Chapter 22: Sad Ending, Happy Beginnings

"Change of plans they're coming now!" Alice yelled.

"What do you mean, I thou-" I began.

"Never mind what I said. They are on they're way."

"Shit but the wolves already left." Jasper grumbled.

"She split her army up. They won't get back here in time."

"So what are we going to do?" Esme asked. It was silent for a moment.

"Well we still have Seth. Ok we split up into three groups. Alice can you give me a number of newborns?" Jasper asked strategizing. He looked so hot when- easy Bella stay focused.

"About twenty."

"Alright Carlisle, Edward and I will handle take out a group of as many as I we could. Rose, Emmett and Alice will do the same. We divide and conquer. Esme I want you to take Aiden to the cottage. Brian, Seth and Bella will guard the cottage." I was glad he said that cause I don't think I would have been much help otherwise. I would have been too worried if my baby was alright. We broke up then.

Esme ran inside to pack Aiden's bag. While Jasper and I said goodbye.

"Please promise me you'll take care of yourself Bella. Don't do anything reckless." He said pulling me to him.

"I won't only if you promise me the same." Jasper kissed me tenderly.

"You know I won't darlin'. When this is all over I want us to get married. I want to make you officially mine for the rest of eternity."

"Of course I will." I said smiling."

"It's almost time." Alice yelled.

"I love you Jasper."

"As I love you, Bella. I'll see you soon." He kissed me once more emulating the love he felt for me.

"Bella we have to go now." Jasper quickly kissed Aiden and we sped off into the forest.

We split up I guarded one side of the house while Brian guarded the back as Seth ran a perimeter around us.

I could hear in the distance growls and the thunderous clappings of bodies, knowing very well the fight had already began. Brian began preparing a small fire for whoever we shall kill.

As the time passed I could hear Esme talking to Aiden. I yearned to be with him, as he fussed to be with Jasper and I. Although I knew Aiden loved the Cullen's, I knew with Jasper and I being away from him he felt the need to be with us.

"Bella you have to focus." Brian said bringing me out of my current thought. I smiled and focus on the task at hand. Brian quickly returned to his post as I stood in front.

In the distance I could hear the footing of several members approaching us. I quickly prepared myself as I quickly ran through my training. In a blink of an eye I was surrounded by a group of Newborns.

As they stood waiting for me to make my move I began to wonder what their plan was. What would Maria want with me? Did she even know of Jasper and I relationship?

Without hesitation I launched myself knocking down two as the other three tried to attack me from behind. Brian quickly came to my rescue just after one bit into my shoulder blade. I screamed in agony as I snapped his head off and quickly tossed it aside. Once the 3 stray newborns were taken care of, I heard Esme call.

"Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine Esme There were just a few Newborns." I glanced down at the bite to see the venom seeping out. I quickly swiped at it and focused once more.

"Where the hell is Seth?" Brian asked.

"Seth?" I called. There was no response. "Do you think he'll be ok?" I asked.

"I'll be back Bella if you need me just holler." He said rushing back into the woods.

"Bella everything will be just fine." Did she just read my mind?

"I know Esme. I just hate the suspense."

"Well then let me not keep you waiting." A voice came from behind me. I quickly turned to see Tanya before me. I let out a sickening growl as I crouch over into an offensive position.

"My how hasty are we. Is that how you greet your family?" I scoffed at the last word.

"I'm sorry but you're of no relations to me or any of the Cullen's Tanya." It was then I noticed the flakes of red in her golden orbs.

"What happened Tanya you slipped?"

"Tanya!?" I heard Esme yell from inside the house.

"It's alright Esme I'll handle her."I assured her.

"I would love to see that happen Bella. Just because you're a newborn now won't mean I can't kick your-"

That was her damn problem, she talked to damn much. I launched myself at her quickly sinking my lethal teeth into her jugular as I grabbed hold of her right shoulder all in one fluid move. As we hit the ground, she quickly kneed me sending me into an oak tree. Before I could move she was tossing me into a massive boulder. I shook it off and launched myself at her as she did the same. Our bodies collided making a thunderous reverberation and plummeted down into the earth.

I quickly began connecting my fist to her face repeatedly, as my other hand tore her right arm away from her frame. She watched me murderously as she kicked me across the small clearing, dislocating my left shoulder. As I began to stand and pop the bone in place she launched herself at me. I braced myself into a defensive stance only to see a blur colliding with her. I heard a snap and in a flash I watched as Brains head was tossed into the pit of fire.

