A/N: Tom and Saint made me so damn mad throughout most of this book, just to let you know. It probably shows in this.

Didn't Know

Tom gasped lightly, not believing what Cat had told him. Nick was…? No. No, he'd known Nick for years. He was sure Nick would of told him or something…But would he? Would Nick come out and actually tell him that his father beat him? Tom refused to believe it, wondering if Nick HAD told the truth, if Cat was a liar. By the sound of the girl's scared voice, he could tell she wasn't lying though. Nick Andreas, his friend, the person that he was closer to than his own brother, was beaten at home. And he never knew.

He never knew why Nick was "sick" so often.

He never knew why Nick had grown so violent lately.

He never knew why Nick's car had actually been sold.

He never knew why Nick's mother had left his father.

He never knew a lot of things.

And a small part of him wished he still didn't know; that he was still oblivious. It would make hating Nick for hurting Cat a lot easier then.

And then, even after he had become friends with Nick again, Nick still kept secrets. Leo was a secret-the fact Tom was replaced with Leo was a secret. The guys in his group were a secret. Mario was a secret, as well. After ten years of being friends with Nick Andreas, the fakest guy he had ever known, the guys in the group knew him better then Tom did. After ten years of friendship….

Tom didn't know shit.

A/N: I thought "Tom doesn't know shit" at least three times while reading the book, so here. I was hoping he'd get hit in the face at some point, but I was let down. I liked Tom, but not as much as I could of. Saint wasn't any better.