Title: Hysterical Amnesia-Part 2

Author: Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond

Disclaimer: GL and Olivia/Natalia/Emma belong to the production company that films it, as is Dr. Carly Manning/Katerina von Leuschner, Aunt Vivian Alamain, Lawrence Alamain, and Nicolas James Alamain...as well as, Days of Our Lives. The story is mine. No money is being made on this story.

Rating: "R"/"M"

Summary: a href=".?ID=-1945763798"Hysterical Amnesia/a: This is uncommon. It is characterized by a sudden onset of memory impairment in the absence of organic pathology. The reaction can follow traumatic events, in particular head injury, and can be provoked by physical or psychological stress.

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Olivia saw the grandfather clock, it read 5 in the morning, she yawned and thought to herself, "Today is going to kill me, I just know it."

She got up and took a peaceful, yet long hot and steamy shower, The kinks and knots in her body came loose and slipped out with the lather from the shampoo in her hair and the soap from her body. She wrapped herself up in her white terry clothe robe, as she combed her hair out. Wiping away the steam cover on the mirror, she grimaced as she muttered to herself, "Talking about death warmed over," and she left the bathroom to let the steam out and dress herself for the day.

She stopped to look in on Natalia still snuggling Emma at a quarter till six, another half hour before either of her girls would be waking up. She went to her room, she dressed in a power, pants suit that she just got from Prada in Italy, the summer wardrobe came special delivery just yesterday evening.

Sitting at her vanity, she tried ignore the dark circles underneath her eyes and how she looked so damn old at that very moment, by concentrating on blow-drying her hair out with her wire bristled brush, to eventually use a soft bristle brush to calm the fly aways.

She had gotten the coffee started brewing before she came up to get ready for the day. She poured her a large cup of coffee and settled in with the morning paper when she heard Emma and Natalia began to rumble awake and start their preparations for the day.

It took them several minutes, and another cup for Olivia, before the girls made their way down the stairs with breakfast waiting for them on the table. Hot Ham and Eggs, Orange Juice for Emma, and with the added extra of a cup of coffee for Natalia.

They got off to a relatively early start, dropping Emma off at school, and a companionable ride into work for both Olivia and Natalia. Went off to deal with the everyday needs of her job, and Olivia slumped back into her plush office chair behind her desk. No meetings and so far nothing on her desk requiring her immediate attention.