Ok…I'm much better at soccer than tennis and I actually play soccer so I know all the rules…forgive me if my tennis is off…oh and I don't own Prince of Tennis and this is only for purposes of my own amusement and enjoyment…that is all. Oh and I'm making Seigaku has a soccer team! ^^ Sorry if this character is a bit Mary-Sueish. Also I'm raising everyone's age up by 2 years so Ryoma's 14 and so is my OC


"Onii-San [Big Brother]! I suck at tennis!" a six year old me pouted as I puffed out my cheeks in annoyance while I glared at my older brother from the opposite side of the court.

"Demo [But], Imouto-San [Little Sister] I need practice." my older brother Kunimitsu countered as he bounced the evil neon yellow ball up and down.

"Fine but you have to help me in soccer!" I shouted back as he served the ball.

"Deal." he said as I clumsily returned the ball.

Present Time

"Yoshi!" I screamed as I slipped on the wet grass and into a puddle of mud.

The ball I just kicked went flying towards Maki our right forward on the other side of the field and the person who was following me, ditched and headed towards the ball once I landed on my back.

"Hoshi! Get up or it's 10 laps around the field!" my older brother shouted as I quickly stood up.

He came. I turned my chocolate brown eyes in the direction of where the voice came from to see him standing near the outdoor bleachers of the field in his tennis uniform. I grinned at him like the Chestier Car. The rain hit my face cooling me off a bit but making my uniform stick to my body.

"You ok Hoshi?" my friend and teammate Kioko asked me as she stood next to me causing me to tear my gaze away from my brother to her.

"Hai [Yes], just a sore butt." I said as I regained my breath, the burning feeling that I loved disappearing.

Some people call me a masochism for enjoying that feeling but I don't care.

"Pay attention they're comin!" Haruhi, our goalie, shouted as we looked to see a girl from the opposing team heading towards us dribbling the ball.

I sprinted towards the girl ready to defend. I merely followed her as she tried to make her way towards the goal. I managed to steal the ball away from her and dribble the ball all the way to the other side of the field before I kicked it towards Ami where she was waiting. She dribbled the ball down and kicked it towards Temari who headed the ball in the goal.

"Yosh!" I cheered as I raised a fist in the air and jumped as I went back to my position as mid-fielder.

The ref blew his whistle causing the other team to automatically pass the ball but once they did that the ref blew his whistle three times signaling the end of the game. I sighed. I grinned. I…felt pain…I looked down to see that there was a bruise forming on my calf where the girl on the other team stepped on me. Cleats H.U.R.T.

"We did it Hoshi!" Emiko shouted as she jumped on my back.

"Told you we had an excellent chance of winning." Nunally said as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, a smile gracing her lips that where covered in nude lip gloss.

"Sugio [Awesome]!" Zora exclaimed as she ran to us with Mai by her side.

"Winners of the District Soccer Competition Seigaku! Runner-up Emi!" the ref announced as the rained stopped revealing a bright sun behind the gray clouds.

We all cheered and thanked the other team and official for a great game. I quickly grabbed my stuff and ran to my brother.

"Onii-san we won!" I shouted as I grinned at my older brother.

His brown eyes hidden behind his thin framed glasses stayed the same and not a single emotion could be found in his face. The wind slightly blew his brown hair.

"How was your game? Did you play?" I inquired as I quirked up an eyebrow.

"Yo Tezuka! There you are! Where'd you run off to-oh why hello there and who are you?" a guy about the same height as my brother asked.

He had spiky black hair and violet eyes. He wore the Seigaku tennis uniform.

"Tezuka Hoshi [Last, First]. Nice ta meetcha!" I greeted as he paled.

"Momoshio…" my brother started.

"Hai…" he replied hesitantly.

"20 laps around the court once we get back." my brother stated as I sweet dropped.


"Hoshi!" Emiko shouted as I turned around to see everyone on my team wave at me.

"Come on slow poke!" Kioko and Emiko shouted in unison.

