Boss Name: Sauelex

Health Points: 3 ½ Bars

Difficulty: 3

Level Recommended: At least 30

Character to Fight with: Sora

Allies: Goofy and Donald

Necessary to complete: Yes

Prize: N/A


As with the Aldix Boss Battle, the best way you can prepare yourself is to watch a vid of the Lexaeus Boss Battle, so you know what types of attacks he does. But, Sauelex also has an extra trick up his sleeve:

Remember in the story, when he caused that rock wall to shoot up from the ground? Yea, that wasn't for show, ya know!


When the fight starts, a timer comes on at the top of the screen, next to Sauelex's health. It's set for seven minutes. As you fight him, the rock wall is slowly closing in on you. If you can't beat him before the timer runs out, then the rock wall will close in to the point of it squeezing the life out of you (literally).

So you have to take him down as fast as possible!

And with seven minutes, you'd think that was easy, right?


Sauelex isn't much of a fighter. He's more of a strategist. So basically, he fights more on the defense than on the offence. When he attacks you, his attacks don't deal a lot of damage. But, when you attack him, your attacks deal a lot of damage! So that's definitely a plus.

But it's very hard to hit him.

He defends excellently, and quickly, so dealing damage is the hardest thing.

This is what you do:

At the start of the battle, he starts fighting regularly, so use this time to deal out those combos, limits, and special attacks to take down that health of his. After dealing with this, he'll rise up his arms, and a rock dome will rise around him and protect him.

You have to break the dome, if you haven't figured it out by now.

To break it, run around it, and rapidly press 'R2'. Eventually, you'll 'lock-on' to the weak spot of the dome.

Then, just attack that spot, and the dome will break.

Tip: He'll use this again, but the 'weak spot' will change each time!

Then, you can let him have it!

(By now, he should have about 2 bars of health left)

Then, the process starts over again.

Sorta boring, huh?

Not really…

After a few more times of this, he should have all of his health gone.

As a last minute effort to kill you, he'll join himself with the rock wall.


When this happens, run to any part of the wall and start whacking away at it! Hit it as fast as you can, and as hard as you can!! Forget special attacks! JUST KEEP HITTING!!!

If you hit and damage it enough, it'll shatter, and you'll have defeated Sauelex!!


Although you don't get anything, it's still really important to fight and beat him, since you can't continue until you do!

He's relatively easy, so he shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Have fun! And good luck!


I haven't actually fought Lexaeus in CoM, or have even seen a vid of his fight, but I've heard something about it being kinda hard…I'd say this fight isn't as hard, but trickier.