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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Update: It's been a year since the Weddings of Marik, Armando and Yami and Anthony

Sasha gave birth to a baby boy, Bakura was by her side as they heard their son's cry of protest. The baby weighed eight pounds fifteen ounces and was twenty inches long. They named their son Daniel Mica O'Brien, he is now five months old.

Samuel and Ishizu graduated from College and Samuel has gone onto Medical School, he wants to become a Pediatrician, Ishizu has her Teaching Degree and is teaching children with learning difficulties. They hope to be married in a year.

Vincent and Mai have one more year of College, Vincent hopes to get a degree in Engineering and Mai is going on to earn her degree in design, they hope to be married in two years.

Seto and Joey have graduated from High School and are now attending Domino Community College, Seto wants to get his Masters Degree in Childhood Psychology.

Joey also is going to get his Masters Degree, he wants to be one of the best Social Workers, he wants to try to find a way to keep children off the street and safe from parents and other adults who abuse children.

Tea wants to become a Fashion Designer, so when she gets out of High School she wants to attend Domino's School of Design. Serenity loves to cook, she her dream is to become the worlds best Chef.

Yugi, Ryou and Malik have all wanted to become Attorneys, Yugi wants to be a Corporate Attorney, Ryou wants to become an Attorney who helps in Arbitration Matters, and Malik wants to become an Attorney who helps prosecutes people who abuses Children.

And then there's Mokuba our baby, for now Mokie is having fun with his friends, he doesn't know what he wants to do when he gets older, we know whatever he wants to do, his family is standing behind him.

Darrell and Linda are engaged to get married in one year, we are so happy for them. Kelly is still looking for Mr. Right. Steven has been dating a woman by the name of Molly Thomas, and Michael has been seeing sweet lady by the name of Trishia Williams.

Roland and I are are so very proud of our children but I'm still having a hard time letting them grow up, they are all my babies.

This morning the phone rang and when Roland heard Phillip's voice he knew that another child has been found who has been abused, well I guess our family might be expanding again.


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