"Chotto matte!" I shouted as I turned to my brother. "Onii-Chan I'm goanna go out with my friends. See you at home!" I called as I waved him a good bye and left with my friends.


"Oi Hoshi! You like wasabi sushi, Hai?" Emiko asked me as I nodded my head.

"Well you in luck!" Kioko chimed as she stood next to her twin who was in front of me.

"Hm?" I hummed as I tilted my head to the side.

"Maki's best friend Taka invited us to celebrate with him and his team at his dad's sushi place! I've also heard he makes the best sushi around!" Haruhi explained as we stopped in front of a restaurant.

Maki slid the door open to reveal a bunch of boys wearing the Seigaku uniform goofing off but stopped once they saw us.

"Ah Maki-Chan nice to see you and your teammates could make it." Taka greeted Maki as she smiled.

"Arigato for inviting us." Maki thanked for all of us as I surveyed the room.

"100% chance Hoshi will recognize someone in 5, 4, 3, 2-" Nunally started as I interrupted her.

"Onii-San?" I questioned as I saw my older brother sitting on a stool in front of the sushi bar.

"Oh your good." Ami said as she fished out 2000 yen [$20 I think] and handed it to Nunally who merely smiled and pushed up her glasses.

"Ahh so he's your Aniki [Older Brother]…I have to say Hoshi you two do sorta look alike." Zora said as she put my glasses on my face while my team members examined my face.

"Ah your right…" Mai confirmed as she nodded her head like she was the smartest person in the world.

"Oh how rude of us we're the Seigaku Girl's Soccer Team. I'm captain Temari Bushy." Temari introduced as she bowed.

Temari has caramel eyes and blonde hair that are always in four pigtails. She's around the same height as my brother. She's really nice but she can find the time to be strict, and serious Third year.

"Vice Captain Ami Mikatsu." Ami introduced herself.

"And I'm her twin Mai Mikatsu." Mai introduced.

Ami had pink hair that falls to her shoulder while Mai's pink hair falls to her mid-back. Both have topaz cat like eyes and are about the same height as Temari. They're both Third Years.

"Nunnally Mitsuki, I also data collector for the team." Nunnally said as she smiled.

Nunnally had waist long caramel hair and soft butterscotch eyes. Her pale complexion and soft features gives her the looks of innocence which she takes to her advantage. She's not as innocent as you think when you really get to know her for inside is some evil that just waits for the right moment to come out. Plus the glare her glasses gives out sometimes would make her look more evil than innocent Second Year.

"Zora Hikari!" Zora shouted as she raised a fist in the air.

Zora has brown hair that had two small pigtails on the side of her head leaving the rest of her hair to fall down on her shoulders. She has bright green eyes and her face was adorn with freckles. She's about two inches taller than me. She's a Second Year and she transferred from America about a year ago.


"and Emiko Washashima!"

"Nice to meetcha!" Both Second Year girls chimed in unison.

How they have that perfect timing I'll never know. Kioko and Emiko both have orange shoulder length hair and side swept bangs. Kioko's bangs are combed to the right as Emiko's is combed to the left. They both have the same brownie eyes and are both the same height.

"Haruhi Furujoki." Haruhi bowed in respect.

Haruhi has short brown hair that reaches her chin and amber eyes. She's about the same height as Temari and she has a very thin body for a Second Year. She was sick as a kid a lot and the doctors suggested she play soccer.

"Maki Ninawashui. Nice to meet you." Maki greeted as she sent out a soft smile.

Maki had black hair in a bob and crystal clear blue eyes and a cute button nose. She's a Second Year and is the mother of the team what with her gentle and soft spoken personality.

"Hoshi Tezuka." I introduced as I bowed. "Pleasure to meet you all." I finished as my chocolate brown eyes gazed across the room once more.

Everyone accept my teammates, my Onii-Chan, Fuji-san, a boy about my age with greenish brown hair and topaz eyes, and Ryuzaki-Sensei were shocked. I blinked owlishly. Was it something I said? I moved my side swept bangs for it was blocking the view of my right eye. My light brunette hair reached my mid-back when down but since I was playing soccer it was currently in a high ponytail that reached my shoulders. Oh no they where all staring at me. I bet I'm blushing right now. I think I am since my face is hot. Oh why don't they avert their gaze? They're making me nervous. Oh no I'm rambling on again. I should stop. But they're still looking at me! Oh what to do!?

