The birds and the bees

Gossip Girl- One shot

Nate and his kid Adam, talk father to son, bonding time.

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Nate Archibald was laying down on the sofa, while his son was on the other couch asleep, he decided to watch American pie, as his wife Jenny was out with her friends, and he had nothing else better to do, it was in the middle of a sex scene when Adam popped up from his seat and began walking over towards Nate with a grin on his face, one that was sort of like his when he was playing the dirty field.

''Daddy, why is that man hurting that girl?'' He asked looking rather interested, Nate's eyes nearly popped out of his head, hearing this.

''Um, well'' Good question Nate thought, ''I don't think he is hurting her, I think he's playing with her'' Nate said quite embarrassed.

''Oh, but when I play I dont do that, should I start doing that to then?'' Adam asked smiling, wrong answer Nate thought, why did his son have to be so awkward.

''No not until your older, maybe when your 19, actually no not until your about 29 then you can start playing them sort of games'' Nate told him.

''I heard my friend Cindy talking about it, she said that's how you make babies, is that true'' Oh god, Nate thought, why would a little girl tell him this.

''Yes it is, and you don't want a child anytime soon do you?'' Nate laughed to himself.

''No defiantly not, baby's are annoying, but how does the baby get in the mommy's belly'' Adam asked sitting on Nate's leg.

''Well'' Another good question Nate thought. ''The mommy eats the pea, daddy gives her and then it just grows in her belly and just pops out when its ready'' He told him.

''I don't get you how does it come out ?, because this sounds all cool'' Adam grinned.

''I'll explain more when your older your 5 , but I think it's time for you to go to bed'' Nate laughed.

''But, can't I watch this with you'' Adam pleaded.

''In 10 years time''

''Oh sweet, night then Daddy'' Adam giggled wriggling in his bed.

''Night son'' Nate kissed his forhead and walked out the room.

''I think I'll try that at school tomorrow'' Adam mumbled to himself.

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