Title - Ache

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - Just borrowing the boys.

AN - pilot, not the best.

Um..., this may look familiar. I mistakenly posted this as a E/O drabble a few days ago. Opps... sorry.


He didn't want them.

Creeping into his dreams to wake him gasping after midnight.

They haunted him.

But there were no bones to salt and burn.

They were tucked deep inside, though never forgotten.

He could never forget.

The smell of burnt flesh.

The sight of her on the ceiling.

The screams he heard in his head.

The void in his heart nothing could fill.

They were dragged out by Jess's death, Sam's hurt.

Not that he'd tell him.

He was the comforter, protector, guardian.

But he didn't want to remember Mom that way.

He didn't want to remember anymore.

-= end =-