What I see in the night remains with me always. A high, pale moon bathing the woods in silver nightlight, or an owl perched on a low branch, gone at my first blink; it all stay in my mind's eye, to be called upon at the first opportunity. I did not know that it would come back to me now, when my own twilight is upon me. After the last few days, I truly don't know what more I could do to stay alive, not that it means much to me at this point. But this night is filled with vile images of doom and demise, images that will remain with me for the rest of my life, however short it may be. And I do not want them anymore.

I wandered into this town hoping to find out whether my choices in life had meant something. Since I got here, I've seen distorted creatures that resembled my mother, father, ex-wife, best friends, and me die by the hand of a demon. The best I can describe him is a cross between that drawing of the red pyramid thing James Sunderland left behind, and a minotaur. It has yet to attack me. Its minions have been taking care of that. The pistol I found has 4 bullets left. I should mention it was found in the hand of a mannequin in those creepy shops near Neely's Bar… the mannequin was preparing for suicide. Once I saw the dogs with my loved one's features on the faces, I nearly followed the damned thing's example. I couldn't do it though… I hadn't gotten an answer yet. If I got an answer, maybe I could do it. But not before my question was answered.

Poking my head around the corner, I see that Executor… my name for the thing following me… was right around the corner. Four bullets. It would be suicide. But I was trapped. This town, and the things in it, had always given me opportunity to live. I had nothing more to lose but my life. I let out a scream. It was a war cry… but it was mostly of frustration. I turned the corner and let fly with all four bullets. Each bullet struck Executor in the chest or face. Unfortunately for me, not one of them bled, or seemed to even do any damage. The thing lived on.

What more was there to do? I was about to die, impaled by the spear the thing carried. But he didn't move. He just stood there, as if waiting to see if I was finished. I could take no more.

"What the hell do you want from me?!" I screamed at it. It did the strangest thing just then. It looked genuinely surprised. "Of course I can talk, you son of a bitch! I just can't figure out what you want me to do!!!

By God Almighty, it spoke to me then. In a voice that made Darth Vader sound like a pansy, it said, quite calmly, "You came to ME, human… I want you to learn…"

In that moment, I knew. The things I'd seen… those people cared about me. I cared about them. Coming here… I felt shame on a level that made me shake. I locked eyes with the Executor. I told him, "You can end it now."

"You have learned. My job is done."

What do I do now?