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The hospital sheets felt like paper wrapping me up to be sent away . Yet again i was in hospital but this time it was no fault of my own , this time it was Edward Cullen's fault. Exactly nine months ago he cleared of into the sunset . Yep you guessed it i was pregnant and he left , so now I'm sitting in a old hospital bed with a tiny little baby girl lying peacefully in my arms . Kacy. God knows what possessed me to pick the name Kacy but now it suits her . We were alone in the world just me and her , her and me . Kacy's shock of bronze hair and green eyes were beautiful , luckily she had none of me in her she was purely her fathers child . The father she would never see. It still hurts to think about Edward, we went through so much together but the pregnancy was the final straw for him.I wonder what he's doing now .

"Miss swan ?" The nurses voice startled me pulling me out of my trance like state . Thankfully. I looked up at the woman she had been here for the last seven hours her hair was a disarray and she looked dead on her feet . It was amazing how quickly you could bond with someone , we had become close. Her laminated name stag was coated in stickers and you could barely see the script of her name. Alice. My new best friend. The blue uniform suited her perfectly and her smile never faltered .

" I told you to call me Bella" My voice meant to sound strong but came out as not much more than a whisper.

" Oh sorry , Anyways i just came to say you have been discharged and here's my phone number" Her smile widened as she left the room . so did mine.

Me and Kacy were going home .

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