My name is Bella Swan. I am a 22 year old who is a student at Dartmouth College I am studying to me an English professor. I currently live with my two best friends Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale. Rose is dating my brother Emmett and Alice is dating Rose's brother Jasper. And me I am a boyfriend less virgin. Yes. I get asked out at least once a week but, none of the catch my eye, until now.

I was in the tampon isle selecting a purchase. I grabbed what I need and turned the corner. A flash of copper tousled hair caught my eye and I fell to the ground. The box opened and tampons went flew around like confetti. I looked up and was lost in a pool of green eyes.

A deep, velvet voice awakened me from my shock. "Miss? Miss! Are you okay. I'm so sorry; I wasn't looking where I was running. Miss? Are you in pain?" I couldn't speak I was lost in beauty of this gorgeous guy before me.

He looked at me with lust and worry. I realized he was looking for an answer. I looked at his jaw and then his lips. Oh how soft they would be on mine. His arm was around my waist and I couldn't help but feel the electric current I felt under his touch.

I couldn't describe the feeling that came over me. My breathing slowed and I parted my lips and I looked p to him. I wanted him just like I need the oxygen in my lungs. This reminded me to breath. He met my gaze the green color was darker, more intense and penetrating. His breathing had slowed as well and I wondered if he could feel the electricity flowing through my body.

Unable to stop myself I leaned up closer slowly hopefully not misreading his intentions. To my surprise he closed the gap between us and brought his mouth to mine. The electricity that was flowing increased the sensation.

I gripped his neck while my opposite hand ran through his thick bronze hair. I let my passion loose and kissed him forcefully a shudder ran through his chest and he brought my body closer to his, wrapping his arms tightly around my shoulders and waist.

Unfortunately I couldn't help the thought that haunted me reminding me we were in a local target making out on the ground, with tampons scattered around us. I pulled back and gazed at him. Where ever he touched it left a burning sensation on my skin.

"Um..." I panted. "I'm Bella Swan."

"I'm Edward Cullen, I'm really sorry I normally don't do this I have no idea what t came over me" His voice was so in luring it was so hard not to take him right then and there.

"I don't do this either but; I couldn't say I didn't enjoy it." I laughed and so did he. I t reminded me of bells. So beautiful. I remembered I was supposed to meet Alice in the parking lot in 3 minutes so I grabbed a tampon and pen and wrote my name and number.

"I have to go. My friend is waiting for me but here's my number." I felt almost bad for making out with him and leaving but Alice is going to be worried.

"Would you like to go to coffee with me tomorrow? So we can get to know each other?"

"Yeah, that would be wonderful."

"Great I'm sure you're in a hurry so I'll text you for your address."

"That works."

"Have a great Day."

With that I left not worrying about the need for my purchase. I'll have to run to long drugs when I get home. I spotted Alice's car and ran to it I opened the door.

"Where the hell have you bee I was about to send a search party for ya?"


"And why do you have sex hair? And where are your purchases..? OMG!"

"Alice, I met the most amazing guy in the world."' I gave her a play by play on how it went.

"Oh I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks Ali."

"Bella, I don't think you should tell Em about making-out with his before you knew his name."

"Well, I'm not goanna tell him tell I know it's serious."

She nodded and drove off. When we arrived home I laid on my bed thinking about the events that took place. The kiss was the most amazing kiss I have ever had. My phone rang that interrupted my thoughts. I looked at the id and was a unknown caller


"Hi, it's Edward."

"Oh, hi, what's up?"

"I was wondering if you still wanted to meet or coffee tomorrow."

"Yea, most defiantly my address is…" he said goodbye and hung up.

I had no idea what to wear.

"Alice can you help me please." I yelled

"Sure, what seems to be the problem?"

"I'm going out with Edward for coffee tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear."

"Wow, the Miss I- Don't-Don't-Care-What-I –Look-Like wants to look fashionable. I love his new guy he has done something I have waited a long time, a style sense." I rolled my eyes while Alice scurried around the room.

When I went to bed I couldn't hide my excitement. I felt like a teenager going to prom, but I could care less. Nothing could bring me down.

I woke up by a shaking on my bed. I opened one eye cautiously seeing an excited little pixie jumping up and down. I looked over to the clock and I could have sworn if my eyes could pop out of my head they would e on the ground. I t was 5 in the morning.

"BELLA get p I need to do your hair and make-up."

"How could you be so annoying so early in the morning?"

She shrugged "It's a talent. Now hurry up I don't have all day." I slowly got out of bed and turned on the shower as hot as I could go and let my muscles relax. I washed my hair twice with my favorite strawberry and freesia shampoo and matching conditioner. I got out put my robe on and waited for the torture to begin. After 3 and half hours I was finally complete. I was in some low rise dark jeans and a blue silk top. Alice insisted on making me put on sexy lingerie.

"Bella You made out within 2 minutes after you met. You never know."

I put it on reluctantly while she had on a smug smile. I glared at her and the door bell rang. Alice ran to get it while I reapplied lip gloss on. I walked out feeling subconscious by the starring. Did I put my bra on after my shirt? Or Did I have something in my nose?

"Wow. You look beautiful." He said


"Alice I'll be home soon. Bye." I closed the door before she could answer. He held out his hand and there went the electricity again.

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