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I sighed as a faint glow streamed through the window slits of the hotel room. Bella caressed the smooth curve of my chest as I peeked at her amused expression.

"Hello love," I whispered as I adored her beauty. Beauty was not the right word for her. It didn't do her justice, but it always took my steady breath away from my unchanged body. She smiled and let a slight giggle escape her lips. The love in her eyes, I didn't deserve.

"Morning," she whispered as she cocked her head to one side. I ruffled her hair in one swift movement and then pulled her close to me, breathing in her floral scent. "Oh Edward, stop we have to get up soon." I could almost see a blush rise on her slender cheeks as she smiled and then pinned me to the bed. Her blush was one of the things I missed of her being human, but I looked past it because I got her forever. I smiled as I gave her a passionate kiss.

"Mama! I want her."

"Ok, Nessi, ok."

Jacob was coming down the hallway with our daughter. Bella was out of my grasp and at the door before a second had passed. I joined her as I put a pair of khaki pants on.

"Hey Bella," Jacob greeted her with a warm smile. Bella and Edward look good, huh. You gonna take her while I go eat?

I smiled at his cheerful thoughts, and then frowned, seeing that being away from her, hurt him. He and I were similar, as much as I fought against it, he was a brother to me.

"Go ahead, we have her formula here," I replied swiftly as I immediately reached for Nessi. Bella smiled and then ruffled Jacob's hair.

"Get a hair cut while you're out," she giggled in a musical tone.

Yeah, yeah. I hope Nessi…

"Jacob, go. She will be fine for a few hours," I said as let Nessi run to into the room. "Be careful to stay away from the window." I added as Bella shut the door. Jacob took off down the hallway, his thoughts rushing from his mind.

The sooner the better, I guess. I just wish she could go with me...Maybe I can take her to the zoo when the overcast is better….

I smiled again as Bella pulled her arm around me and led me to the bed. Nessi had taken the ice bucket and transformed it into a crumpled mess. Bella sighed and closed her eyes. I watched her beautiful features, wondering what she was thinking, actually I was dying to know. She felt my gaze and then instantly put her lips to mine. I smiled and then pulled Nessi onto my lap after Bella had softly pushed her lips away. Nessi touched my cheek and showed me a vision of Jacob leaving. Her sadness put a stinging feeling in my chest.

"He'll be back before you know it," Bella spoke in a soft manner. "Let's eat before we leave, Alice will kill us if we throw off her schedule." I then searched for Alice and found her within a second. I felt a confused sensation as I read her thoughts from her mind. Before I could comprehend my motions I was at the door. "What is it?" Bella came to my side.

"Alice, I saw her visions...somewhat. I cant. She's confused," I murmured speedily. "Get Nessi." She had Nessi in her arms before the second had passed. I opened the door in a swift manner surprising a couple that I had forgotten was passing.

What the...something's not right about that guy.

What a beautiful...mind boggling… The man pushed the lady along as her heart rate accelerated and her breathing was staggered.

"Stop dazzling young women, Mr. Cullen," Bella whispered with a grin. I rolled my eyes and then put my arm around her shoulders. We floated down the empty hallway as the couple turned the corner. Alice was standing in the doorway as we appeared at their room, her arms crossed over her chest.

"I don't know Edward," she said stiffly, assuming my actions were from her thoughts. I don't understand, you were STANDING with them. It's like you and Bella were...comfortable. And that wasn't the odd part...THEY were comfortable with the both of you. Her thoughts confused me as Bella laughed at Nessi's visions. I could hear the curious strain in the trills of her laugh. I knew she was going to demand an explanation soon. Alice pulled the vision to her thoughts once again. Strange, there was a comfortable atmosphere as Bella and I stood beside a man and woman, Jasper wasn't even there. I felt the intense emotions that spilled from the eyes of the couple, were they a couple? The vision quickly collapsed as Alice danced into the room, where Jasper was flipping channels with a blank expression.

