Burning Photographs

Disclaimer- I don't own Naruto, why? Because I'm poor and I only dream I do- anyway Shikamaru Temari would already be together.

Her scream pierced the sound barrier. He jumped back, searching for some sign of her. Her voice was unheard over the roaring of the fire. It was useless to scream. He saw people scatter but that didn't matter. His life was in there, his career, his future, all burning. He yelled her name as he walked around his house. He prayed she was somewhere safe.

Soon the house began to collapse. He screamed in agony. She screamed in pain. "Temari!" He yelled. She wanted to reply, but somebody had caught her. Death.

Neither wanted to die. So, they both fought against it. Thoughts became one. 'Don't die.' Their movements became as one, moving the same speed and in the same way.

Danger and Death moved aside as he broke through the door. "Temari!" He yelled.

"Shikamaru!" He heard and ran up to the stairs. They were broke and burnt. He walked up the stairs carefully. She heard him coming and got up. She had a concussion but was determined to see him.

"Temari!" He gasped grabbing her. Death and Danger had pitied them and now they would die together.

"You need to get out of here!" She managed, the black smoke choking her.

"No, we have to get out of here together!" He yelled, he held her princess style. The wood collapsed under their combined weight.

He was determined though. He half fell, half ran down them. Life was unfair, He jumped out of the broken door.

She only watched him. His expressions told her everything she needed to know. "Are you okay?" He asked. She knew her modeling body was ruined with burns. He shook her when she didn't answer.

"A little light-headed." She replied. He was now pouring cool water on her burns. She whimpered and hissed. "Shika- My head."

His attention was drawn to her head where blood cascaded slowly down her head. He tried to staunch the flow of blood. "Mari? You- keep your eyes open." He said. Her eyes closed and opened simultaneously.

"It hurts." She whispered closing her eyes. "Shikamaru, I love you."

She wanted those words to come back. He needed to say them so she could pass into the next world. She waited, the darkness was swallowing her.

She realized right then it was all for lust.

Not love.


He didn't love her.

Then the darkness completely took over. She died in the darkest depression. "I love you, Mari." He said seconds late. He laid her head down and slowly got up.

She was gone.





He hit the ground angrily. "Who did this?!" He yelled.

Then he realized she was gone, all of her- her, the pictures- all gone.