"Ugh! Yusuke!" wailed Botan. The boy hadn't been paying attention and had snapped her oar in two with a spirit bomb while battling with Kurama. "I swear, Yusuke, you're more trouble than you're worth!"

Yusuke grinned. "Oh come on, Botan, you can use your spirit waves and fix it in a jiffy." He snapped his fingers.

"It's the principle of the thing," she said indignantly, repairing the oar. "You should be more careful."

Kurama, Boton, Yusuke, and Hiei had been relaxing in the sun outside Genkai's temple when Yusuke and Kurama had decided to practice their moves.

"Telling a fool like Yusuke to be careful is asking the impossible," interjected Hiei.

"You wanna fight next?" challenged Yusuke. Hiei hmphed. "I wouldn't waste my time."

Yusuke stepped forward, scowling. "Alright, punk, you asked for it!"

Kurama shook his head, chuckling.

Botan sighed. "Boys, boys, knock it off! We're supposed to be taking a break from all the fighting. We could certainly use some rest after dealing with that nasty bounty hunter last week!"

"I don't wanna rest!" pouted Yusuke. "When is Koenma gonna assign us a new job?"

"I'm afraid you're such a wonderful spirit detective that Koenma doesn't require your service! You've defeated all the enemies for now," she praised.

Yusuke blushed and kicked at a rock on the ground. "Shucks, Botan, you really think so?"

Hiei groaned. "Don't go puffing up his self esteem or he'll make more stupid mistakes and get us all killed."

"That's it!" Yusuke cried, and tackled Hiei. The boys began wrestling and throwing punches.

Suddenly the four friends froze, tense. There was rustling in the bushes behind them, and they could feel a strong spirit energy being emitted. "Who is it?" murmered Yusuke, straining his eyes to see into the woods.

A silhouette could be seen emerging from the shadows, and the team gasped simultaneously when the individual stepped into the sunlight.

Hiei stared. The spirit was incredibly beautiful. Her ghostly white skin clashed alarmingly with the long black hair cascading down her back. Her bright green eyes flitted about the scene. Her purple silk kimono hugged her waist to reveal a lithe figure.

Botan squealed and ran to the girl, embracing her. The beautiful creature laughed, the sound of a thousand bells ringing in Hiei's ears.

"This," explained Botan, beaming, "is Kusabana. I had no idea you were coming!" she shrieked.

The girl met eyes with each person in the clearing and bowed her head. "Pleased." Hiei stiffened slightly when the girl addressed him. Her eyes seemed to peer directly into his core. He had never met a being who unsettled him like this. He was intimated and intrigued by this strange figure.

"Well it's a good thing Kuwabara isn't here," giggled Botan. "He wouldn't be able to resist a siren's call for a second!"

So that's why I was so drawn to her, reasoned Hiei. The girl is a siren.

"What?!" gasped Yusuke. "You mean those fairtytale creatures actually exist?"

"Well of course they do, silly!" chirped Botan. "Although I'm not surprised you've never come across one before. They much prefer to stay secluded in their caves, feeding on unwary sailors."

"Agh!" Yusuke jumped back.

Kusabana smiled, revealing small pointed teeth. "Do not fear, human. I feasted before making my journey here. I am afraid the reasons for my visit are urgent. You see, Koenma has summoned me to fight a demon who has been wreaking havoc in a distant realm of the spirit world. Koenma believes my-ahem-" she cleared her throat, a slight smile forming, "abilities will prove useful, as this demon is immune to any other form of attack. Using my siren song, I am to lull him into a vulnerable state and kill him."

"Ooh," Yusuke stared, dumbly.

"Well I'm so glad you decided to pay us a visit," Botan piped in. "It's been ages since I've seen you and we have much to catch up on!"

"Yes," the siren agreed, bowing her head again. "But I cannot stay long."

Botan took Kusabana by the hand and lead her up the stairs to the temple. "You remember Genkai, right? She'll be pleased to see you again." Botan's voice faded as the pair made their way up the stairs.

Hiei stared at the spot where Kusabana had stood until Yusuke cleared his throat. Hiei snapped out of his stupor to see Kurama and Yusuke grinning. Yusuke pointed a finger. "You have a crush on the siren!"

"She is very attractive," supplied Kurama.

"Shut up, both of you," threatened Hiei, but Yusuke only burst out laughing.

"The great Hiei," mocked the boy, "smitten with a blood-thirsty minx! Figures you'd be attracted to her."

"At least she's not a disgusting human like your Keiko," spat Hiei. "And I don't have a crush on her anyway. I don't even know her."

"Hey!" shouted Yusuke. "Don't talk about Keiko like that!"

Hiei smirked and took off, sailing over the trees. As he flew over the forest, he couldn't help but think of the mysterious visitor's piercing emerald eyes…