I wish Emmet and Rose hadn't left, I'm dying for some relief…some fun. Jasper's thoughts revolved around the competition between Emmett and himself as Alice draped her arms over his chest.

"The clouds will be set in about an hour, then we are free to walk the streets," Alice sighed as she watched the T.V over his shoulder.

"What's going on Alice?" Bella whispered in a light tone as she handed Nessi to me.

"A vision." I replied quickly before Alice responded. She gasped.

"The Volturi?"

"No, nothing that dangerous...just skeptical. Humans I've never seen before. None of your family...they like us. They aren't afraid," I murmured with the confusion evident in my voice. Alice sighed.

I don't know what to look for now. Do I tag the humans? Her thoughts rang in my mind as confusion evaded my thoughts as well.

"You don't know them." I pulled Bella to my waist, my worry turned to her.

"Don't worry about me Edward," she said very softly as she kissed my chest lightly.

"I thought I was the only one that could read minds,"I chuckled into her hair. Alice sat straight up with her fingers pressed to her temples. I knelt down beside her, as Bells scooped Nessi into her arms and twirled her in a circle.

"Who do I hear?" Bella squeaked with excitement. Nessi scrambled down from her grasp and led the way to the door. Jacob knocked on the door, without a surprise.

"Hey Nessi!" He exclaimed with a warm smile. "Want me to take her off your hands for a while?" Bella rolled her eyes and then let out a sigh.

"It's not even been quite over an hour, what did you do? Scarf down your food?" She asked quietly with humor in her tone. "And you're taking my baby away already." Jacob let a grin slide on his face before replying.

"How else do wolves act?" Their soft laughs filled the room as Alice focused on my face.

"What?" I asked quickly. "It's going too quickly, slow it down." I saw a corpse. No, a decomposed corpse that was made up of bones...with residue upon them. The humans stood over the body...then the vision changed showing Bella and I talking to the humans...it went blank.

What is this? Alice screamed in her head. Why are you and Bella involved...do you think Nessi? I let a slight snarl slip from my lips as she thought about our daughter.

"No," I hissed. Bella turned to stone as the door closed.

"Edward, tell me what's going on right this second," she demanded.

"There's a body, decomposed. We are somehow involved." She stood still, her expression blank.

"What does that mean Alice?" Alice shook her head as she closed her eyes. She snapped her eyes open as she dashed for her frilly pink duffle bag. The phone barely rang as she snapped it open.

"Carlisle." She nodded her head and then stared at Bella and I as Carlisle's voice was heard softly on the other end. "Oh. I see now. I had a- yes." She shut the phone and then started to throw Jasper's stuff in his fashionable leather bag. "I knew to leave my clothes packed," she murmured under her breath. Bella took my hand as I gently strolled into the hallway at a human's pace. Once we were in the room, I quickly grabbed anything that was ours and hurled it into our bags.

"We are going back to Forks," I stated without any emotion in my voice. Bella nodded and then grabbed my quick hands. I sighed and then explained, "They found a body in the lake near Forks, by our home. They brought the FBI in. They have already seen Carlisle and Esme at the house. I'm guessing that the couple I saw in Alice's vision is a part of this somehow." Bella's liquid golden eyes were filled with understanding.

"Okay, as long as Charlie is fine."

"Bella, we don't know who it is. The FBI is investigating on our property, we aren't doing very well of keeping out of the public's eye." Her emotions somewhat annoyed me, but they calmed me as well. She took the worst circumstances too well, without a flinch. She nodded and then gave me a kiss that calmed my unending agitation and then pulled close to me.

"We have you," her fingers traced up my chest, "We have Alice." Her fingers had now trailed to my chin and then paused at my lips. "We have Carlisle, and the rest of our family. Don't worry." I put my hand to her face.

"Thank you." I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes, thanking God that I had found my better half. Alice appeared with Jasper, Jacob, and Nessi trailing along.

"Ready? What a charade we have to play!" Even though the smile wasn't on her face, her thoughts were energetic...and excited? Bella and I followed them as we left for Forks, expecting the unexpected.

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