Last Time: After many unsuccessful tries by Tai, Sora finally gets the handcuffs loose with her hairpin. The handcuffs are now off, but there's still one problem. Kari hates BOTH TK and Davis. A pep talk from Tai gets Davis chasing after Kari while a similar pep talk with Sora, Matt, and Yolei get TK doing the same. So how does this all end?

Three's Always A Crowd: Part 10

Kari was happy to have a nice, comfortable jacket with her as she reached her doorstep. She didn't want to have to run home in just her bra, so she was grateful that Tai was there to loan it to her. Her big brother had once again come to her aid, just like many times before, even though it was actually Sora who got her out of the handcuffs. But Kari didn't actually care WHO got the handcuffs off her, as long as they were off.

Finally, it appeared that the whole nightmare was over and all Kari wanted to do was go back home and forget. Unfortunately, like many events of the past few days, it wasn't that easy.


Kari couldn't believe this was happening. She let out an exasperated sigh and turned around to see both TK and Davis were running up to her. They both looked like they had been running nonstop since coming from Odaiba High. Kari groaned. She didn't even want to see their faces. Not after all that happened.

"What do you two want?" Kari asked coldly.

"To apologize," both boys said.

Davis turned shoot TK a cold stare. "I came to apologize first, TK!"

TK looked like he was about to shoot back…but stopped. "Ok…go ahead."

That caught both Kari and Davis by surprise. That wasn't something they were expecting based on TK's behavior as of late.

Davis was about to turn to apologize, but then sighed. "Kari…can I talk to you alone?"

Kari didn't want to talk to anyone at that moment. But before she could even say anything, TK looked like he was walking away.

"I'll just wait over there," TK said. "You two can talk."

It was another pleasant surprise. TK wasn't arguing, yelling, or acting weird at all. He was starting to act more like…himself. But before Kari could think about that, she had someone else to deal with.

"Well…start talking," Kari huffed.

"I want to apologize, Kari," Davis began. "I don't know why I did what I did. I was just trying to cheer you up so you wouldn't be mad at me about what happened at the fashion show. I wanted to make you happy. But…when TK came in trying to do the same thing I was…I guess I got a little jealous."

"A little?"

"Ok…I DID get jealous," Davis admitted. "I'm really sorry. I should have put more thought into what I was doing and I should have known I could do the trick BEFORE putting the handcuffs on you. I guess…I was just hoping after the day was over…that you'd like me a little more."

Kari sighed. "Davis…I WAS starting to like you a little more. But not because of your magic. Ever since the whole trip to the mountain lodge happened, I've started to see you in a different way. I started to realize that…you really DO care about me…and you DO have a wonderful heart…even if a lot of times, it's covered up by that huge ego of yours.

"But handcuffs? That was something the OLD Davis would have done. It wasn't the kind of thing I was expecting from this NEW Davis I was seeing. Now I don't know what to think of you anymore. I really appreciate everything you've been doing for me lately. BUT…I also told you how I felt, Davis. If you're doing this because you want me to like you, then I'll have to tell you the same thing I've told you before. I'm not ready for a relationship right now. I've told you that before…and I feel like you haven't respected that at all.

"If you really like me…then you won't put any more pressure on me. You'll let me decide for myself when the time is right…and who the right person is."

Davis looked up into the sky. "I'm sorry, Kari. I'll tell you what. I won't put any more pressure on you. And I really mean it this time. Because…right now, I have total faith that when you ARE ready…you'll choose me. I have complete faith in myself…because I know I can make you happy."

Kari giggled. "That IS one thing I really like about you, Davis. I've never seen anyone with so much self-esteem."

"Really? Yolei always says it's ego."

"It CAN be sometimes," Kari clarified. "There's a fine line between confidence and ego. But…lately, you haven't crossed that line as much as you used to. That shows you've really matured."

There was a brief moment of silence before Davis continued.

"Kari…will you forgive me for what happened?"

Kari couldn't believe this. She was planning to be mad for a long time. But Davis' heartfelt speech made her anger go away. That meant she could only do one thing.

