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Ch 4 : Trent's Date

Gwen's POV

So I had no idea where Trent was taking me.

But he told me to where my regular clothes so whatever.

Trent: Gwen come on!

Gwen: Coming!

Wow he looked hot!

He had a white button up shirt but the top two buttons were undone

And the sleeves were torn off.

He had a loosened black tie.

He had his regular jeans on and biker gloves with holes in the fingers.

Gwen: Wow you clean up nice to be a guy who got shot

Trent: I thought you would like it.

We drove out of town on his motorcycle.

I loved the ride there. Me holding on to Trent while the wind rushed by us.

It was a great feeling but then we arrived on top of a hill.

Gwen: Why our we on top of a hill...in the dark?!

Really it was pitch dark.

Trent: For this.

He lit some candles and I saw the most beautiful view of the moon and the sea!

Trent:And a question.

At that moment I knew what this was for and I thought I was gonna faint from excitement.

He got down on one knee and pulled the indigo box from his pocket and recited those famous words.

Trent: Gwen Stephanie Harper, will you marry me?

Realizing I was crying now I said " Yes"

And then he lifted me up and we kissed.

We made love under a full moon that night.

And I thought to myself " This was the easiest choice of my life."

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