The song [Heels over Head by Boys Likes Girls] sort of fits what Ryoma's going through in this story. Maybe I'll write a little one shot with the song……nah never mind. Last chapter! Can't believe I made it this far! First story I ever finished! I'm so proud! Sequel is coming up but I need to decide on the title. Enjoy!

[Ryoma's POV]

I sat on my bed with my back against the wall as I looked out the window to see snow slowly falling down. Karupin was on my lap and purring as I petted him/her [I don't know Karupin's gender. People tell me boy then girl then boy then girl. It just gets confusing] with my left hand. In my right hand was a small jewelry box that held a charm bracelet in it. I was gonna give it to Hoshi for her birthday but after she told me she was leaving I just left and forgot all about it. Last night I told Momo about Hoshi leaving Japan and he said that everyone already knew that. Everyone but me knew that Hoshi was leaving. I let out a frustrated sigh as Karupin glanced at me curiously. Probably wondering why I'm so frustrated. I heard a knock on my door followed by Nanako opening the door and coming into my room.

"Your friends are here Ryoma-San. [I think she calls him san]." Nanako said as Momo and Eiji came strolling into my room while she left.

"Nya~! O'chibi! You gonna come to the airport with us and say bye to Lolita-Chan?" Eiji asked as I gave a grunt in reply as I continued to look out the window.

"Eh? Come on Ryoma! She's leaving and you might never see her again! Don't you want to say good-bye or maybe tell her something you've always wanted to tell her?" Momo questioned as I grunted even louder, wishing they would take it as a sign to leave me alone.

"Are you mad about her not telling you that she was leaving today?" Eiji inquired as I glared at the both of them.

"Come on Ryoma you can't blame her. You'd probably do the same thing to her." Momo reasoned as I kept my glare.

"So?" I grumbled as Karupin jumped on my chest.

"Nya~! Come on Ryoma! Hoshi just couldn't tell you because she thought you'd be sad! She didn't want you to be sad! And Tezuka said that Hoshi cried herself to sleep last night. And he heard her yell something about a 'stupid tennis ball'." Eiji explained as I felt a pang in my chest.

Was…was I the reason Hoshi cried herself to sleep? I shook my head. That's nonsense…but…I looked at my right hand to see the small box was still wrapped neatly with the bow still tied on it. I then thought about what would happen if Hoshi had told me sooner. I would be sad but I wouldn't show it. I then started to remember all the good times we had each other. We always had fun together and when I always thought about her or the time we spent together I always found myself smiling. I looked at the clock to see it was already 11:47. I felt a giant pang in my heart when I realized Hoshi would be leaving Japan in 13 minutes and I may never see her again.

"Get out." I ordered as I got up out of bed while Eiji and Momo gave me a weird look. "I'm gonna change and then we'll go to the airport." I explained as they grinned while they left the room.

I hastily put on my clothes and stuffed the small box in my jacket pocket as I exited the house quickly but not before telling Nanako where I was going. I got into the small bus with Momo and Eiji to see Oishi, Taka, Inui, Fuji, Kaido, Sakuno, Tomo and the freshman trio where also in the mini bus. The bus sped off as I placed my hand in my pocket and looked out the window. I hope we're not too late. [A/N: Ryuzaki's driving]

[Hoshi's POV]

I was sitting on a stool, slurping some Grape Ponta through a straw, as I boredly looked up at the TV with my carry-on sitting on the ground next to my stool. I tossed the empty can in the trash as I sighed and traced a shaped on the table.

"Hoshi!" I heard a chorus of girls shout causing me to turn around.

"What are you doing here?" I asked surprise as the entire Seigaku Girl's Regular Soccer team engulfed me in a group hug.

"We came to say good-bye silly." Haruhi said as I started to tear up.

"Guys…I love you all!" I shouted as I hugged them back. "I promise to visit every chance I get." I told them as they too started to tear up.

"Lolita-Chan!" I heard a familiar voice shout as I looked up to see the Boy's Regular Tennis Team, Sakuno, Tomo and the Freshman Trio all there running towards me to give me a hug [Ryuzaki-Sensei was also there].

