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The next morning when I woke up I felt like utter crap. And it didn't help that two seconds after I woke up I had to sprint to Marianne's bathroom to puke. Jasper stumbled in after I was finished puking, yawning and looking delicious as always. I don't know how I was blessed with such a gorgeous boyfriend.

"Morning, sweetheart," he mumbled, clearly still half asleep. He came and pulled me into his chest and I pulled away.

"I have the worst morning breath in the world and I just vomited in your mother's toilet. I think that you should wait until I brush my teeth." I brushed my teeth hastily and as soon as I put my toothbrush down, Jasper pulled me back in and kissed my lips softly before kissing me more passionately. Nothing could ruin this moment.

Okay, Emmett could. Bursting into the bathroom, he went over to the toilet.

"Can you please leave? I'm trying to piss here," he said before starting to take down the pants. I covered my eyes with my hand and practically ran out of the room, Jasper on my tail.

We casually walked downstairs where Marianne was in the kitchen with a pan of bacon and eggs and a pan of pancakes cooking. She loved to cook, I'd give her that.

We sat down at the table and Edward and Alice joined us, along with Rosalie and Emmett who had just finished 'pissing' as he liked to call it.

Marianne came to the table with our plates and some glasses. She disappeared and returned with a few cartons of orange juice, a big platter of bacon and eggs and a huge stack of pancakes, with a bottle of maple syrup on the side.

We all dug in while we told Marianne our plan for the day. We told her that we were going to La Push for the day, and she suggested we have a barbeque.

"I'll give you some meat to take down there. Billy Black and Harry Clearwater will help you cook it up. Go get ready because it will take you a whole day to catch up."

We ran upstairs to shower, get dressed, do our hair and brush our teeth. Marianne gave us a huge bag of barbeque foods to take to La Push. We all climbed in the 'party van' as Emmett called it and Jasper drove us down to La Push.

We pulled up at First Beach and there was a group of tall Quileutes hanging by a driftwood bonfire. They all had hair cropped short that was like an inky gloss coating on their heads. They heard our party van coming and all turned their heads to see who we were.

Emmett and Rosalie got out first, followed by Alice and Edward. Jasper got out next, because they might not remember him, and I got out last, because they'd surely remember me. I'd been to La Push only a couple of times after Jasper left. Jacob's eyes lit up when he recognised me.

"Bella! I've missed you so much!" he exclaimed, picking me up and spinning me around. Jasper came over, and he recognised him as well.

"Jasper! Man, it's been ages since I last saw you. Why are you here?"

"Well, we all decided to take a group road trip down here, so that I could see my mom and we could catch up with you guys. Plus, we wanted to show the others where we spent our childhood days, so we decided to come here as soon as possible," Jasper explained to the Quileute boys. I recognised Sam, Seth, Quil and Embry, but I didn't recognise a couple of other guys.

We made our introductions, and I found out that the other two boys were named Paul and Jared. Jacob and Emmett cooked our meat over the bonfire, and us girls cracked open a bag of marshmallows and roasted them over the open fire.

We were talking about the beauty of rain soccer, when I felt the nauseous pull in my stomach. I quickly stood up and ran over the bushes, spilling my guts into the bushes. I wondered if Jacob would notice, or just think of it as a stomach bug.

I was worried about what Jacob would think, because I knew that Jacob had a crush on me ever since Jasper left Forks. He'd always acted like an older brother to me since Jasper left, and I'm sure that if he'd had the chance, he would have asked me out.

"Bella's up the duff, isn't she?" I heard Jacob ask softly. I paused waiting until I heard the conversation was over until I returned to the circle.

"Yeah. And I feel absolutely terrible about it. I honestly never meant for it to happen. We had some problems a week ago, but we're okay now."

I decided that this was my cue to re-enter the bonfire circle. "Hey, what did I miss?" I sat down and Jasper slid his arm back around my waist.

"Not much. Paul just drank the entire bottle of cola, so don't even think of wanting any of that," Jacob chuckled. Paul glared at Jacob and he stood up, towering over the group.

"So you're calling me a pig then are you?" Paul was still glaring at Jacob. Paul acted like the dominant male of the group, but in truth, that was Jacob.

Jacob stood up, glaring at Paul. As the dominant male, Jacob was prone to fighting with the others.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. That's up to you. But right now, I am calling you a pig, pig." Paul lunged at Jacob, and caught the edge of his shorts in the fire. The flame burned high and orange, different to the blue-green flames on the driftwood fire. Paul rushed to the water, jumping in to put the fire out. Most of the group was in hysterics right now.