"Eh? Tezuka. You never told us you had a sister let alone one so Kawaii Nya~!" a boy with red hair said as he looked at me then to my brother.

"Since when did you have a sister?" a boy with black spiky hair and glasses asked as he frantically searched through his notebook for something.

"Since I was 2 when she was born." my brother replied deadpanned as he took a sip of tea. "Kunimitsu Tezuka." my brother introduced himself. "Captain of Seigaku Boy's Tennis Team.

"Shuichiro Oishi, Vice Captain." a guy with black hair and onyx eyes introduced.

"Shusuke Fuji"

"Eiji Kikumaru"

"Takashi Kawamara."

"Sadaharu Inui."

"Takeshi Momoshiro, but you can call me Momo."

"Kaoru Kaido, Fshh…"

"Ryoma Echizen…"

[Author's Note: the Tennis and Soccer Team know each other but not everyone on the team. For example. Hoshi knows Tezuka and Fuji but not the other members and the others don't know about Hoshi because she doesn't show up at tennis practices and she just transferred to a week ago to Seigaku since her parents thought it better for her to be in the same school as her brother.]

"You can put your stuff over there and shoes over there." Taka said as he pointed to said places.

We placed our items in said spots and dispersed into our own little groups.

"Hi Onii-San." I greeted my brother as he turned to look at me.

"You played good." he complimented as he put his hand on my head and ruffled my hair a bit.

"Arigato. How's your arm?" I inquired as I gazed at his left arm.

"It's good. Go have fun." he stated as I nodded my head and ran off to join my friends.

"H-H-Hoshi-Chan." My friend Sakuno called as I turned my head to look at her. "Sit here." she said as she pointed to a seat next to a boy with greenish-black hair and topaz cat like eyes.

I blinked. I think his name was Ryoma. I walked over there and sat in front of Sakuno which was next to Ryoma.

"Hi Hoshi." Fuji greeted me as I smiled.

"Konnichiwa [Hello] Fuji-San." I greeted quietly as he smiled [when does he not] and nodded his head.

"Hoshi, I never knew you where on the soccer team." Sakuno stated as I looked at her.

"You didn't? what do you think was in that soccer bag I carried?" I asked he as I titled my head to the side.

"I though you played tennis like your Aniki." she replied shyly as my face twisted in disgust.

"No I hate tennis, and I'm not good at it." I answered as I plopped a piece of wasabi sushi in my mouth. "I'm better at soccer."

"Oh…" was all Sakuno said as she looked down at her hands.

"Ne where's Tomo?" I asked as I looked around.

"She had to baby-sit her brothers so she couldn't come." Sakuno explained as I nodded my head.

"No wonder it's quiet." I murmured to myself noticing how there was no shouting over some boy.

"Fuji-san how did your game go?" I asked as I popped another wasabi sushi in my mouth.

And so a whole conversation of the games and how Fudomine was really good but they managed to beat him and so on and so forth.

"And Ryoma managed to win the game even though he had to cover up his eye." Fuji explained as I furrowed my brows in confusion.

"Who's Ryoma?" I asked as I glared at the cup of tea in front of me.

"E-Eh?" Sakuno asked as I looked up at her while Fuji chuckled.

"That's Ryoma." Fuji said pointing to the boy next to me who was eating some sushi.

"You mean Pirate Boy?" I asked referring to the fact that the boy had an eye patch.

"Hai." Fuji agreed as the boy next to me glared at me.

"Hmm…" I said as I studied the boy who looked like my age.

I then merely shrugged my shoulder and looked forward to eat another piece of wasabi sushi.


