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Chapter 1

I stood there in my old sweat pants and shirt, just staring at the mindless drone staring back at me, my orange toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. She looked exactly like me, right down to the very dark rings under her eyes and the knots of ratted hair. How did I let myself get this bad? Oh Wait.... yeah I remember. Even after all this time, my mind was still wrapped around the painful empty void that stood in place of where my heart used to be. What had it been? Two, three, maybe it had been four months since my hearts desire decided to dump me in the middle of the wilderness. How long had I'd been in this zombie state of mind?

It was like something had just clicked inside my mind. I had woken up and became aware of time again. Though time was still meaningless to me, I didn't have a life, nor did I need one. I was perfectly fine as the mindless drone that looked back at me.

I sighed heavily and continued brushing my teeth and finished getting ready for school. As I made my way down the stairs I tried to fake a smile, just encase Charlie was still home. I wanted to give him a good impression, so he wouldn't worry about me. If I didn't, he'd give me that lecture about sending me back to my mother. I know I worry him. I don't mean to. I promised I'd take care of myself for his sake; he's practically my only reason for making an attempt sometimes. He was why I had straight A's in all my classes. Why dinner was ready and placed on the table when he came home from work. Why the house was always clean and laundry was done. I made Charlie my life and devoted myself to being the 'oh so perfect' daughter. I made a promise and I planned on being the adult and keeping it, unlike some other people.

Stupid Vampires!

Charlie had apparently left early today. Just my luck, the day I finally decide to snap out of my zombie state, he isn't here. It bothered me more than I would have liked. I usually didn't mind being home alone. It gave me time to mindlessly wonder around cleaning this and that. Just like a Zombie. Maybe I was finally tired of what I was; hopeless, heartless, and still in love with someone who no longer loved me.

At least today was Friday. Which meant only eight hours to deal with quizzes, essays, and homework. Then I would be excused from the world to enjoy two whole days of self-contempt, locked within the bowels of my mind. I knew Charlie was planning another fishing trip with Billy Black. Maybe I'd ask my teachers for some extra homework, anything to boost myself over a four point oh. Then I could get a scholarship to a nice college somewhere warm and I could forget Forks, forget the people, and maybe forget a certain family that left my life in a disaster only weeks after my birthday.

I decided that I wasn't hungry and ditched any ideas of breakfast. I grabbed my bag and headed for the front door, preparing for the sudden burst of cold that would hit me once I opened it. January was a terrible month and the more snow that stuck to the ground; the more I loathed living here. It was like the colder it became, the harder it was to remember the warmth of the sun back in Phoenix.

I hopped into my faithful old rusted red truck. The only thing here in Forks, I knew would not judge me and I didn't have to fake happiness with. The engine roared to life weakly, it was probably getting close to needing an oil change. I made a mental note to remind Charlie when he got home.

Seconds later I was on the road I knew far too well going to school. A place I only had a handful of months to put up with. I pushed the gas pedal down a little further and watched my speedometer go over sixty. I didn't care about getting caught, not that I needed to worry. This was Forks nothing bad ever happen here, that is if you didn't mind a vampire in your biology class, who thirsted for your blood.

Town was still the same. Quiet. Small. And cover in snow. I was starting to hate it all over again. I passed the welcoming sign that read "Welcome to Forks! The nicest town in all of Washington." I laughed at it. It should have read "Welcome to Forks. Watch your neck!"

I turned into the school's parking lot and like always began to make my way to the same parking spot I had had since they left me. The spot I took as a mindless drone. I growled to myself and quickly made a left turn and headed towards the other side. Parking in the furthest spot I could find. Spontaneity was good thing. I should try it more often.

Not many cars were parked. I guess I had over done the speeding on the way here. I sat in the cab and relished in the warmth. I didn't want to leave my confinements and trudge through the bitter cold. I started at the gaping hole where my stereo system used to be. I had had a field day tearing that sucker out. It was lying in a black bad in the back of my closet, one of the very few objects that I had proof that they did exist. The others being their lovely white house that now felt abandon like I, and the nice white moon-crescent scar on my forearm. The very same scar given to me by James last year, after he tricked me that he had my mom.

If I thought back hard enough, I could still remember the agonizing pain that burned into my flesh. I was lucky enough to have survived. A stupid vampire was nice enough to suck the venom out without killing me.

I mindlessly scratched my forearm. My finger tips brushing over the scar. It was always slightly colder and it itched? I held out my arm and stared at it. It had never itched. Not even when I wore my thick wool sweaters. It just never did. I raked my middle finger over the scarred flesh and felt it tingling. It felt as if I had poison ivy on it and only there.

Weird. Truly weird.

School nowadays had no use for me, just a place to get out and stretch my legs. It was also a very big let down. I had practically banished myself from all my friends. I stumbled down the halls mindlessly wandering to and from class. Just like that zombie I saw in my mirror this morning. The only two that ever said hi to me was Mike and Angela. I usually grumbled something back, but never tried to make a conversation. I told myself that I would at least try today. I entered my first hour class, right when the bell rang, and took my seat next to Angela.

"Good Morning." I said putting just enough sweetness in it to sound friendly. Angela looked over to me and smiled. Good. She bought it.

"Morning." She smiled. "You're in a good mood today." I shrugged.

"Yeah." I sighed. "I finally saw that zombie you guys are always complaining about. She was in my mirror this morning." She laughed. At least I was on the right track.

"Scary sight wasn't it?" I rolled my eyes.

"Scary doesn't even cut it." We both laughed again, and for once I felt...what was that word.... happy.

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