My whole body if possible went hot as I glared at the woman before me. Before she could say something smart the flames engulfed her quickly turning her into nothing but dust. I stood there in shock not knowing what just happened.

"Well well well you would be useful after all." My eyes darted to a small framed girl almost pixie like of Spanish decent. Her hair was jet black and fell down to her waist.

"You must be Maria." I said.

"Pleased to meet you." She said with a smile. "I've heard so much about you and your gifted child."

"Get away from her!" I heard Jasper yell. We both looked to him his eyes filled with hatred towards his creator.

"Bella go inside with Aiden and take him to the house."

"Aww you mean I came all this way not to even get a look." Jasper let out a growl that would make any human or animal cower away.

"Bella go now!" He yelled. I quickly obliged running into the cottage. Esme was already gathering his things. Aiden crawled to me and hugged my leg desperately. I quickly picked him up and hugged him tightly.

"Don't worry sweetheart it's almost over." I whispered, then kissing his head. Esme threw a blanket over his head and we ran out the back door. I could hear the agonizing screams of the defeated newborns as we ran back towards the house.

There waiting was Alice and Rose. I immediately was overwhelmed as I took in Alice's grief stricken face.

"She saw the whole thing." Rose said in a soft whisper. I handed Aiden to Esme and she flitted up the stairs.

"Alice I'm so sorry." I said kneeling before her and taking her hands. Her eyes snapped to mines and relaxed. She pulled me into a hug.

"It's ok Bella, I'm just glad you're ok and that you took care of that crazy bitch. I told you you're going to be special."

"What exactly are my powers?" I asked not knowing exactly what happened.

"You know you can block out any mental attacks when you were human?" I nodded my head. "Well you created a physical shield and that captured the nearby fire and engulfed Tanya with it. In time this power will grow and you'll be able to fabricate your own elements." I sat there in shock as it sunk in. I truly was gifted.

"Jasper thank god you're alright!" I heard Rose say. I looked up to see my slightly disheveled fiancé. And behind him my best friend.

"Jacob!" I squealed as I pounced on him knocking him off balance.

"Geez Bells your hard as a rock." I laughed it off and helped him up.

"Sorry I'm just so happy you came back."

"He helped me out with Maria." I turned to him and smiled thankfully. It was then the smell registered.

"Jake I'm sorry to say, but you smell."

"Yea well you don't smell like a basket of roses either little kitty." He fired back. Everyone laughed.

"Thank you for coming back." I said hugging him.

"I could never abandon my best friend Bells."

"Well in that case will you be my best man." I asked.

"Hold it don't forget I'm your maid of honor." Alice chided.

"I know but I want Jacob to be a part of my wedding."

"Bella" Jake began to protest.

"Please Jake." I said pouting. He sighed.


"Now all we have to do is plan a wedding." Alice squealed. Everyone grumbled and walked away.

"You guys…hey so not funny! Jazz your gonna be sorry!" Alice yelled after us.

As I walked away, reality began to sink in. It was all over, all the worrying, all the nervousness and here we stood united as a family. Although we lost one, I knew that finally everyone would get their happy ending.

As the time went on I noticed the stress in Jasper. Although he tried to hide it from everyone, he couldn't fool me.

"Jazz honey, what's wrong." I asked sliding into his lap and running his hand through his luscious hair.

"Bella its noth-"

"Don't lie to me Jasper, you should know better." I said sternly. He took a deep breath and placed both hands on either side of my waist."

"After you left Maria said something I can't shake." He said in almost a whisper.

"What exactly did she say?" I asked.

"She said if she won't have him it's only a matter of time before the Volturri begin their search for Aiden." I was shocked. I could feel my body heat up."

"Bella please calm down before you burn something." He warned watching the flames in the fireplace. He began stroking the back of his fingertips up and down the side of my arms and pulled me to him.

"Don't worry darlin; I'll make sure they never get their hands on him." He whispered against my air and ending placing a soft kiss behind my ear. He knew what he was doing and at the moment with the way I was feeling, I allowed it. I turned to straddle him and attacked his mouth. It was time for me to play aggressor.

"I surly do enjoy this Bella more, my naughty girl." He growled.


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