Love Changes

Ok so funny story I've spent the past few days reading Bella/Jasper pairing fan fics and I love it. It's funny because for some reason I feel like Bella and Jasper would of made a great couple. Jasper is Bella's confidant and with Bella's emotions always going crazy Jasper is the one to comfort her. Anyways as I sit here debating if I should start yet another story (I'm already writing 3 and one I pretty much abandoned) I flipped the channel only to find Tom and Jerry going at it yet again. And who's name do I hear the house maid call Tom.... Jasper. And if that's not enough I see a Sunny D commercial with a vampire saying "Come to me". So here you go a story for you Jasper lovers out there. I'm smiling on the inside. I hope you enjoy! I know it's not much it's basically a sample.


I had no idea how I reached here but I was. I had to be honest with myself and with the one I thought I wanted to spend forever with. I was going to break his heart I knew that, but it had to be done. After all he broke mine first. It was now or never. We were here where our relationship first began… And where it would all end.

"Edward." I peeked up at him. He had to know something was wrong. "We seriously need to talk." He took a deep breath. I couldn't even look at him. "I can't do this anymore." I said rapidly hoping he wont ask me to say it again. "I can't keep lying to you or myself any longer. Ever since Italy things haven't been the same between us. You changed…I changed."

I heard a low growl. I looked over to where he once stood. He wasn't there anymore. A wave of fear and panic pulsated through my body. I should of listened to everyone. He now stood in front of me. His eyes cold and dark. His teeth bared and dripping with venom. I knew what would happen next. I deserved it. He promised me to never leave and here I was …leaving him. I closed my eyes welcoming my fate. I felt his cold hard hands grip tightly around my neck. My eyes opened to stare at the one I once loved. How did it come to this?