Peripeteia: In ancient Greek, it's a reversal of circumstances, a turning point or a twist. In modern Greek, Peripeteia means Adventure.

"… A change by which the action veers round to its opposite, subject always to our rule of probability or necessity."



Silence was the almighty ruler of the night. The unmistakable anti-noise of restrained breaths filled the air, the tension could be cut like the proverbial thick fog… Such was the anticipation, such was the curiosity of the present crowd. A peculiar atmosphere reigned in the rather modest ceiling-less theatre everyone seemed to be gathered in. A mysterious stage had appeared out of nowhere, immediately attracting all the simpleton villagers, who'd never experienced such magic before… The magic of theatre, the magic of acting and storytelling. When the time grew mature, this unique show's host appeared within a cloud of shining smoke, making the crowd gasp in amazement.

He looked like a clown, a jester, a card joker… A proud parody of everything life had to offer, a deeper observant could say. He wore a yellow / purple striped cloak that covered his whole body except for his head. Small was his size but great was his smile… The ever lasting smile of a theatrical mask, the kind that covered his face… The kind that had become his face. His persona was divided in two halves, a black one and white one. Like Good and Evil, like Light and Darkness, his facial features showed the eternal opposition between two forces, making absolute fun of them. A typical jester's hat with bells at its extremities, was placed on his head, confirming this individual's true colors and life style.

Once again, the place was filled with silence as nobody even dared to breath, too much surprised by this jester's appearance. Suddenly, the small clowny figure, raised his right gloved hand and snapped its fingers…

And colorful fireworks of the shape of small dragons began to enlighten the night sky, terrifying and marveling the casual spectators. When the show was at its peak, the jester did something even more bewildering… He rose in midair and, mocking every possible laws of physics, sucked in his small mouth all the fiery reptiles, like a giant vacuum in a cartoon show. After that, he descended once again to his stage and burped out a small egg that immediately hatched, revealing an entire storm of doves that hastily flew away from the jester. After a short moment of stupor induced muteness, the crowd began applauding and cheering like possessed at the tiny magician's tricks. He was pleased by that as he bowed down in front of his public in sign of appreciation.

"Thank you, thank you all… I'm pleased that your pleased. Your amusement is my own." He said with a strange, high-perched, almost echoing voice. As the cheers subsided, he commenced his speak: "Let me introduce myself… I am Dimentio, the charming magician. For centuries now, I've been traveling through all the dimensions, bringing genuine laughter to the people in need… Because Fun is a serious thing. If we all could laugh in front of the smirking face of our miseries, this whole universe would be a better place." He took a small pause to receive another round of applauses. "Wow, what a crowd! I'm more flattered than a praised, evil megalomaniac dictator after a successful world conquest!" Everyone laughed at that joke for not a particular reason. "Well then… Let's get this show on the road. Tell me… Do you all love stories? Adventurous, dramatic tales about dreaming worlds in peril, newborn heroes and diabolical villains?" A general yes followed the jester's question. "Marvelous! Because the story I'm about to share with all of you, lucky villagers, has everything of the aforementioned qualities… It is a story of friendship and doubt, of love and hatred, and, naturally, it shall be full of twists! Eeh eeh eeh eeh… And here's its players!" With another snap of his fingers, the pictures of several characters appeared around his form, instantly turning his magical theatre into a magical cinema. The unmistakable image of a vulpine looking boy was the first one. "This, my friends, is Miles Prower, better known as Tails… A young lad with an unfortunate past and an even more miserable present. For some reason, he's ended up in a world stranger to him… And what it's worst, he lost his memory. How tragically convenient! Or… Conveniently tragic? Whatever!" The second image showed the form of a younger boy with unique physical details, he had long fluffy ears and feline eyes. "Next one is Klonoa, a strange and mysterious kid that saved Tails's life after his rather distasteful fall into this world." Other images came after but they were all covered by giant question's points. "I'm afraid these characters are yet to be unlocked… But worry do not! They will be eventually revealed as the story proceeds." The floating icons disappeared within a third snap. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, freaks and so-called normal people… IT'S SHOWTIME!!!" And with that said, a bright light emerged from his body, engulfing all the present crowd, as Dimentio began the narration…