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Name Key:

L: L (Ryuzaki)

M: Mello

N: Near

MA: Matt

B: Beyond Birthday

A: A

Now, on to the story…


I stared down the long, black tunnel, feeling exposed in my swim trunks.

After figuring out the water's pace and the speed at which I'd come out of the slide, I slowly squatted down at the mouth of the beast. The lifeguard spotted me.

"Erm…sir, we have a designated sitting position for this slide. See, it's on this diagram here…"

"Please let me be."

"But sir…"

"I am sorry, but I recall saying the word please, am I correct?"

"Yes sir, but we really need you to sit down and hurry up. The line…"

My patience with this man was wearing thin. "I will slide when I wish to."

"Well, you'd better wish to soon, because we'll need to remove you if you don't."

"HEY!" A voice from behind him came.


"Don't do that to him," the voice snapped.

"Do what?" Inquired the life guard.

"Yell at him. Don't you know who he is?"


"Well, actually, that's a good thing." The voice that said that was more of a monotone, calmer.

From the line stepped five teenagers. M was still telling the lifeguard off.

"I mean, if you were a little bit NICER to your patrons, don't you think MAYBE they'd come back?"

"Well, sir…"

N cut them off. "Asaya-kun," he used this day's alias, "Why don't you either slide down or get off? I mean, I think it would be best for both parties…"

"Shut up. No one asked you," M retorted.

"Hey, why don't you all just shut up? No one here is happy," MA said. He was very sour whenever he had to leave the orphanage for a day off. Especially when we went to the water park and he couldn't bring his Gameboy.

"Let's just leave," A said.

"Fine. Goodbye…Nate Mayson," B called with a smile.

While I watched the Wammy's Kids climb down the ladder to the slide, I spontaneously decided to get down the fastest way possible. I slid in my favorite position. Sadly, it didn't hold, and I slipped and lay down.

I met the kids at the bottom of the slide and we silently left to go change. We had left our mark on this park.


Yeah, that made no sense, did it? Sorry. Drabbles usually don't.