Welcome to my new story called Not So Hard To Choose. I do not own TDI people but I do own Zane the punk dude. So heres the first chapter of my second story. Oh and this one will be in the center of the page and Gwen's thoughts will be in italics.

Gwen's house 5:00 pm

So heres the problem. I was in love with two completely different guys. One I met on TDI. He was incredibly hot and sweet. And could sing like a god. The other was equally

hot but more of the punk kind. The first ones name is Trent and you guys know what

he looks like. the others name was Zane and wore a shirt like Duncan's. His pants had holes in the knees. He had

long black hair that almost touched his chin and had blue highlights on the tips.

He had a piercing on his lip and left eye. I met Zane after TDA and we went out for a while. But

then Trent moved to my town right after high school and I realized I still had feelings for

him. So now they both gotta take me on the best date they can come up

with. First was Zane's date and it was tonight.

He told me to put on my casual clothes. And I knew where he was taking me. To that new

Club Alien. I had never heard of it but I was sure it would be fun. Ding Dong! That was him!

" Hey babe"he said casually. " Hi baby" I said back and we left.

Zane's date midnight

I am having the worst time of my life! I have no clue where Zane is he just left me!

And hes drunk so theres no telling what he

could do. I walked around till I found him sucking

face with some blond chick! " Zane how could you!" " You don't tell

me what to do you bitch" and then he pushed me down. " Please stop" I was crying now.

**********************************************Trent's POV**************************************************

So here I was watching Gwen from the window. And

not as a stalker only to make sure shes okay. This club

was dangerous. So far she was doing OK, until she

lost Zane. The little asshole was sucking face

with Lindsay in the corner. Oh crap! She found him!

Now theres gonna be some hell. Hey, he just pushed

her down and shes crying! Oh thats it I'm going in

and teaching that little fucker a lesson!

I got by the guard because he was Duncan.

" Go get him man!" I didn't say anything

back because some ass was about to be kicked.

He was just about to kick her when I shouted "

Hey leave her alone!" He turned back and looked at me

angrily. " Yeah well bring it on pretty boy!" And then

he charged. But he was so drunk he ran into the wall!

And everybody was laughing. " Looks like you brung

it to the wall Zane." Oh that made him mad ! But all he

said was " You'll regret this " and ran off.

****************************************Gwen's POV********************************************************

Walking home with Trent 1:00 AM

" Are you sure your alright Gwen?" " Trent for

the fiftieth time yes!" I loved how he cared

for me to much. " I know I'm just

checking." Well I'll see you

tomorrow babe" I said " Oh

and my dates tomorrow!" " Trent you

don't -" but he cut me off " No I do have to."

And then he gave me the most longest passionate

kiss ever " Bye" even though I really didn't want to

say goodbye "Bye" he said back. I could tell he

felt the same

In my room 1:30 AM

I walked up to my room. And when I opened the door

Zane was on the bed! " Well you made it after tonsil

hockey with Trent." He said. " I'm gonna call the cops!"

"Not without your cellphone your not"

I was stupid not to realize he was holding my cellphone.

" Now its time for something I want" he kissed me and I could taste

the alcohol " Please leave me alone" I pleaded. " Not happening."

He started reaching up my shirt when somebody

pushed him off. " She said leave her alone!"

It was Trent!

So theres my second story!!! Hope whoever reads my stories likes it!!!! R&R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!