Disclaimer: The characters of Inuyasha are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, but this story belongs to me.

Chapter One:

Last One Standing

Being thrown into the wild to fend for myself against demons because of excessive absences at school seems a bit over the top, even for my school. I'd laugh at how ridiculous it sounds if it wasn't for the fact that I am running for my life and am trying not to have a nervous breakdown.

Two days ago I was sleeping in my own warm bed in my own warm home. Mama cooked breakfast and made my lunch (I can't believe I didn't even say thank you, what kind of daughter am I? Did I even kiss her goodbye?), my little brother made me promise to play video games after school (sorry Souta, not my fault this time that I couldn't play), and grandpa was making up outrageous stories of when he was young, hoping I would listen to one instead of running off. I never made enough time for him and his stories. And now I am truly regretting it.

When I was a little kid I used to think he was lying about demons, figuring some of those mummified remains were just weird things he picked up in a junk shop or something. I always just thought Grandpa had an overactive imagination, or was maybe a little bit senile. But not quite ten years ago the demons made themselves known. Who knew that they had been living among us for centuries, just... hidden. Some in plain sight, some in caves and unexplored areas. Of course, as we started exploring more and more, they had less and less places to hide. I guess they got tired of hiding. Some were very rich from centuries of hoarding treasures, some just scraping by. Some tried to fit in with society, some... well... didn't.

I stumble a bit as I run. My heart is working too hard, my calves are on fire, and my lungs burn. I concentrate on running and try to think about how this all started to take my mind off the excruciating pain.

Two days ago I came home from school, the principal being unusually forgiving about the absurd sick note explaining my absence that my grandfather wrote. He has come up with every sort of disease known to man... or animal! It's very embarrassing. If he's going to lie, he should be consistent. Stick with one disease and just branch off with complications or something. Be a little realistic! The odds I'd get ALL those diseases are just astronomical!

The truth is, I rarely get sick. But my family's shrine isn't doing so well, and with my dad gone, well... sacrifices have to be made. In this case, my education. Can't tell the truth about all my absences because students aren't allowed to work, much less skip school to work. My mom could get in trouble too if they found out I spend a good portion of my days in priestess robes taking care of a shrine. My diploma won't matter anyhow, I'm supposed to take over our family's shrine when grandpa retires.

Of course it doesn't matter anymore... I'm good as dead. As soon as I stop running anyhow. Or until it catches me.

IT being the nine foot tall bear demon chasing me down. I shouldn't be able to outrun it. I've been lucky really, to have made it even this far. It is so big it can't follow through some of the tighter areas between the trees. Ducking into the woods is what saved my life. The bear demon has to take the time to knock down the trees before he can follow. Although he knocks them down at an alarming rate.

The cameraman seems to have no trouble following. None of them do. I gave up begging any of them for help about ten minutes ago. They aren't allowed to help.

Because this, of course, is the greatest reality television show ever.

The Last One Standing.

At first having demons living among us was frightening. After the first demon war (humans versus demons) was over we started living in a sort of a peace together. Then there was the second demon war. That was when the demons who didn't want to live by any society rules (like the ones on this island I'm running around on) tried to take over the world. The humans and our demon allies won and came up with this strange arrangement of having them isolated on a few different islands.

Of course, then the television producers saw great potential for new shows. The newest is Last One Standing. The gist of it is that twenty people are dumped off in the demonlands (where the most wild and inhumane demons choose to live together, and the rest of the world tries to keep them fenced in here). Whoever is the last one alive gets to go home. Yes. Alive. As in the only way to lose is to die. This means that you not only have to be afraid of the demons chasing you, but also your team mates, whose only way off the island is for you to be dead

When I came home from school that day and two strangers were at my doorstep, I had no idea I'd be tossed into their van to become their youngest competitor.

We were kept locked in tiny rooms on the boat ride here with a letter explaining the rules, then dumped off at separate locations on the island. Probably so we aren't tempted to kill each other as soon as we step off the boat. That would make for a very short show. Each of us is given one weapon to protect themselves. Or kill each other I suppose. Mine is a bow and one quiver of arrows. Twelve arrows... that's all I have. Twelve shots with a stupid arrow against who knows what everyone else got. What's worse if that I've never used a bow before, and this isn't exactly the ideal time to learn how.

The is the second season of the show. I never bothered watching the first. It seemed too gruesome. Now, however, I almost wished I had. Maybe I could have picked up some survival tips.

Maybe I'd have a chance at being alive.

Of course, no one wants to watch innocent people get murdered, so they choose criminals, vagrants, delinquents, and apparently schoolgirls with too many absences.

My legs give out and I can't help but sob as I crash to the ground. I'm too shaky to pull myself up. I have passed my limit. I've used the last drop of adrenaline. I have nothing left and I drop until my head hits the ground.

I wish I had been able to tell my mother I loved her.

I wish I had spent more time with my friends.

I wish... really REALLY wish... that I wasn't about to be mauled to death by a rampaging bear demon in front of millions of viewers for ratings.


Author's Note: It could happen...