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Chapter 1

The sun had just set; I could feel Eric through the Bond. I was running frantically around my bedroom, tears streaming down my cheeks, throwing clothes and shoes everywhere trying to pack as much as possible into two duffle bags.

Apparently Amelia had heard the commotion. She knocked on the door and entered, without waiting for me to answer I might add. How rude!

"Sookie, what on the Goddess's green Earth are you doing?" Being the loud broadcaster she is, I could hear and feel all the thoughts and emotions that were going through her, when she saw the state of disarray my bedroom and I myself were in. Oh sweet Mother of…what is wrong with her? She looks just awful! Did somebody attack her again? Please please let her be alright!! I put my shields up.

"I'm leaving! I've had it!" I yelled.

"Honey, what's going on? Sookie, please sit down for a minute and talk to me." She pleaded, as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

At that moment I came across the cranberry coloured coat Eric had bought me after he had recovered from the witch's curse. Although it had been a while since I'd ingested vampire blood, I still had quite a bit of extra strength in me. All the rage, anger, hurt and frustration that had been bottled up inside of me since that first night Bill walked into Merlotte's, suddenly came rushing through me. I grabbed the coat and started shredding it with my bare hands. Amelia gasped when she realized what I was doing.

I knew Eric could feel my emotional state through the Bond and I felt him push calm and reassurance through it. Damn Blood Bond! I chose to ignore it, threw the coat in the trash, and went to the bathroom to get my toiletries.

Amelia was still broadcasting loudly and I couldn't keep my shields up. "Amelia for crying out loud, stop broadcasting!"

"I – I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I just don't know what's going on with you. Please tell me. Have you talked to Eric? Is that what this is about? Please put your stuff down and we'll go downstairs, get some ice cream and have us a little girl talk, what do you say? Please Sookie?"

Okay that was it, I lost it!

"You obviously did NOT hear me, Amelia! I said I'm leaving! I've had it with the supes and the supe world! Sadly that means you too since you are a witch. No offence, but I'm cutting my losses and getting the hell out of dodge!"

I grabbed my bags and keys and ran down the stairs, yanked the front door open and slammed right into a 6'4'' wall of a dead Viking. Before I had time to contemplate how bruised my butt was going to be after the fall, Eric had me in an iron tight grip and looked down at me with those smouldering blue eyes.

"Lover, did you miss me so much you couldn't wait for me to knock on the door?" He said with that unmistakable smirk on his face. Under any other circumstance, his voice and those eyes would have made my knees weak, but I didn't feel anything but contempt for him. I pushed away from him and made my way to the backdoor. I was sure he would follow me, but I didn't hear him. When I opened the door there he was, standing in front of my car. Damn vampire speed! Can't he take a hint? I thought. I held my head high, walked right past him, and went to the back of my car to put the duffle bags in the trunk. I felt Eric's hands on my shoulders and I momentarily froze. I sensed that he felt confused.

"What is the matter, Lover? I could feel your agitation through the Bond even in my daytime rest." Agitation! Agitation! I was about to lose it, but I tried to centre myself. I could feel his confidence slowly coming back. "Come, we must have our talk. We must come to an understanding." Yup, his confidence was definitely on the up and up. "And you must tell me what is the matter, Lover." That was the last straw! I snapped.

"Lover?! Lover?! I. AM. NOT. YOUR. LOVER, Eric!" I made sure to stress each word so he would get the full grasp of the situation. "Maybe I was a long time ago, but that was only for a few days and you weren't yourself, so that hardly counts! You forced me to tell you what happened between us before you remembered our time together and you showed no signs of wanting to resume our 'thing' or whatever the hell you want to call it!" My emotions were on overload. I tried not to cry and keep my composure, but it proved to be impossible.

"You told me once, you didn't like having feelings! You told me you thought the Bond made you connected to me too strongly! If you choose to use a term of endearment such as 'Lover', one would assume there were some actual feelings behind it, but since you don't like having them, that is clearly not the case!"

