also tore the wing coverings off the skimmers, and the lid off Piper's propeller, but Stork's Stork-mobile had so many airbags, that it didn't really matter for him. He bounced, and somehow managed to land on Piper's heli-scooter.

They were about to land on the last level; a pitch-dark room, except for four spots of light, which highlighted four stone heads with large fists: one held up in the air and the other laying on the ground. They also saw a boy wearing green, including a long, triangular hat, and he carried a sword which was, at the moment, unsheathed. He was looking up on the ceiling. The six of them also looked up, to be confronted with a huge spider.

Finn shrieked, although that was justified, since the spider was heading for the spot just over his head, and an eye on its abdomen opened, shooting out a thread of what looked like some fire-lava cross. He deftly manoeuvred out of the way, and they all dropped to the ground and abandoned their skimmers.

"What is that thing?" Piper cried.

"I dunno," the blond boy said. "Just stay out of my way for five minutes." The beam stopped, and just before the eye closed, the boy shot at it with his bow and arrows, hitting it dead on. It fell to the floor, in front of one of the statues. The boy then took a blue wand with a pulsing ball and aimed at the statue. The statue came to life, and when the boy swung the wand, it brought its fist down, landing on the spider. It hissed, but groggily climbed back on the ceiling.

"Let me try," Aerrow said with a wry grin. He flicked out his energy blades once again and brought them to life. After just a second of aiming at the swift spider, he jumped up and performed his Lightning Claw move; one that sent powerful lines of energy in the shape of hawk wings towards the target. The spider was immediately brought to the ground where a shot from Junko's knuckle-busters made it screech again, though it got up to fight once more.

"My turn!" Finn said, taking easy aim with his energy crossbow and letting it loose to hit the eye once again, though the boy took the chance to finally dispatch the spider with a blow by the fist of a statue. It shrieked and hissed, louder than before, and curled up. The squadron turned to the boy, but he still watched the spider. They turned back, only to watch it explode into little black bits that, when they touched the ground, disappeared. A strange heart-shaped thing and a wedge-shaped piece of shiny metal or glass appeared and the boy scooped them up. All of a sudden, his shadow did something weird, although it didn't speak to him like it usually would have.

"Now that that thing's dead, who may I have the pleasure of thanking?" the boy asked.

"We're the Storm Hawks," Aerrow replied, gesturing to the rest of his crew. "I'm Aerrow, he's Finn, she's Piper, that's Stork, this is Radarr," the animal jumped on his shoulder, "And that's Junko. Who are you?"

"I'm Link," he said. "Now, can I help you at all?"

"Um, how do we get back up to the top?" Finn asked.

"Midna can help us with that. Come on out. They might as well know," he said, the last bit spoken to his shadow. A high, female voice could just barely be heard saying,

"No no no! You haven't even told the shaman about me and he's been more helpful!"

"Well, they know now," Link rolled his eyes and Midna finally appeared. She was still part of his shadow for the moment, so Aerrow and the others couldn't make out more than her tear drop silhouette and yellow and red eye, but it was enough to show that they weren't in Atmos anymore.

"Do I have to take those things to?" she asked, pointing towards the skimmers, heli-scooter and somewhat smashed Stork-mobile. Aerrow looked around at his companions, and the glances from all of them told him what he needed to know.

"No, we can leave them." Stork started to blubber about leaving his vehicle behind, but something strange started happening to them with a wave of the shadow's hand. They all seemed to start to disintegrate into pieces similar to what the spider had become and Piper cried out in fear, but not even a second later they all reformed outside the temple, where Rusl, an old, armour-wearing warrior waited. He peered at them uncertainly, though he led them in near silence back to the nearest town, only speaking to ask if any of them were hurt.

When they got to the village, Link was assaulted by what seemed like family, though they were actually just family friends. In fact, as Piper thought, he didn't seem to have any family.

"Are the children all right?" a young woman asked.

"Perfectly fine. They should be coming home as soon as I can help them make the trip," Link replied.

"And you're doing well?" a fatter woman inquired.

"Yes, yes. Fine," he said, then interrupted a middle-aged man who was about to re-ask the previous questions. "Now, these people need to rest."

The young woman immediately took the Storm Hawks under her wing and set up lots of blankets under the stars, since no one had room for them in houses, and the night was clear and warm. Going to sleep, Stork couldn't help thinking that even though they were now being taken care of, there were secrets that were being kept; ones that would get them in trouble, if not killed.

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