"Paul, that's a lesson for you- you are not the dominant male here. That's my position," Jacob stated. Paul glowered and bunched up his fists, but sat back down in the circle and kept to himself.

All of a sudden, Alice ripped off her thermal and her jeans to reveal the tiniest, skimpiest bikini in the world and she went and jumped right into the water, disappearing under the waves.

Emmett pulled his shirt off, showing his well toned abs and he pulled down his jeans, his board shorts underneath, and he ran and followed Alice into the water. Rosalie was such a lucky bitch.

Jacob looked at them like they were crazy. "Are they crazy?" he asked us. I nodded my head slowly.

"Basically. But in different ways. Alice is crazy when it comes to clothes, but Emmett is just plain crazy."

"And crazy in bed," Rosalie quipped. I looked at her in disgust.

"Rose, that's disgusting. I bet that my dad doesn't know about you two going at it like rabbits," Jasper added.

"No, he knows. And he's fine with it too. In fact, last time Emmett came around Sam gave him a big box of condoms and said for him to tell him when he needs more."

"Why would my dad do that? He's a big believer of celibacy."

"Maybe if we can't possibly be celibate, he just wants us to be safe. Mom put me on the Pill when I first started going out with Emmett."

Alice and Emmett came back up the beach, shivering from the cold.

"What are you guys talking about? You seem pretty deep in discussion," Alice asked.

"Sex," I answered plainly. Alice laughed. "No really, we're talking about sex. Ask anyone."

"Ooh, sex. Can I have some?" Emmett asked. Everyone laughed.

"Well Emmett, we're actually talking about sex with you," Jasper replied.

"Yeah, Jasper's keen on it. He likes a bit of butt-fucking," I said.

Everyone laughed again and Emmett moved over to sit next to Jasper. Emmett put his arm around Jasper's waist and put his leg over Jasper's knee and started to trail his hand up Jasper's thigh. The group was laughing at Emmett's display of homosexuality.

An hour later, the rain started up like the usual Forks/La Push weather and we all climbed into the party van. By all I mean me, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Alice, Jacob, Sam, Embry Quil, Jared and Paul.

We plugged Jasper's iPod into the speakers and continued our party. I recognised most of the songs., but the singer's voice of one of them really caught my attention.

Best thing bout tonight's that we're not fighting

And could it be that we have been this way before

I know you don't think that I am trying

I know you're wearing deep down to the core

So hold your breath

Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you

Over again, don't make me lose my mind

Cause I won't live to see another day

I swear it's true

Because a girl like you is impossible to find

Impossible to find

I recognised the singer's voice. It was Jasper singing. I vaguely remembered Jen saying that her stepson, which was Jasper, wrote some songs about a girl he loved back home. This song was about me.

"Jasper, did you write this song?" I asked him. He nodded proudly.

"And it's not even my best one," he said, no sign of embarrassment on his face.

All I could say was "Wow."

Within an hour, the party was broken up. The rain became almost unbearable for the boys to walk home in, so they decided that it would be best if they left before it got worse. And it was very lucky that they did, because as soon as we got back to Marianne's and were in the door, the rain started thundering down and the hail came pelting out of the sky.

A couple of minutes later, we were watching the baseball game on TV, when the lights flickered and all the power went off. Emmett cursed out loud and Marianne smacked him on the back of the head with a tea towel. So that's where Jasper's awesome skills came from.

Marianne and Jasper both disappeared and returned minutes later with dozens of candles and a big heavy duty torch to be used for trips to the bathroom and such.

We sat in silence for a few moments until Emmett spoke.

"So, what do we do now?"

"Well," started Marianne, "now is the time that you be thankful that I have a gas oven and I've got some pizzas in the freezer. We also have some bacon that will go off if we don't cook it, now that the power has gone off and I'm pretty sure that the steaks are like that too."

Emmett's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas Day. Pizza, bacon and steak, all in one meal. His dream come true. "Really?"

Marianne nodded and Emmett went and hugged her. "Jasper, how would you feel about having me for a brother?" Jasper's eyes widened and he shook his head slowly.

"Number one, I'd never get any sleep because you two rabbits would be sleeping next door. And then we'd never have any food in the house at all. So no."

We all laughed at Jasper's immediate dislike to having Emmett as a brother, and I came up with a number three.

"And number three, isn't having sex with your step sister illegal, Emmett? So you wouldn't be sexing it with Rose because then the cops would be onto you." Emmett's eyes widened in horror.