"Yes, Davis…I'll forgive you. Now…could you step aside for a bit? I'm sure TK wants to talk to me, too."


Davis stepped aside and Kari walked past him and up to her best friend, TK…or the guy who USED to be her best friend. Kari didn't what TK was to her anymore. But she was ready to find out.

TK turned around and immediately hung his head down. "Kari…I'm really want to apologize about everything. Not just the whole handcuffing thing, but EVERYTHING. I really haven't been myself lately."

"That's what bothers me, TK," Kari said. "You're not the same guy you were before. Is something bothering you?"

TK hesitated before going on. "I guess things have happened. Maybe I've noticed that in these last few months, you haven't looked at me the same way that you used to. Instead, it's like you've been paying more attention to…Davis. And I guess…I got a little jealous. And…maybe I've been trying more and more…to get you to like me."

Kari smiled. "TK, I always liked you. You're my best friend."

TK shook his head. "No…that's not what I mean. I thought you were starting to like Davis more than you liked me, so…I might have been trying to be more like…him…in hopes that you'd like me more. I thought I'd lose you to him. And I don't want to lose you, Kari…because…I really like you."

Kari felt her heart break. This was exactly what she was afraid of. "TK……that's really sweet…and I'm VERY flattered. But……I'm afraid I'll have to tell you the same thing I've been telling Davis. I'm not ready for a relationship right now. I don't know WHAT my feelings are right now.

"But I just want to say one thing. TK…I liked you the way you were before. I liked the OLD TK. The TK that was my best friend and wasn't worried about being anything more. Lately…you've been a whole different person…and, to be honest, a person that can be…pretty irritating."

TK looked hurt, but he didn't say anything. Maybe deep down, he knew what Kari said was true.

Kari embraced TK and started speaking softly into his ear. "I know you care about me, TK. You're the most caring person I know. That's one of the things I really like about you. But…I'm not ready. I don't know when I'll be ready……or who the right person will be. And if you really like me…you'll respect that…and give me time to sort my feelings."

TK returned the embrace. "I'll give you as much time as you need. Will you forgive me for everything, Kari?"

"Of course I will, TK."

Kari hadn't felt this good in ages. In fact, before she knew it…she started leaning closer to TK…until…


Kari turned around to see Davis running back up to them. Now that everything had been settled, Kari wanted to send them both on their way so she could get some sleep. But that's when she got a VERY good idea…that would pay them BOTH back for this whole horrible nightmare.

"Thank you for apologizing, you guys," Kari said cheerfully. "I honestly feel better now. But after everything that's happened…I really need a few hours to myself."

TK nodded. "That's ok."

"We'll call you later," Davis added.

Kari smiled mischievously. "But…I have one more surprise for you guys before you go."

TK and Davis glanced at each other before turning to nod. "Ok."

Kari grinned. "Close your eyes."

TK looked like he didn't know what to expect, but Davis looked really happy. The goggle boy must have been expecting a kiss. Either way, both boys closed their eyes…and Kari did the only thing she could do to make herself TRULY feel better. She pulled out…

…Matt's handcuffs…and handcuffed their wrists together.

Both boys opened their eyes. "HEY!!"

Kari giggled. "I'll leave you two alone now. Later, boys."

As Kari walked back, she could already hear Davis whining.

"NOOOO!!! Kari, don't leave us like this!! Don't leave me stuck to TP!!"

"DAVIS, DON'T PANIC!" Kari heard TK say. "All we have to do…is find Sora! Maybe she still has that hairpin!"

"Ok…but can we stop at the bathroom first?"


"But I really have to go!"

Kari giggled as she walked through her front door…leaving the two handcuffed boys to deal with their mess themselves.


Author's Note: Maybe you haven't noticed, but I'm hoping to drag this love triangle out for as long as possible, even though there is a major turning point in my next crossover. If you don't come back for the crossover, then I'll give you all the details anyway when I come back for Digimon: The College Years. And don't worry, readers! I'll occasionally come back and do one-shots of our characters while they're still 12. So look for those, too! See ya later!

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