Story Two

...There Was a Boy

The next day, Chiharu shouted instructions to the other cheerleaders in the practice while Yamazaki and the rest of the basketball team watched in admiration.All of the girls were pretty,but in Yamazaki's eyes,only one stands out from the rest,shining brightly among others.His eyes followed the synchronized movements of the cheerleaders led by none other than his friend Chiharu.

"Man,she's hot!"The captain ball of the team murmured.He nudged Yamazaki."Is she your girlfriend?The brown-haired girl in front of the squad?"

His ears turned red."Yeah.She's a girl and she's my friend."

"Good to hear that,lad.At least I'm sure no one's going to get mad when I make a move on her."He sighed."Mihara is so fine."

"Don't I know it."Yamazaki mumbled under his breath.

"You were saying something?"

"I..I.."He frantically searched his mind for something to say."..was just thinking of introducing you to her-"his mouth shut.Oh man!Wrong words!

His smile widened."You're the man,Yamazaki!"

"Not to mention a jackass."he said to himself miserably.


"Chiharu,meet Amano Ryouki,our team captain.Amano,this is my friend,Chiharu Mihara."Yamazaki introduced.

"Hi!"Amano held out his hand.

"H-Hi."Chiharu shook hands with him.

They said no more for they were too busy gazing at each other's eyes.

Yamazaki cleared his throat."You still have Physics class right?"he said pointedly.

"Oh yeah!"she bowed."Nice meeting you,Amano."

The boy smiled,showing his sparkling white teeth."Likewise."

Dear Diary,

Have you ever done something really really stupid in your life and you can't undo it so you just sit in front of the TV and munch on potato chips when it's a beautiful Saturday night outside?

Well you see Diary,ever since I've introduced Chiharu to Capt.Amano,I rarely see her anymore because she's juggling cheering practice,school,family and dates with Amano.I don't mean to sourgrape or anything but back when we-me and Chiharu and not me and Amano,mind you- go out,I was never as demanding as Mr.Personality.I don't mind if in her set of priorities,doing her nails is much higher in rank than spending time with me.I don't,really.I'm just happy whenever we're together-when we walk to school together or when we eat her exotic dishes during recess.And of course,our Saturday night tradition when we go to a bowling alley and try to defeat each other until the owner of the establishment had to push us out of his property.The loser of the game then buys a pizza for the winner in a 24-hour pizza parlor.

But this Saturday is different.Chiharu is out on a date with Amano in a disco,leaving poor lil me alone in my house with only Kaguya as my company.Truly,the dog is a man's best friend,especially when the man is broken-hearted and is watching a re-run of Sinbad the Sailor on cable tv.

Why,oh why dear Diary did I have to lose control of my big mouth?What have I done?I just pushed the only love of my life right to another man's tentacles-er,arms!It doesn't matter.She's gone now.Gone.Gone.GONE!And it's all MY fault!

If only I had tell Chiharu sooner how much I like her,maybe she doesn't need to look for another man.I'm enough!She enjoys my company,right?She enjoys making snacks for me,right?(Never mind if she's just looking for a willing guinea pig for her cooking experiments.)

But I don't want Chiharu to think that I'm taking advantage of our friendship.I don't want to risk our friendship and ruin her trust on me.She means too much to me and I can't handle losing her.I can't Diary,because I know that what I feel for her is not just simple infatuation.I care deeply for her.

Maybe I should just tell her how I feel.Even for once,I want to be completely honest with her.Maybe this would make me feel better.What do you think?

Argh!I'm running out of paper towels already.I better park my pen.

Still me,



I'm so sorry,Diary,if my first ever entry was written on such a cheap quality paper.I just wrote on impulse you know.

The next day...

"Chiharu,wait up!"Yamazaki ran after her."Let's walk to school together."

"But Amano might come.."

"Please?"he pleaded.


"It's been a while since we last walked together."he began.

"Yeah."she agreed.

"Don't you miss it?"he asked.

"I-I do."

"How about my stories?"

"Of course."she said softly.

"Then you're in luck!I have a story to tell you.It's about Cupid-"

"You already told me about that!It was the battle between Cupid and Santa Claus in a sumo wrestling match to see who looks better in red!"she interrupted laughingly.

"No!This one is different.Listen."He took a deep breath before he continued."Cupid found a lonely lovestruck boy who could not bring himself to tell his playmate that he cares for her.He reasoned that his playmate is a princess while he is only a peasant.Aside from that,she might never speak to him again."He stopped walking,and so did Chiharu."Time passed,and the princess had grown into a lovely young lady whose beauty is something even Aphrodite would envy.The peasant boy who had grown into a young man realized that now more than ever,his feelings were improper and must be left unsaid.But when he saw the princess with another prince from another kingdom,he realized he had to tell her how he feels,even if it might mean rejection or the end of their precious friendship.As Cupid suggested,he took his old playmate out on a walk one early morning and there he told her how he feels."He faced her."I love you."

Chiharu's eyes widened before she slapped Yamazaki's face.

"C-Chiharu?"He held his cheek.

Her eyes welled up with tears."Of all your stupid lies,why did you have to lie about that?Do you think toying with other people's feelings is funny?"

"But Chiharu,don't you understand?You are the girl in my story and I am the boy.I just want to tell you how I feel,and this is the only way I know I am capable of."he explained.

"I-It's a lie.Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie."she whimpered.

"Now is an exception."he replied.

"You can't mean to say you love me."her tone was still unbelieving.She was half-expecting for him to laugh and say it was all a practical joke.

Instead he said,"But I just did.I love you Chiharu,yesterday,today and tomorrow."he said earnestly.

Chiharu smiled through her tears."We'll see about that."

"Do you love me,Yamazaki?"Chiharu asked as she embraced him affectionately.

"Goodness,Sweetheart!We've been married for 43 years altready!Our grandkids already have children!Haven't you grown tired of asking the same old question?"he asked in awe and wonder.

"No,the same way I have not grown tired of loving the same old boy I loved all throughout my life."She kissed him lovingly.

The End.

But this Satur