En Ami(A tale told in two stories)

Story 1

There Was A Girl...

Eleven-year-old Chiharu Mihara watched her childhood friend Takashi Yamazaki take one bite after another of the rice balls she made especially for him.

"So how does it tastes?"she asked eagerly.

He closed his eyes,pondering on her question.He then grinned."I don't know,but I'm sure my buddy Kaguya,will find this a lip-smacking delicacy."

"Really?"she beamed.

"Oh yeah.My buddy got some really high standard when it comes to food,but he will SURELY love this one,oh yes he will."he continued cheerfully.

"Really?Really?"Her voice squeaked excitedly.At last,someone finally appreciates her cooking talents!

Yamazaki placed the food inside his lunch bag."Finally,Kaguya will have something to eat other than left-overs and yucky dog food."

"DOG FOOD?!"Chiharu exclaimed."Kaguya eats dog food?!"

He nodded."Of course!What else should my dog eat?"He paused."Oh yeah,sometimes he eats cat food too."


Dear Diary,

It has been always like this.He always makes a joke about everything-and I mean everything.From the history of soda pop cans to why the turtle carries its shell on its back,he always has a story to tell.More often than not,these stories turn out to be lies.Lies,lies and more lies.The annoying thing is,people take him seriously.Even Eriol Hiragizawa!

Of course Dear Diary,I take Yamazaki seriously too.I mean him,and not those senseless babblings he never run out of.I like him,as in REALLY like him.You know what I mean!I really,truly,seriously like him.

The problem is,he doesn't take me seriously,and I'm not sure if he'll ever do.But I don't care!I'll stay by his side and wait until he grows up and hits his head on the ceiling and realize that I care for him.I will wait no matter how long it takes...

"There!"Chiharu announced in satisfaction.After hours of slaving inside the kitchen with her mother,she finally finished her masterpiece:chocolate chip cookies shaped like teddy bears.The browness was perfect and is evenly smooth.The aroma itself was delicious already.

As she carefully laid them down to cool,her mother commented,"You were never a cook,Sweetie,so I was surprised how good these turned out."She gestured to the cookies."For whom are you making these for?"

Chiharu blushed."It's a secret,Mom."

"You're in love."she stated matter-of-factly.

The girl's blush grew hotter."Mom,please!"

Suddenly the phone rang.Chiharu rushed to it,grateful for the interruption."Saved by the bell,er,ring."She mumbled before lifting the mouthpiece."Hello?"

"Chiharu,is my snack ready?"The voice unmistakably Yamazaki's said,not bothering to ask anymore who he was speaking with.

"Yeah,yeah,of course,Your Majesty.Your snacks is OK."She twirled the cord of the phone.She loved hearing her friend's voice.Not too boyish but not too manly either.Just right.

"Milk of Magnesium,did you bring plenty for me?"he asked urgently.

"Ha ha!Funny!Well for your information,Yamazaki-kun,I have just finished a batch of cookies that can compete with any of the store-bpought cookies in town!"she said proudly.

"We'll see about that."Busy tone.

She sighed.Typical Yamazaki,forgetting the formalities of Hellos and Goodbyes.But she's used to that already.Since Kinder,they've known each other and until now that they're in high school,they're still inseperable.

Chiharu and Yamazaki.

Yamazaki and Chiharu.

People everywhere say he and she make a cute couple.She believes them.They find it hard to believe that they are only friends,and she believes them too.Unfortunately,Yamazaki does not,and is quite vocal about it.

"Me and Chiharu,a couple?Of course we are!We are two people,aren't we?I can't be a couple all by myself!"

"Me?Chiharu?A pair?Do we look like scissors?"

Once Rika drove to the point and said outright that he looks good as Chiharu's boyfriend.

"I'm a boy and I'm her friend and I look good.Thank you for those nice words,Rika."

Chiharu sighed."He's hopeless."

Meanwhile,Mrs.Mihara watched her daughter intently.Chiharu had grown to be a lovely young lady.Tall,athletic and graceful,her daughter who's also the captain of the cheering squad gets a lot of admirers.But Chiharu never even gave them so much a glance.It puzzled the mother how come her daughter spends more time with her childhood friend than in entertaining her suitors.

"Now I know why."she whispered as she followed her starry-eyed daughter with her eyes.


Chiharu eagerly took her lunch pouch bag out.She's excited to see the look on Yamazaki's face once he tastes how awesome her cookies are!


She turned around and saw her classmate Naoko Yanagisawa smiling sweetly at the boy."I brought snacks for you."She revealed a couple of slices of luscious Black Forest cake inside a black lunch box.

"For me?"he asked.

She nodded.

Chiharu bit her lip as she walked quietly outside the classroom.She settled in a bench near the soccer field.

"He's growing up.He's becoming a man already."She stared at her lap.She is alone no more in noticing how cute and adorable Yamazaki is.Other girls do now.

She looked at the cookies she painstakingly baked.How insignificant it looked next to Naoko's beautiful cake.Surely,Yamazaki's enjoying himself now with Naoko and her cake.Heaving a sigh,she got up to throw the pouch to the watebasket.


She turned around and saw Yamazaki running towards her."Yamazaki,what are you doing here?"

He scratched his head."You were supposed to bring food for me,remember?"

"B-But Naoko brought you some already!"She looked down."They are much.much better than mine,and you wouldn't have to take the milk of magnesium afterwards."

He pulled his friend down the bench."Chiharu,even the best chocolate cake made by the best chef in the whole world will pale in comparison with your,uh.."He paused."..delicious,well-baked,and perfectly-"

"Stop lying!"she snapped.

"-burnt cake with not enough leavening agents and too much sugar.."he continued.

She nodded.

"..because you made it for me.You gave a lot of efforts in preparing this meal for me and that is enough to satisfy me more than any food in the whole world of culinary arts."he finished,sincerity ringing out in his voice.

She felt a lump on his throat.This is one of the few times she heard him talk so earnestly about something other than his pet,Kaguya or his passion,food.He spoke about HER.

"Let's eat!"He took the pouch and began to dig in.

She nodded happily.

"Have I ever told you about how Mr.Gingerbread man got divorced with Mrs.Ginggerbread woman?"

"No,tell me about it."

"Well it all began with a disagreement as to why MR.Gingerbread man got more edough than her.."

And I was in for another story marathon.Diary,it really is a wonder how fast time flies.One moment we were in Kinder,then we were in fourth grade.Now we're in high school,and the next thing I now,we're in college leading separate lives.How I wish I can poke my finger inside the Great Clock of Life and stop its hands from moving forward.I can't imagine life without Yamazaki and his corny jokes and endless streams of untrue tales.I can't imagine life without someone to prepare snacks for,or to slap in the head and carry away when he goes overboard with his stories.

*sigh*Diary dear,I wonder if I should just tell him how I feel.Maybe it will make me feel better.What do you think?



To be continued...