They all ran up towards me and gave me a giant hug [except Kaido who gave me a pat on the back]. I chuckled a bit feeling so loved. I really was going to miss everyone and it was going to be hard to leave. I was starting to regret my decision to go to France.

"Hoshi." someone said from behind causing me to turn around to see Ryoma. I blinked a bit as he kept his hands in his jacket pocket. "Can I talk to you? For a bit." he asked as I nodded my head and followed him to a secluded area away from human life. Or in simpler terms, it was empty. "Look…" he started as I bit my lip. "I'm gonna miss you. A lot. Probably more than you'll miss me." he continued. "I just wanted to give you this…" he said as he took out a purple wrapped box was a white bow on top.

He handed it to me and gestured for me to open it. I hesitantly untied the ribbon and ripped off the purple wrapping paper to see a small white box. I opened the lid of the white box and gasped at the contents.


"It's your birthday present." he said as he took the charm bracelet with a tennis ball and soccer ball hanging on it out of the box and put it around my right wrist where all my friendship bracelets that I made with my friends were. "I meant to give it to you yesterday when we where alone but after you told me you were leaving Japan I just left and forgot to give it to you. I was sad and a bit angry that you didn't tell me sooner." Ryoma admitted as he rested his left hand on my cheek. I blushed at his touch. "And now I want to try something…" he murmured as he leaned in and pressed his soft lips on mine.

Ryoma and I were now having our first REAL kiss. Not the accidental kind but the ones that are done on purpose. It was soft, shy and innocent just like any first kiss should be. Ryoma tasted like Grape Ponta.

"Flight 189 to Paris, France will be leaving in 5 minutes. Passengers please board the plane." an announcement rang over the intercom and Ryoma and I pulled apart from the kiss.

I pursed my lips as Ryoma kept his hand on my cheek. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around Ryoma's waist as I placed my head on his shoulder while he copied me.

"I'm gonna miss you Ryoma." I told him as we pulled apart from the hug.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Hoshi." he said as we went back to where everyone was.

Everyone was grinning at us like they knew a huge secret. I picked up my carry-on and slung it over my shoulder as I gave everyone one last hug. Okaa-San and Otou-San where crying a bit as they hugged me to death. Aniki also gave me a bone crushing hug. I smiled at Ryoma who returned the smile and hugged me back. I then gave one of the flight attendants my ticket and after she checked the ticket she let me through. As I walked down the narrow hallway towards the airplane with a window wall I waved goodbye to everyone as a single tear fell down my face but a smile gracing my lips. I wiped the tear away once I got on the place and sat down. A flight attendant lady helped me put my carry-on on the shelf above me while I took out a notebook and pen. I was going to record this day and remember it forever.

Dear Journal,

Ryoma stole my first real kiss. He also stole my heart. I hope to see him and everyone else soon. I'm gonna miss Japan a lot.

"Passengers this is your Pilot speaking. Please look forward to see the flight attendants showing you how to buckle yourself in safely for we are taking off. Please turn off all electronics." the Pilot announce [never been in a plane so I don't know how this goes] as I buckled my seat belt. I looked out the window to see we had taken off and the airport grow smaller and smaller. Soon we where in the sky and leaving Tokyo, Japan. "You may now unbuckle your seatbelts, turn on your electronics and you are free to move around."

I gave out a soft smile and sighed as I unbuckled my seatbelt and relaxed into my seat


"Ah Gomen!" a kid behind me said as I rubbed the back of my head while I turned in my seat to face him.

He was about three or four and had a tennis racquet in his arms that was a bit too big for him. He looked a bit scarred as I picked up the tennis ball that had fallen to the floor. I smiled at him and gave him his ball back.

"No problem. I'm used to it." I smiled as he smiled back.

Tennis isn't my thing…

CUE CONFETTI AND LOUD MUSIC CAUSE TENNIS ISN'T MY THING IS FINNISHED!!!!!!! I'M SO PROUD I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT! AND A NICE ENDING IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF! Sad but don't worry cause a sequel's gonna come out. Might be a short sequel with a minimum of maybe 5 chapters and 10 at the max maybe. Depends on ideas. I'm crying a bit since this is over. Wow. I'm attached to this thing. HOSHI AND RYOMA FOREVER!