Four skies, one Destiny.

Many shattered worlds,

Shards made by lies.

But still, we remember.

And still, we forget.

But no matter what,

Those Shards will come together.

It has begun.

The truth will be revealed.

Four skies, one Destiny.

One broken, shattered Destiny.

That only Four can Destroy,

And rebuild once again.


Axel's#1fangirl/Xed14thKey proudly presents…

Kingdom Hearts 2-3: Shards of Broken Destiny


Okay, I've decided to rewrite this AGAIN. But this time, I have a better idea of what I'm doing, so hopefully things will go smoother.

I am also posting this on , so ignore the 'Axel's#1fangirl' or the 'Xed14thkey' if you don't understand that part.

See ya'll next chapter :)