Today was really fun. Taka's dad mistook Onii-san for a teacher and offered him a glass of wine. Everyone laughed. Eiji and Momo where fighting over food, Kioko and Emiko where playing cards with Momo and Nunnally was recording what I was eating…which was weird. Onii-Chan and Ryuzaki-Senpai left to go and do something at school while we where all having fun. Sadly it was time to go. I got up with my team and gathered my stuff and bid everyone a farewell as I exited the restaurant with my friends.

"That was fun!" Kioko exclaimed as her twin grinned like a maniac.

"Indeed." Nunnally agreed as she flashed out her innocent look.

"See you guys tomorrow!" I shouted as I ran towards my house.

"Bye!" they all shouted back as I became smaller and smaller the farther away I got from them.

Once my house was in sight I slowed down a bit and tried to catch my breath. I walked up the pathway and opened the door to my house.

"Tadaima [I'm back (home)]." I shouted as I took off my shoes and placed them in their designated spot.

"Okaeri [Response to Tadaima]!" my mother shouted from the kitchen as I walked into the kitchen to greet my mother.

"Okaa-San [Mother] I'm goanna take a bath before I clean up my gear." I informed my mother as she turned around and smiled at me.

"Ok Musume [Daughter]. Dinner's going to be ready in an hour." my mother told me as I walked up the stairs.

"Hai!" I shouted as I went into my bathroom. I put all my stuff away and turned on the hot water.

Once the tub was filled I stripped down and relaxed in the tub.


"Hoshi, wake up. Your brother's goanna leave if you don't wake up." my mother cooed as she gently shook my shoulders.

"Hm?" I mumbled as I opened one eye to see my mother's gentle face.

"Time to get ready." my mother said as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

"Ok." I responded as I went into the bathroom to do the morning essentials.

After freshening up I walked in my room and put on my uniform and packed my stuff. I ran down the stairs but not before tripping over my own two feet numerous times before I safely made it to the kitchen where my mother was waiting with a piece of toast on a small porcelain plate. She merely tossed the piece of toast in the air as I ran past her which I caught in my mouth causing my mother to clap and my father to chuckle.

"10 points." he joked as I bid my farewells and walked to school with my older brother.

"Hoshi." my brother started as I looked up at him.

"Hai Aniki." I answered as he looked straight ahead.

"Do you have practice today?" he asked as I furrowed my brows.

"No, Temari is visiting family and Ami and Mai are at their grandma's funeral so practice is canceled." I said as I tried to remember what I was told yesterday. "Why?"

"I want you to help train the tennis team today." was his reply as I my jaw opened.

"D-D-Demo, Aniki I suck at tennis! You know that and I have no racquet!" I argued as he looked at me.

"But you can serve a tennis ball and run." he countered.

"Barley! Remember the last time I served a ball? I hit you in the face." I shot back.

"It's ok. Besides your lack of control for hitting a tennis ball will be great practice for the Regulars. And I'll buy you ice cream after school." my brother compromised as I pouted.

"Fine." I mumbled as we arrived at the school.

I got changed into my soccer outfit which was my soccer jersey [it's like the Regular's tennis shirt accept it's more fitting and made of spandex and no collar], white knee shorts and my hair in a high ponytail. I wore my running sneakers that my brother brought for me. Damn him he knew I'd cave in. I also borrowed his old racquet. I walked onto the courts to see that all the Regulars where here.

"Eh? Hoshi? Why are you here Nya~?!" Eiji asked as I pouted.

"Apparently my tennis is so bad that It'll be a good training for you guys." I stated as Kunimitsu tossed me a tennis ball which I almost dropped.

"Ok warm up will be returning a tennis ball." Kunimitsu shouted.

"Anyone who can't return the ball will have to drink my latest juice." Inui said as he held up a glass of pink…gunk…

"First up is Eiji." Kunimitsu ordered as Eiji jumped in the court. "Go!" he shouted as I tossed the ball up in the air.

I swung at the ball but…I missed. I tried again but missed. Again. Missed.

"You can do it Hoshi! I know you can-"

"Oops!" I shouted as the ball I just served hit Eiji square in the face.

Tennis isn't my thing.