Note: This takes place after Kyoko's 19th birthday, they've been together for 2 years already. The characters are not as they are now in the series. They are just my interpretation of how they could become with each other's help and mostly love. Once again, do not bash this story because you don't think it's 'like them', for this takes place after they've grown and developed.


Story: Gentle love
By: BiShoujoMiharu

He gently caressed her cheek with his thumb, as he looked into her eyes. They were both smiled at each other. The look in his eyes was filled with love, but mostly passion. Briefly she kissed his lips, but then removed his hand.
"Eat your dinner," She told him and ate some more of her rice, using her chopsticks to eat.
"It's not food I'm hungry for," Ren replied teasingly and swiftly took her bowl of rice from her.
"I am, so give that back!" She told him, trying to get her rice back from his grasp. He put the rice down on the table and then moved closer towards her, his lips pressed against hers. His tongue softly probed into her mouth, forcing her to part her lips, which she did. They both had their eyes closed and he slowly pushed her down, so she was now laying on the ground. He leaned over her, still kissing her lips. Both of them engaged in the passionate battle of tongues, which they both seemed to enjoy to the fullest. Kyoko even let out the softest moan, but it was enough to turn Ren on even more. His left hand slowly found it's way to her skirt. She blushed, but did nothing to stop him. His fingers hooked under her skirt, caressing her clothed womanhood softly. She moved her lips away from his after placing several brief kisses on his lips.
Her hands pushed him over, which was easy due to his lack of balance. She sat down on top of him, still fully clothed, and quickly removed his shirt. She softly kissed his chest as her fingers opened his pants. Kyoko couldn't remove them however, because she was still sitting on top of him. He smiled and removed her shirt.
She got off him and they sat across from one another. His hands gently unhooked her bra, as he kissed her collarbone. Ren then removed her bra, his tongue softly caressing her neck.
She stood up, forcing Ren to do the same, and then removed his pants slowly, taking his boxer with it. He then removed her skirt and panties. Kyoko kissed his lips again and pressed her body against his, softly. She could feel pressure against her leg and smirked slightly.
Ren tried to walk into her, causing her to fall back and his arms caught her easily. He then laid her down on her back. Leaning over her his fingers slowly found their way again to her womanhood. He softly caressed her clitoris, enjoying the sound of her moans.
"I want you," She whispered softly, gasping. He smiled proudly for a second and then positioned himself on top of her. He softly kissed her lips, but she then wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed him down. As he entered her she breathed in deeply. He slowly moved inside of her, deep but slow. She breathed heavily and he looked her lovingly in the eyes. They both enjoyed every moment of this, but even more so when he started caressing her clitoris once more. He did so until she climax. Her womanhood tightened around his manhood, causing him to climax. Ren collapsed on top of her, laying down as gently as he could though. He smiled happily and so did she. She kissed his cheek briefly.
"I love you."

AN: this is partly made to make up with all of you for my absence in the near future, I won't be writing for about.. 6 weeks.. (sorry!) Exams and such ^^'