I was positively seething at this point, and by the look and feel of it through the Bond, so was Eric - as well as looking completely stunned at the same time. Now infuriating a 1000+ year old Viking vampire is easy, but making him stunned at the same time, that takes some skill.

Amelia had without a doubt heard my yelling and was now standing on the back porch looking at me and Eric, with an even more stunned expression plastered across her face. I didn't care. The anger was flowing through me like a rapid river.

I could tell Eric was about to speak his mind, but I wanted to get all of this out of my system and I frankly didn't give a hoot what he wanted to say.

"I haven't heard from you in months, Eric! Months! I know you've been busy with the takeover and de Castro, but that's no excuse. You could have called me, texted me or even written a goddamn letter, but you didn't! You didn't give a damn about me or about how I felt during all this time! Did you expect I would just welcome you with open arms and spread my legs for you once you decided to haul your ass over here?! You did, didn't you?!"

Eric was seriously pissed off now, fangs down and everything. "Sookie, you are the most conceited…" he began with a snarl. I heard somebody approach me from behind. I turned around to see who, or probably more likely, what it was. Well surprise, surprise…"Bill Compton, what the fuck are you doing here?!" I spat at him. Bill looked utterly flabbergasted (thank you word-of-the-day calendar). As if my night wasn't bad enough, I now had to deal with my lovesick ex boyfriend as well.

"Sookie, your language! What has gotten into you?"

"I don't give a damn what you think about my language, Bill! Now answer me, what the fuck are you doing here?!"

"Well I – I heard shouting coming from the vicinity of your house, so I came to investigate. I thought you might be in need of my assistance."

What an obnoxious idiot I thought. "Well you can do all the investigating you want, but do it from your own damn side of the cemetery! And guess what you worthless piece of dead shit? I DO NOT NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE! I DO NOT NEED YOU!"

"Sookie please! I love you. Come with me. Let me help you. Oh dear God did he hurt you?" Bill was practically begging me. Hell if Eric and Amelia hadn't been there, he would probably have gone down on his knees begging me to come with him.

"Yes Bill he hurt me, but not physically, which is more than I can say for you!" Bill bowed his head in defeat and I heard a loud growl come from Eric, heck it was almost his Viking battle cry.

"Bill you get off my damn property and you do it now! Or I'll stake your ass like I did Lorena's, and trust me, I won't show you the same kindness I did her. I'll make sure your final death will be slow and painful!" I picked up a branch from the ground and started to walk towards him. Right then and there I heard a loud 'pop' and my cousin, fairy Godmother, and supe Claudine was there in all her glory, wearing only a light cream and orchid coloured chemise PJ set.

Eric and Bill instantly snapped out of whatever state they were and slowly advanced towards Claudine. Vampires can't be around fairies. Fairy blood is apparently some great aphrodisiac to the life challenged.

"Okay the two members of the fang gang please back away." She said with a grin on her face. "Now, my lovely cousin you seem distressed." Oh no she didn't!

"You damn right I'm distressed! Get out of here before you turn into dinner. And I don't need your help!" She looked at me with tears in her eyes and went over to Amelia, who, for the last 15 minutes or so, had remained silent and was sitting on the steps quietly sobbing. Claudine put her arms around her and 'popped' both of them out of there.

Bill was standing a few feet from me, still in his fairy induced trance. With vampire speed, Eric had me in his arms again. He bent down to kiss me. Before his lips met mine, I did something I still regret to this day. I was wearing silver rings on each hand – I put a hand on each side of his face and pushed him away. Eric let out a pained throated growl. I could smell the putrid stench of burning flesh. "GET OFF OF ME!" I screamed.

I ran to my car, got in and sped down Hummingbird Road. Before I got to the main road I looked in the rear view mirror. Eric and Bill were still standing there as I drove away into the night.