When Love Lingers

You know I strained my body to walk away.

It was one of the laborious things I had done,

But I walked because I didn't think I could do more than I had.

The darkest thing in world is to give up something:

Or more expressively on someone,

The idea that two people belonged together,

Living their lives blissfully, full of love,

Facing the obscurity of the outside with one another to support,

I lived in that dream for a brief period of time,

Relished on the fact that there were an abundant amount of opportunities I saw with us,

Only I had to wake up from that pleasant fantasy.

I sigh because a piece of me still has faith.

This fragment waits for our happy ending.

I'm so not over you.

A/N: Still have The Script's The Man Who Can't Be Moved on repeat and Donnie Klang's So Over You—"I'm so over you," line is used in the opposite effect. It's my point of view that sometimes when someone repeats something in their head—they do not really believe what they're trying to convince themselves to feel especially regarding love matters. I can't think of any other citations. I hope you enjoyed the poem and thought it had merit.