"I'm sorry, Marianne, but Rosalie is the one person I couldn't live without. I know how much you wanted me to be your son, but I'm afraid that I'll have to refuse the offer."

Marianne let out a little cheer before mocking disappointment. "Yes! I mean, aww, Emmett, I'm so sad to hear that. I don't think that I'd be able to handle not having you in my life."

We sat down and talked about the barbeque while Marianne cooked the food, which took about twenty minutes. When the food was done, she put it on platters and brought out plates for us to serve ourselves.

The power was still off when we finished dinner, so we just put all the plates in the dishwasher to wait until the power came back to wash them. Instead, Emmett had a better idea.

"I have a ghost story to tell. It's set in a house in Ohio.

"So there's this couple, Katie and Micah. Katie's been seeing this black shadow at the end of her bed since she was about eight, and her house burnt down. Wherever she went, the shadow would follow her. Katie and Micah had basically just moved into their house, and Katie can sense that it's following her.

"They call up a psychic to come and tell them something. He said that he could feel something in the house. Micah was looking up a book and claims that it's a demon.

"So the couple set up cameras to watch their room at night. On the third night, there was some noises downstairs and when they went down, Katie's keys were thrown on the floor.

"On the fifth night, the door to Katie and Micah's room half shuts by itself. A few night later, the demon slaps Katie and then suffocates her, making her wake up.

"One night, Katie wakes up and gets out of bed. She stands in the corner of the bedroom and stares at Micah for three hours, then walks downstairs. Micah goes downstairs and finds her sitting outside on the swing. He tries to persuade her to come back inside, but she won't. He goes to get some blankets for them, but hears a noise coming from the bedroom. He goes upstairs and the TV has been turned on, but it's all static. He turns around and finds Katie standing back in the doorway. She has no clue about what just happened and the pair return to bed.

"Micah decides to ask the demon some questions. When he plays it back after recording it on a microphone, you can hear a small growl after he asks 'Would you be happy to talk to an Ouija board?' Katie doesn't want him to talk to the demon, and practically throws a fit.

"Micah borrows an Ouija board anyway, and asks the spirit to talk to them. They leave the house for a little while, but when they're gone, the demon writes the name 'Dianne' on the Ouija board and then it burns. But when Micah picks the board back up, there is no sign of the burn marks.

"Micah has another plan. He puts powder in the hall way, on the outside and inside of their bedroom door. When Katie and Micah wake up through the night, there's handprints and knee prints in the powder. He follows to where the handprints top and notices that the manhole has been opened. He goes up and retrieves a picture of Katie from when she was eight. Katie insists that all of her pictures had been burned.

"And then the next night, there's more footsteps, but when Katie and Micah wake up, the footsteps sound like they're running and the door slams. They get up and go to the closed door, but the demon bangs on the door from the other side.

"The night after that, the sheets start lifting up all by themselves. They get up the next morning, but don't even notice. Then the next night, the demon grabs Katie's leg and pulls her out of bed, down the hall. All you can hear is Katie screaming for Micah.

"So here we are at the last night. Katie gets possessed by the demon again and stands there, watching Micah for hours again. Then she turns and walks out the door. A few seconds later, there's a scream. But it's not your average scream. It's the scream of a demon. Katie bangs her head against the wall and screams out for Micah. The demon inside her stabs him and you can hear Katie's footsteps coming down the hall.

"All of a sudden, Katie throws Micah's body at the camera and walks over to it, sniffing it. Then she jumps towards the camera and everything went blank.

"Micah's body was found on the 21th of October. Katie is still wandering around, out there somewhere. She's still possessed, and Dianne could come after you next."

We were all silent until Alice spoke up.

"That sounds a lot like Paranormal Activity."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that you just told us the entire plot line. Thanks a lot Emmett, I was actually going to go see that," Edward said.

"Hey, it's a scary movie. It just doesn't sound as scary when you re-tell it," Emmett defended.

"Maybe we should watch this 'Paranormal Activity' movie and see for ourselves," I concluded.

"I have it on DVD at home, we can all watch it when we get back," Emmett said. Just as the words left his mouth, the lights flickered back on. We all cheered. We didn't want to hear another one of Emmett's 'ghost stories'. Marianne put the dishwasher on and we all went up to our respective bedrooms. All I know is that throughout the night, I swear that I could hear footsteps running down the hall, but when I checked, there was nobody there.

I hope that I can have the next chapter up in the holidays, but please don't hold your breath. It may not happen... sorry