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Chapter One

A young boy who lived with this father, was being abused by the one person who was suppose to protect him, the abuse started when the young boys mom died in child birth with the couples daughter.

The man was so distraught that he blamed the deaths on his young son. He either yelled or hit this innocent child daily and then the father who had began drinking every night after work, he started to touch his son sexually and then one day in a drunken rage, he sodomized his son.

The young boy was able to crawl out his bedroom window and some how through his pain he made it down the alley trying to find someone to help, but after finding no one, the young boy curled into a ball and just lay there waiting to die.

A man delivering newspapers to the corner drug store,, he heard moaning coming from the side of building in the alley, the he discovered the young boy, he was covered with blood from being beaten and the man saw that his underwear was covered in blood, the man figured that this poor child had been sodomized by someone.

The man then hurred and called the Police, when the two Officers got there, what they saw made sick, there on the ground was a small boy around seven curled in a fetal ball. His small body was covered with bruises and they could see that someone had sodomized the young boy.

They called for Paramedics and when they got there, they too were sickened by the condition of the small boy. When they got him to the hospital, the Emergency Room Doctor said, "Call O'Brien, I want to report a sever case of Child Abuse."

The Nurse dialed the number on the wall by the phone and when the man's voice came on the line, she said, "Dr. Talbert wants to report a case of child abuse, they just brought in a young boy around twelve, and I've never seen a child live in the condition he's in."

At the Manor:

Roland said, "I'll be right there, no one is to know about this child, tell Talbert to make damn sure that if anyone comes in asking about a twelve year old child, no one is to say a word." She said, "I understand, just please get here soon, I don't know how long this sweet child is going to live."

Helga woke up when the phone rang and when her husband answered it she knew that it must be an emergency, they only call this time of the night if something terrible has happened. When he put the receiver down, Roland sat there for a second and then he said.

"I've got to go, they just brought in a young boy, he's been severely abused and Talbert told me that he was sodomized. The nurse who called said that the young boy might not make it till morning."

When she married Roland, Helga knew what line of work he did, you see Roland is the caretaker of any child who has been abused, no matter if the abuse is verbal or in this young boy's case physical, he's there to make damn sure that nothing ever happens to these children again.

She kissed him and said, "Make sure that who ever did this pays and pays dearly, its scum like that that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth forever."

He smiled as he listened to his wife, she was fiercely protective of the children that he's brought home for them to either foster or adopt. He kissed her and grabbed his keys and he left to get to the hospital.

At the Hospital:

When Roland arrived, he went directly to see Dr. Talbert to find out more about this young boys condition. When Jeff saw Roland walk in, he went over and they shook hands, and then Jeff said, "We've put him in a medically induced coma, hoping that it would give his body enough time to heal, but I don't know if it'll be enough."

Roland said, "I want to see him." So Jeff took Roland into the room, and when he saw this young boy lying there on that big bed, hooked up to all those tubes, tears ran down his face. Roland then said, "I want to know the moment that anyone comes or calls about this child."

Jeff was frightened by the tone of Roland's voice, they have been friends for years, and in fact, it was with Jeff's help Roland and Helga became foster parents or had adopted all the children that lived in the Manor. Jeff said, "I'll let you know."

Then Roland said, "Can I be along with him for a few minutes." Jeff then left the room, and Roland walked over to the bed, touched the young boys head and he said, "As God is my witness, no one will ever hurt you again."

Roland then got down on his knees, folded his hands, bowed his head and prayed, "God, it's me again. I have another favor to ask, please help this young boy get better, he's in so much pain and no one deserves to be treated like he has been. Amen."

Then Roland got up, wiped the tears from his face, leaned over and kissed the head of this young boy and said, "I'll be back to see you, please don't go anywhere."

Then he walked out of the room, Jeff was waiting for him and he said, "All of us here have been praying for his safe recovery, and if I know Helga, she's asking all the beautiful kids at the Manor to do the same thing."

Roland smiled when Jeff mentioned Helga and their kids and he said, "No doubt she is and if I know her, she'll ask her special Angels in heaven to move heaven and earth to help that young boy get better."

Then they shook hands and Roland walked out of the hospital, drove to the Police Department, and went to talk to Matthew, the Chief of Police, he wanted to make sure that if they got any calls, he'd like Matthew to let him know.

At the Police Department:

Roland walked in, went up to the Desk Sergeant, and said, "Is Matthew busy?" Dick smiled and said, "I'll let him know that you're here, how's that beautiful wife and all those precious children of your?"

Roland smiled and said, "Everyone's fine, we're adopting another daughter in two days, and Helga's planning another party for her. You know that she'll probably be calling Molly and inviting you both to the party." Dick laughed and said, "And we'll be attending, you know how those two are more like sisters then friends."

Dick went to let Matthew that Roland was here to see him. Matthew came out and he shook hands with Roland and said, "Come on in to my Office we'll have more privacy the standing out here."

When they got inside and Matthew closed the door, he said, "I bet you're here about that young boy that they admitted into the hospital, aren't you?"

Roland sat down and then he said, "Matt, he's in bad shape, Jeff doesn't know if he'll make it. His little body has been so abused and he lost a lot of blood from being sodomized. I want to find out who did this and I promise that I'll call and let you know if I find him."

Matthew knew Roland, and he knew that if he found the person or persons who were responsible for abusing this young boy, well let's just say that there wouldn't be much of them left for the Police to find. Matthew said, "Ro, you can't take the law into your hands, this person needs to be arrested and found guilty for what he did."

Roland looked at Matthew and he said, "I know that it's just the cop in you talking, but I'll tell you this, if I find this person, I'm going to show him what it's like to be abused, I promise I won't kill him, but I'll make him pray that he never touched any child again."

Then he got up and left to go home, home to the ones he loved. As he drove back to the Manor, Roland wiped the tears from his eyes, he wanted to find this person, and make his life a living nightmare.

At the Manor:

When he got back to the Manor, he walked into the living room, where he went to talk to the family, he said, "The young boys vitals are getting stronger and the doctor said that if they keep improving, in a week they might bring him out of the coma."

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