Chapter 1:

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Edward's Point of View

2 Months Later…

I was standing shirtless on the front porch of Bella's and my home in Boston. It was an older home, but only from the outside. My mother had renovated and redecorated the inside. It was beautiful, inside and out. It was red brick with a red front door. The house was a compromise for Bella and I. She wanted something smaller and I wanted something bigger. The house had five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The master suite was amazing. We kept our bedroom furniture from the New York apartment, but we had room near the window for a reading area for Bella, complete with a large bookshelf. She had been spending a lot of her time there since we officially moved in a week ago. When we returned from our short honeymoon, just four days after being married, we returned to New York to finish out internships and be with Renee. We made an appointment with an obstetrician about a week after we returned from our honeymoon and told our family just hours after having the doctor confirm it.

-Flashback-Telling the Family-

Bella and I walked hand and hand up the stairs towards Emmett and Rose's apartment. I rubbed Bella's knuckles in comfort as we got closer to the front door. She was nibbling on her bottom lip. I laughed, leaning over to kiss her cheek.

"Love, please stop that. You're nervous for nothing". I tried to reassure her. She just rolled her eyes at me. We were having a pizza and movie night, since Renee wasn't feeling too great. We both took a deep breath and knocked on the door. We heard heavy footsteps stomping toward the door.

"Gee, I wonder who that big oaf could be?" Bella giggled, smiling up at me. Just then, the door swung open, revealing my very large older brother, his mouth full of pizza.

"Hey guys, glad you made it," he mumbled, trying to speak with his mouth open. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Emmett, I know mom taught you better than that". I scolded, walking past him, pulling Bella behind me.

"Hey Em, how's it going?" she greeted him sweetly, wrapping an arm around his waist. He hugged her back gently. Too gently.

"Where are Rose and Alice?" Bella asked, oblivious.

"Staying true to who they are". He shrugged, pointing towards the computer room. Bella and I looked and him in confusion.

"They're shopping online," Emmett sighed, throwing his hands up, like we should know this information. Bella just giggled and squeezed my hand before letting it go, walking off to find Rose and Alice.

"Congratulations, Daddy," Emmett chuckled once Bella was out of hearing range. My jaw dropped. I knew it!

"Emmett," I said in a warning voice through clenched teeth. Emmett sighed.

"Edward, everyone knows, except maybe for dad. That's ironic, huh?"

Everyone knew? How? Bella was going to be devastated. Before I could say a word to Emmett, he shook his head at me.

"Don't worry Edward, we've been practicing our surprised faces!" he told me excitedly, demonstrating his, giving me the thumbs up.

Oh dear God.

I couldn't even dignify that with a response. I brushed past him, walking into the living room, where the rest of our family was waiting. He was right, they all knew. They were trying to conceal the fact that they knew, though. I went around the room, hugging my mom, Renee, and shaking the hands of Phil and my father. It seemed that Phil was oblivious to the whole situation. At least someone would be surprised. Before I could beg everyone to at least act surprised, Bella, Alice and Rose walked into the room. Alice and Rose were both grinning smugly and Bella looked shocked. I shot her an "are you okay" glance, and she nodded slightly, coming over to my side. I sat on the end of the couch, next to Renee, and tucked Bella tightly into my side.

"Well, everyone," I started, glancing at Bella for permission. She smiled and I took that as an okay to continue. "We have an announcement," I started, motioning for Bella to continue.

"I guess there is no easy way to say this," she started. I sighed, internally, in relief. At least it didn't seem like she'd caught on that everyone knew.

"But, I'm pregnant," she said smiling, moving her hand to rest it on my knee. Everyone jumped up in over exaggerated excitement, all clapping in excitement at once. Bella, who was startled, jumped. They all talked at once.

"Oh Bella, that's so exciting!" my mother squealed.

"Finally!" Alice and Rose groaned.

"THAT IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION!" Emmett yelled, showing his "surprised" face. He winked at me and tried to give me an inconspicuous thumbs up. I just shook my head, covering my face with my hand that wasn't on the small of Bella's back.

"Bella, this is just wonderful," Renee choked, close to tears, hugging Bella. Bella hugged her but pulled back a little, narrowing her eyes at Renee.

"You knew too, didn't you?" Bella accused. Renee started to shake her head, but then bit her lip, changing her shake into a nod. Bella sighed, leaning into my embrace.

"How did you know?" Bella asked, defeated. I trailed my hand up and down her spine.

"Alice and I knew at the reception. You were all weepy..." Rose started.

"It was my wedding day!" Bella defended, but I could tell she was fighting a smile.

"That, added with the fact that you wanted a few minutes alone with Edward and then how you two couldn't keep your eyes off each other all night…" Alice finished. I rolled my eyes.

"Guys, it was our wedding day!" I cried in frustration.

"Edward, it's not an insult, it was just, we know the both of you so well, we could just tell," my mother explained calmly. Bella and I looked at each other and shrugged.

"I guess we can't keep any secrets from them?" I asked, winking at my wife. She smiled.

"Well, I guess I shouldn't waste my breath telling them we're having twins?" she said. Our family gave one large, collective gasp.

-End Flashback-

Bella and I have been married for just over two months. Already in our marriage we had seen the highest of highs (confirmation of Bella's pregnancy, with twins) and the lowest of lows (Renee's death). Bella never admitted it, but I knew that the moment we told Renee we were having twins, Bella hoped that her mom would live long enough to meet her grandchildren. Bella was beyond heartbroken when a month ago; Renee took a turn for the worse and died just ten days later, surrounded by her family. My father had to heavily sedate Bella the first night. We admitted her into the hospital that night, to keep an eye on the babies. The next day, Bella was better; better wasn't the right word, but it was an improvement from her previous state. She was still devastated, but handled it in a more healthy way. She was learning to ask for help. She held up okay until after the funeral. The only thing holding Bella together was the babies. I tried, but it made me crazy to see Bella in that much agony, powerless to stop it.

As the last few weeks following the funeral have passed, Bella has slowly been healing, thankful for the time she did get to spend with her mother. I think the moving process was good for her. She couldn't have continued living in the apartment where her mother died. We'd had most of our things shipped, so it wasn't too big of a chore.

Today we were going for her three month check up at the doctor's office. We were both incredibly excited for this. I checked my watch. It was almost 8:30, I should wake Bella up; her appointment was in an hour. I took the stairs two at a time, but opened the door to our room, quietly. Bella looked like an angel. She was wearing a midnight blue silk nightgown, her chestnut hair splayed over the pillow. She had a small baby bump and it was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I quietly climbed back into bed, trying carefully not to jostle her. Her morning sickness was starting to trail off, I didn't want to trigger it. I laid on my side, propping myself up with my elbow, resting my other hand on her swollen bump, running it gently across the soft material of her lingerie. Bella's eyes fluttered before focusing on my face. She grinned immediately, snuggling herself closer into my side.

"Good morning," she moaned happily into my bare chest. Her lips ghosted over my collarbone. I groaned, rolling onto my back, pulling her on top of me, as gently as I could manage. She straddled my waist. My hands planted themselves on her hips.

"Bella, love," I groaned, trying to get myself under control. "We can't do this now. You have a doctor's appointment in an hour". She looked upset the moment the words came out of my mouth.

"But rain check?" I added quickly. She smiled and held out her pinky.

"Promise?" she asked. I nodded, and took her pinky in mine.