The smell of her filled my nostrils. We were getting close and I was more than excited to try out my new strength. Perhaps the wolves would let me rip at least one of her legs off and maybe even beat her with it. After all...Edward had said it was this vampire's mate that nearly killed me last year. I inhaled in her scent once again and forced myself to run faster. With my newborn strength, Edward was now having trouble keeping up. I made a mental note that I was going to have to tease him later. Not that he would care.

We were out in front of the wolves by 20 yards. Just enough so we didn't have to smell them. I didn't need their stink to ruin my hunt. Edward was on my left, twenty or so feet away, his face concentrating on the hunt as well. I knew that he was trying to figure out what her next move would be before we ended up loosing her in Seattle. Edward and I could still follow her, but the wolves couldn't and we had promise that they would be the ones to finally do her in.

"She going to try and lose us in the city limits." Edward spoke to me. "She's too far ahead of us."

"We can make it." I encouraged. I was addicted to this hunt. My entire body was singing as I fazed through the trees.

"If we get into the city, we risk exposure. Think clearly, Bella. You're still a newborn."

"Then I'll just have to be careful." I retorted. I wasn't giving up my prey so easily. Quitting was not an option for me and as much as I loved Edward he was going to have to understand that.

"What about the humans, Bella. Their smell?" At those words, my mouth began to water. Though I had never killed a human, I was still a newborn. I had been very careful to stay away from humans, because I knew what would happen if I ever came close. Would I risk everything now? Should I take a risk? I looked through the woods ahead of me and caught a glimpse of red. It was she! I was catching up; perhaps I could catch her on the outskirts of the city. The fewer humans, the lesser that change that I would attack them. I couldn't stop, not when I was this close.

"Jacob says to stop. They're cutting off the hunt. We're getting to close." Edward spoke. NO!

"I can't."

"You have to. Don't forget that we are still bound by a treaty with the wolves." Edward retorted back. I growled. Stupid treaty. How could I not forget the treaty Carlisle had made years ago? The very same one that I was agreeing to next month so I could stand before the elders and agree to the same terms as well.

"Bella." Edward grabbed my right arm and brought us both to a halt. "If we hurt a human, they'll attack us." He was right and I hated it. I growled at myself and at the wolves. That stupid treaty! Wait! I hadn't agreed to the terms yet. I was still free to hunt her. I looked up at my love and smiled sincerely. I was going to be in serious trouble after tonight, but if I could get in and out quickly with Victoria. The wolves and Edward could finish her off. I had to try, with Victoria on the loose. There was no telling how many she would kill. My darling Edward, I was going to forever regret this. I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his. One last kiss before I got him mad.

"I love you." I whispered to him. He smiled. "Please forgive me." I bit my lip and prepared to run.

"For what, my love."

"This." In a fraction of a millisecond, I swung at him and sent him flying through the trees and I was, once again on the hunt. Nearing the city limits of Seattle and Victoria. I couldn't have lost that much time dealing with Edward. I inhaled her scent once again and concentrated on it. I had never tried tracking on anything else, but animals.

"Bella!" I heard Edward call out!

"Bella!" And Jacob. Oh! I was really going to get it when I got back to them, if I got back. Up in the distance I could see Victoria. She was just reaching the first few building. I smiled. She was entering on the factory side on the city. What luck. There would be few humans here.

With that encouragement, I ran faster toward Seattle. Focusing on my hunt and her scent and less on Edward and Jacob yelling for me to come back. Soon I found myself following her scent through the maze of factory buildings. I felt a small flame start to burn in my throat. The scent of the humans that had been here still lingered in the air. NO! I couldn't think of it. I forced myself to focus on Victoria and her scent alone.

Out of nowhere a two-by-four came hurling at me, I dodge to the left and looked to where it had come from. Victoria stood not even twenty yards away from, her eyes full of surprises. Apparently she didn't know that I had become a vampire.

"Bella?" She questioned.

"Hello Victoria." I spoke lowly.

"So. I see you're precious Edward finally changed you." She sneered, but not moving away from me. I wondered if she planned to fight me. There was still a chance that she could win. I was going to have to be very careful.

"Unfortunately no it wasn't Edward. You're dear James provided the venom right before the my family ripped him apart." I answered. Hoping that the cruel words would preempt her attack. I saw the slight twinge of madness cross her eyes. She let out a low growl. I stood my ground and prepared for her attack.

"Oh well. I had planned on killing you while you were human." She sneered. "Still...since you came all this way." She moved quickly to the left and straight at me. I turned and ran at her. Our bodied collided and the sound of thunder filled the air. She grabbed my left arm tightly and tried to throw me off of her. I quickly grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked. She cried out and instantly let go of my arm. I went to throw her through a near by wall, only to get knocked off my feet. I got back up and crouched in a defensive position, as she ran towards me. I attacked, knocking her back and landing on top of her. I heard the concrete floor crack beneath her head as my fist collided with it.

"That was for Edward." I hit her again. "And that's for my family." I entangled my fist in her vibrant red hair and yanked. Victoria screamed in pain.

"And that's for me!" My whole body was on a high adrenaline. I punched her over and over again. Her head was starting to give out from each blow.

"Bella!" I ignored the voice that I knew to be my husband. I was almost done. She was almost done. I wanted to kill her.

"Bella!" NO! Not yet! No now! Almost there! She'd almost done for.

"Bella!" I felt Edward's firm hands on my shoulders and soon I was yanked of my kill.


"Bella!" Edward's voice filled my mind. I struggled against him. "It's alright. You got her. Look at me." I obeyed and looked into my love's amber eyes. He let out a loud and heavy sigh. "Are you alright?" I nodded. I was still coming down from my high.

"Is she?" I asked. I had to know. Edward shook his head no.

"Not yet. The rest of the pack is on their way. You gave us quite a scare. You shouldn't have ran off by yourself. She could have killed you."

"She didn't."


"She didn't." I repeated. "I wouldn't have let her. I plan on spending many years loving you." I added. Edward smiled and I knew I was off the hook. From behind me I could smell one of the wolves. I didn't want to look. I knew what was going to happen. I had done my part and had my revenge.

"Jacob says you're crazy by the way." I laughed. "And he's happy that you're alright." I turned and smiled. Two of the wolves, were in the process of ripping Victoria apart. I turned back to face Edward.

"Can we go?" Edward nodded. In a matter of seconds we were racing back the woods and heading for home. I had no doubt that there was a little pixie there that had seen the fight between Victoria and I. I was going to be trouble. Oh well. They'd get over it.